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For summarizing compatibility of different cameras with BF3.2's Camera Control feature.

No support request and related activities, please.

General Note
  • Please read the wiki first:
  • Foxeer Monster and Sparrow series requires "camera_control_internal_resistance = 99".
  • Foxeer Arrow Mini, Arrow Micro and Monster requires additional capacitor for hardware PWM mode to work.


Please provide the following information

Status: OK or NG
Camera model:
Flight controller model:
Firmware version:
Mode: PWM or Software PWM or DAC when available
Resource assignment: camera_control line from resource list output
Pad or through hole label:
Reference voltage: camera_control_reference_voltage
Internal resistance: camera_control_internal_resistance
Control key delay: camera_control_key_delay
Inline register value for PWM and capacitor if software PWM:
Additional comments:
Reported by:
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Bought it in February and finally got to the assembly table this month! Maidan went well......but it is true......the Mini Talon not likes but LOVES a long Fast approach! Just some fine tuning, attach the pan & tilt set up and it will be out some distance on a regular basis.
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Here is my review on the boldclash f02h camera from boldclash.( Work in progress )
Plus a preview of my next review which will be a high end 1s lipo charger for whoop batteries and any other 1s batteries.
I'll start with some pictures and a couple of video showing it's looks and performance both of which are pretty nice!
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FEILUN FX176C1 GPS Brushed RC Quadcopter Full Review - PART 1 (29 min 30 sec)

This is Part 1. I had to break up the review or the video would have been an hour long. Lot's to cover with this one. One of the few cheap toy grade quadcopters with GPS.
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Hi all - wed like to introduce you to our custom scale license plates - any state, country, or design available -


FB - sikridesdesigns
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Halloa people

for an upcoming project I needed me a Slightly smaller FPV camera, and offcourse I could have just gone with the RC Swift Mini.. While looking that one up though, I came across a new contender in the arena of FPV cams: the Caddxx Turbo S1.. They claim it to be better in several aspects, so I decided to compare the 2

Option nr.1: the Runcam Swift Mini

Option nr.2: the Turbo S1

And this is what things look like side by side:

DutchRC - Runcam Swift Mini vs Caddc Turbo S1 FPV Camera's - Good alternative?? (16 min 0 sec)

Caddx Turbo S1 specs:
sensor: 1/3" CCD
res: 600tvl 4:3
TV system: Pal or NTSC (non switchable)
lens: 2.5mm 1.2F
WDR: yes
OSD: yes
power in: 5-40V
weight: 12g
dimensions: 22 x 22x 27mm

Runcam Swift Mini specs:
sensor: 1/3" CCD
res: 600tvl 4:3
TV system: Pal or NTSC (non switchable)
lens: 2.5mm 1.2F
WDR: yes
OSD: yes
power in: 5-36V
weight: 12g
dimensions: 22.3 x 22x 27mm
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You can order it from :

Item name: F4 PRO
Size: L42 * W36mm
Hole distance: 30.5*30.5mm
Net weight: 11.2g (exclude wire)

* OMNIBUSF4 firmware
* Master STM32F405 GRT6, refresh rate up to 8K
* PCB 3OZ copper enhance current stability and cooling fast
* 5V 3A BEC output
* Exposed pad for easy soldering
* Compatible with all ESCs, as well as DYS 4-in-1 esc without soldering
* Integrated OSD, no need to flash firmware additionally,debug OSD via BF ground station.
* Integrated current meter to monitor the real-time power consumption
* Adjust the PID by OSD via remote control
* Adjust the VTX via open ports such as power, frequency band, frequency point (Note: The VTX should have this function like TBS one and the upcoming DYS VTX.)
* DYS F4 flight control with 4 damping balls reduce the vibration to make it fly stably.
* 2-6s lipo support
* Net weight: 11.2g (exclude wire)
* Size: L42 * W36mm, hole distance: 30.5*30.5mm
* Gyro: MPU6000
*3.3 V Voltage output
* Include PPM VTX and RSSI VTX
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Here's a short clip from last summer that I shot following a car

DJI Matrice Following Car (2 min 14 sec)

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Know more detail by this link:

*X160 is the micro racer for FPV hobbyist. It is a high-integrated product with highly flexible control. *Equipped with motor 1104-4000KV, propeller 3x2 as well as the popular BLheli 10A esc (Oneshot support). Flight range of remote control more than 1000 meters.
*To gain the quality and real-time shoot for FPV, X160 also combines 5.8G 32CH 200mW transmitter(the switch can shift between 20mW and 200mW) with 1/3''CMOS lens, which supports 127 or wider 160 shootings and every moment brings you the exciting FPV experience.

