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Posted by SportyModder | Nov 29, 2016 @ 02:39 PM | 3,942 Views
After 6 months of flying the addiction has truly bit! I now own at least 8 planes and recently had to move. My current go to plane is my e-flight Timber. I have a couple scratch builds, and several HH planes. G1 Sukhoi Su29, Mini Pulse Xt, and waiting to maiden a Pz Sport Cub S2. I am building a clipped wing HZ super cub, Seagull Spacewalker II, a foam board pilatus porter, and converted my original S cub to low wing with a t28 wing.
Posted by SportyModder | Jun 22, 2016 @ 12:45 PM | 5,139 Views
Let's begin this story. I have been into RC for 20+ years, racing a electric Rc 10 when I was a teenager. I moved up to nitro and learned how to tune a engine and really setup a race truck.

Fast forward a few years and I lost interest in racing due to the old guys yelling and carrying on about perceived slights.

A few more years later I discovered the Hobby Zone Super Cub with Act and NIMH batteries. I learned to fly it, turned act off half way through my first battery pack and was progressing to greasing my landings when I decided to move to Montana. I sold it to my brother and moved.

Two years after living in Mt I married my wife and started on crawlers. Starting with a losing mrc, and moving up to a WK. 8 years I built drove and rebuilt rigs, mostly ax10/scx10 based rigs. I still have several.

After a recent raise at work I finally decided I could afford to fly again. My brother had given me the carcass of my old HZ Super Cub.
I picked up a new fuselage and wing and put everything back together. The TX didn't work...
So I threw my Tactic receiver into it and due to proprietary electronics ended up having to replace all the electronics in it. I found a apprentice motor,esc combo from a local, and picked up a couple hi-tech 5055's. Then busy with my crawlers and life the plane just sat...

This year I received another substantial raise at work and as a celebration I picked up the new Dx8 g2. Then it was on. I hooked up with the lhs's rc guy and he walked me through maidening my cub. I was hooked