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Posted by burkefj | Sep 23, 2011 @ 09:53 AM | 13,464 Views
My V-2 that I built 17 years ago is now home again. My friend I traded it to asked if I wanted it back, and I said yes. Had to cut the body tube in half to get it back in a roll bag on the plane, and took two trips but got it back. Sat in the closet for a year, till my buddy reminded me about the local launch. Normally I miss that launch due to being in Reno for the air races, but this year it was a week after. So, installed a coupler, reinforced the joint, added rail buttons, and re-painted the camo to repair the damage 17 years will cause.

It's ready to go with my mountainside 2.6" version and my helmet. This rocket made the cover of HPR at one time.

Here is a link to the second flight liftoff photos.


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