*This latest V3 with OSD for the video, the real-time status will be returned back to the display. Flight control SP F3 flash with CleanFlight, just connect the battery, receiver and set the remote control to use.

Brand: DYS
Item name: X160 V3 RC Micro FPV Racer
Wheel base: 160mm
Frame size: 148mm(L)x131mm(W)x41mm(H)
Propeller: 3020 propellers
Motor: 1104-4000KV
Camera: FOV127 (160D)
ESC: 10A ESC with BLHeli firmware (support oneshot)
Antenna: 5.8G mushroom antenna
Flight controller: SP racing F3
With OSD
Weight: 143g (included motor, ESC, and propeller, without battery)
Battery: recommend 3S 800-1000mah (not included)
Flight range of remote control: more than 1000 meters
Combines 5.8G 32CH 200mW Transmitter with 1/3" CMOS Lens, supports 127 or wider 160 degree shooting.
Four frame arms integrated 10A high speed ESC
Receiver and remote control not included
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Bad news - For me !
My order for the WL toys 977 was cancelled ( I was really looking forward to flying this one ) Shuzbutt !

The good news !
Who does not love motor tools ? I love them ...
But there has always been one issue that gets my claw ! The inserts for drill bits and tools ..
They never seem to be just the right size .. Especially for drill bits .

I was on banggood just cruising all the goodies they sell when my eye spied this motor tool with a chuck .. ( A Chuck )
I just had to have it ( for review purposes mind you ) .. Because I love motor tools .
Currently on back order ...

Now I haven't seen a motor tool with a chuck before , this is a first for me so excuse me if I'm a little like a 8 year old waiting for Xmas . So hopefully some time in October I will have a really cool motor tool to play with ( eeeer I mean review ) .
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Starting another build of a 90mm Hawk. Just putting the ducting together and ready for some carbon tow.
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Six color for your choice:
Item name: ELF - 83mm micro brushless drone
Motor: BE1102-10000KV
ESC: 4-in-1 BLheli_S F10A Dshot
Prop: 1.7 inch
FC: F3
VTX: 25mW 40CH
Lipo: 2s 600mAh
Basic Info:
Wheel base:83mm
Weight:80g (battery included)
ESC:4 in 1 Blheli_S Dshot F10A
Prop: Micro 5 blades prop
VTX: 5.8G/40CH/25MW
VTX distance:300M
Lipo: 2S 600Mah
Flight time: Around 6 minutes
Camera:1.8mm 170(no microphone)
Below is the flying video for you to review:
Indoor flight of DYS Elf 83mm Micro Drone. (1 min 29 sec)

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This will test the performance of a straight leading edge versus the swept wing. Also will have the directly under wing mounted motors. I've been speculating if this is the single factor why the C-1 outperforms other versions in vertical manouvers.
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So another of my hobbies is DJ'ing and mixing! Some good stuff to fly to if you are into dance music
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Unbelievable China to USA, china post only 9 days
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When I was a kid, RC was pretty new. When the Grasshopper was huge and my more well-to-do friends had one, I had a Nikko CHipmunk.. which I think was like a 20 scale. All I remember was them having a blue and red version, and not a single replacement part. They ran on 6 or 8 AA batteries and a 9V in the radio.

30 something years later and after buying so many various cars over the years, I never did end up with a Grasshopper.. Until now. I ordered it last night. I will put the 18 pinion, bearings, and a Joel Magic Speedworks motor from the same era. For the time being, I'll put a cheap chinese ESC on it.

I have a few boat projects happening, but I haven't been all that focused on my projects lately. I'd like to find some locals who enjoy Vintage and reissue.

My next purchase may be a Radio Shack Golden Arrow.. Another car I wanted and never got.
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My Mini Talon build log so far.

I laminated everything first with regular office laminate and then covered over that with Hobbyking coloured film. Very happy with the results so far. Feels very strong with the double layer.

*Still need to add film to the wings.
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Ive seen a few posts on here How to Get SolidWorks Free Cheap Legal ???
If you join the Expiremental Aircraft Association EEA of your country you get a single user license for free.
It does cost you 50 dollars to join The EEA.
Im in Australia and I have been drawing on Autocad for about 30 years and have come across Solid works many times and see it as a better package.
If youve any questions or think this is untrue then google it.
Ive located the EEA in Australia and theve confirmed this.
I havnt joined as yet though, I see it as an enrichment learning process and a good base of people to mix with.
This is the link.