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Posted by burkefj | Oct 27, 2011 @ 01:52 PM | 15,257 Views
Here is a quick build thread for the InteR/Ceptor Rocket glider.

AUW is 10 oz rtf with E-6 reload, I think this bird is light enough a quest 20mm D-5-P would work as would a D-12 or E-9 BP motor.

One sheet of depron will work, however you will need to splice the fuse near the back half as the length is 42" or so. You can splice wherever you wish, I did it near the rear as it is most supported by the wing/top plan.

Just one small 1/8" carbon rod for a pivot and two small 1/8" id aluminum torque tubes, two dubro servo horns for the torque tubes, a 24mm motor mount, and about 18" of 1/8" carbon rod for the wing spar. A bit of dubro hinge tape for reinforcing the spar and torque rod, two 6" .039 music wire pushrods.

You'll need two hs-55 servos or similar, an rx, bec and battery/nose weight as needed.

I built this one from printing out my own plans without margin or scaling and taping together. When cutting the tabs make sure to use your slits in the top view as your guide instead of blindly using the template to make sure they line up perfectly. The ventral and dorsal fins don't have to be at a certain angle, as long as they are more vertical than horizontal they should be fine, and should be matching.

Test flight was great, just needed a bit of downtrim for boost, post boost glide setting was great, this just floats....Continue Reading
Posted by burkefj | Oct 18, 2011 @ 12:23 PM | 15,127 Views
I'm starting to re-work my original ALCM into an A model complete with side covers and a more 3-d fuse/nose. I'll need to upscale the wings and move them a bit for CG but so far it looks like the shape won't be too complicated to approximate and still be simple construction.

Stay Tuned.

Attaching a photo of the shape of the A model, difficult to find a 3-view, so this will be mostly photo based.)

Lots of progress today, was able to cut out and slot, and test fit, install the full flying tail and rocket mount, fit and cut the side covers, glue the main frame and front pieces together and do some in house test glides for CG range.

I think once I have the side pieces in place and sanded the edges round, it will look pretty good.

Update Friday:

Got the sides and rear cover installed, sanded, and spent about 2 hours with some vinyl letters and cutting trim monokote, I'm out of a few letters but it is looking pretty good so far.

Update Saturday 10/29/11

Test flights were very good, for the first time I got something too nose heavy and wound up removing some nose weight and moving the battery back 3 inches. Still very conservative and docile boost. No roll trim needed, and post-boost trim easily set on the gear switch.

Markings were cut from red, black, and white monokote trim, and you will need 1/2" and 1" great planes vinyl letters, and two 3" stars and bars from sig....Continue Reading
Posted by burkefj | Oct 18, 2011 @ 12:23 PM | 9,894 Views
For those of you that missed out on a hobbylab SR-71, or just thought it was too expensive or hard to fly, I decided to update my profile version, larger than the hobbylab version but for the same 24mm reloads.

I used up all my scrap depron last night, re-working my SR-71 profile for rocket boost. I pushed the motor mount as far forward as I could for CG reasons, without sacrificing the look, and I modified the elevons to be a bit thicker and took out the carbon reinforce and the decorative cuts that were to match the top view. I don't think it will impact the look at all.

It's very simple, only carbon needed is a single 1/8" longeron to give some support to the neck area, only difficult part is slicing the slots for the nacells at a slight angle, not hard, just need to do the same thing on both sides.

This version came in around 9.75 oz or so, about 50% less than the hobbylab version.

Here are the pieces and assembled test version. And then the final product, showing servo and rx/bec mounting and launch lug.

Test flight today, 10/22/2011 was perfect, about 3/16" of uptrim on the flap switch for glide, very nice easy slow landing and flare

Plans are here:


Posted by burkefj | Oct 12, 2011 @ 03:02 PM | 9,010 Views
I have one more piece of depron sitting here in a box, two more hs-55's and a bec, so that was obviously nagging at me to do something. I'm thinking I'm going to draw up a cruciform Tomahawk cruise missile tonight. I'll probably move the wings back slightly and trim the bottom fin so that it is level with the intake scoop so that on landing it won't be too nose down when it slides. I noticed the new block IV version only has 3 fins and no extended intake, I considered that one with the rear tail surfaces horizontal instead of bent down slightly but frankly it looked pretty boring.

Made good progress tonight, drew it up, sanded and fit the pieces, installed the tail pivots, landing reinforcement, and thin wing strip spars.

I did move the wing back a bit and gave a bit more chord, I cut the bottom ventral so that it the intake and the front of the nose all touch at the same time to distribute the landing load.

On this plane, I'm going to do the markings before I assemble it. Glide tests showed the CG a bit further forward than I guessed, due to the wide forward area.

AUW with some nose weight to counter the loaded motor is 9.5 oz rtf and 7.5 oz dry with no motor in the tail.

Test flight today was perfect, glide trim on flap switch of about 3/16" was right on, nice glide given the small wings.


Plans at:

www.dynasoarrocketry.com go to the "home" tab and plans pulldown.

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