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Posted by 1st timer | Jul 04, 2013 @ 09:26 AM | 14,385 Views
well I've got and had quite afew plane in the past few months,and I 'm now waiting on my newest arrival....soon to be announced
Posted by 1st timer | Mar 12, 2013 @ 06:35 PM | 14,904 Views
Well then,here we are again with another new plane added to my ever growing selection of aircraft,but if I don't stop crashing the things the hangar will never get that big
Anyway finished the building last week with it taking only about 8 1/2 hrs to complete which forme is a personal record for building(talk about keen )

Well the build was easy enough with the only time concuming part being the horizontal stabilizer as mine was quite aloose fit so I ended up using bluetac to hold the stab firmly enough to get it into position for gluing,tehn from there on end it was smooth sailing.
Powerplant is my trusty Hyperion z4020/12 543kv on 5s swinging a 15x9 Aeronaut carbon prop which has turned out to be an awesome combo..Torque roll crazy
All the flight surfaces are powered by Hs 5245's with the exception of the elevator with only a Hs225mg...so to be changed
Posted by 1st timer | Feb 25, 2013 @ 10:39 AM | 14,541 Views
Well...I've just bought afew more planes this week from a good friend of mine Grizzlymatt,thanks mate for the awesome deal..cheers
They are Extreme Flight planes this time and me thinks they should be a good investment the 1st one up an flying is the 60" Edge 540T with the blue and yellow scheme this has a Hyperion zs4020 12 543kv motor with a 90a Scorpion Esc and Hs225mg sevos controlling the surfaces,this ship flies very nice compaired to my 3dhs planes,and the other plane is a EF 60" Extra300 in the red white and black scheme which has yet to leave the comfort of it's box..stay tune for the build
Cheers for now...
Posted by 1st timer | Oct 22, 2012 @ 08:08 AM | 15,193 Views
Well it's been a busy week trying to figure out what/which plane/s to buy,and well....it goes like this for what I've bought
1...59" 3dhs AJSlick
1...42" 3dhs Edge540
1...48" Skywing Extra 300
1...48" Skywing Sbach
1...38" Durafly Sta Ryan

So I'm going to be a bit busy over the next few weeks or so
Posted by 1st timer | Jul 27, 2012 @ 08:52 PM | 15,213 Views
Just finished building my 3dhs 55" edge 540,wow what an easy build,byfar the easiest plane to build,

Spec's-Motor:HD Power 720kv swinging a APC14x7e
-Esc: Hacker 70amp
-Battery:3300 30c 4s Turnigy
with Hs225mgs all round
-Static Power test this combo 659watts @48.7amps.
Me thinks we got some power
Posted by 1st timer | Aug 16, 2011 @ 01:58 AM | 16,386 Views
RIP 14/7/12 Me being to smart for myself..Knife edges to low Hi all, here's my latest addition the MX2,it's by DolphinCo which is located in Perth.This model is a 20% which has a wingspan of 57".
It can be fitted with either a nitro or eletric motor...I went with the electric version.The engine box for the EP version is supplied so it's pretty easy to set up.

The build was realitivly easy except for the setting up of the elevator,which is critical if you want your plane to fly well.It took me over an hour before I was happy with the fit and then I was still eyeing it off (while it dryed)thinking it was still not quite perfect....but my wife assured me that "it'll be fine"(her expert opinion)and if I continue staring at that thing for to much longer it's gunna make me crosseyed forever,so I just had to leave it alone for a while and trust that I did it right(which I did).
My Set up is,
Ali -Hitec Hs5485hb Digital
Ele -Hitec Hs605mg Analouge
Rudd -Spektrum/JR Ds821 Digital

Motor -HDPower 5055/6 720kv
Esc -Hacker 70amp with separte Bec(as always)
Prop -Apc 15x8
Battery-5s 4000mah 30c...Continue Reading
Posted by 1st timer | Jun 09, 2011 @ 09:47 AM | 16,652 Views
RIP 12/7/12 Murdered by goal postHere's my latest ship,it's a Seagull/Pheonix Pc-9.
She fitted with a eflite Power46, Duelsky 60amp Esc,12x9 prop running on a 4s3300/3700mah batteries.
Well in my quest for speed I've tried a number of props and I came down to a Apc 11x10 prop on 5s with some now serious speed,but I still think I can get it to go faster.
So at the moment I'm changing out the motor with a higher Kv motor,so the test flight is this Friday (19/8/11) coming...so we'll see,but the only problem there is it's 4s only


Posted by 1st timer | Feb 09, 2011 @ 11:54 PM | 16,452 Views
well here goes..I live in Perth,Western Australia,I've been involved in rc for 30yrs now,cars and boats for the most,it's only been in the last 3yrs that I've become interested in flying.
It started when a m8 came over with a Esky Honeybee King2 and after watching him hover it the bug bit,I had to get one.I also got the HBK2 to start with also Pheonix Rc sim and that's where I learnt to fly.I later moved onto a Thunder Tiger Mini Titan heli,but I soon figured it would cost less if I fly planes,the rest is history,fly crash,buy,fly,crash not always in that order.