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Posted by Reckless_fpv | Today @ 10:16 AM | 25 Views
Raised up the rates a bit
rate level up! armattan sunset scraggle fpv freestyle (8 min 34 sec)

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Posted by Doug Simmons | Today @ 08:38 AM | 132 Views
Well, they ought to pronounce it frisky...

I'm tired of waiting for my Spektrum transmitter to die to justify taking the FrSky plunge, I want to take the damn plunge now, today. It's been a while since I crashed anything, so I figure I owe myself a treat. I'm trying real hard to do this right with respect to what's compatible with what in order to accomplish this and that, but I need one or two of you to vet my purchasing game plan before pulling the trigger.

Of all things on which to overspend, I'd put the transmitter right up there with my ol' lady's engagement ring (bless her heart for putting up with me, for example this monetary disappearing act I'm attempting to execute). So if I'm taking this plunge I'm going with the X10S, the Cadillac of the Frsky offerings, I want to take full advantage of it. This includes (firstly flashing OpenTX in case that doesn't go without saying) having sixteen if not thirty-two channels operational, manipulating flight controller settings and indulging in a full-blown telemetry data addiction relapse. With those general requirements I have not found one site that has everything I need, so I need to use multiple vendors.:
  • I'll get the X10S from Aloft or MotionRC, probably not the classifieds.
  • I want either the G-RX8 or the S8R receiver: They both have eight channels ready and capable of more, I think each have full telemetry support, one has a vario built-in, the other has a stabilizer (I only need anti-wind/turbulence, nothing
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Posted by Jimbo Sailor | Today @ 12:17 AM | 281 Views
Wee bit of a pause with my build. Bent a fender on the Co. delivery van, a 5 ton with 18 box on Friday.
I think it may buff out.
Bruised my knee and cracked my little toe. Hope to have it back on road for Monday...

We had a west-coast snot...(snow)...fall all chained up and going down a snow covered driveway when the truck just broke loose and I was just there for the ride!
There was NOTHING I could do!

But I am absolutely okay! I will even be back to work on Monday. The truck maybe on Tuesday?
Posted by Larron | Today @ 12:02 AM | 293 Views
Out with my son having fun driving at the park

Here is the video
Axial scx10 2 and ECX Barrage out driving around (16 min 29 sec)

Posted by SteelRainSpo | Yesterday @ 10:51 PM | 326 Views
Check out my YouTube video tutorial video on how to anodize the titanium on your Armattan Rooster or Chameleon frame.

Anodizing Armattan Rooster Titanium (5 min 45 sec)

Posted by SteelRainSpo | Yesterday @ 10:44 PM | 330 Views

Check out my review of the new and exciting Armattan Rooster, and leave a comment if you would like to see the electrical anodizing process 👍

Armattan Rooster Part 1 Review & Overview (8 min 46 sec)

Posted by SteelRainSpo | Yesterday @ 10:42 PM | 336 Views

Check out my review and overview of the new Matek F405 CTR AIO flight controller 👍

Matek F405 CTR AIO Review & Overview (9 min 15 sec)

Posted by SteelRainSpo | Yesterday @ 10:39 PM | 331 Views
An Amazing Little Racing And Freestyle Drone Tool Kit For Only $19.99

RaceDayQuads Ultimate 9 Piece Drone Racing Tool Kit Review (4 min 7 sec)

Posted by Jonnybgood3 | Yesterday @ 09:36 PM | 344 Views
Funny 232 maiden flight (2 min 0 sec)

This flight the throws were way too high

Funny 232 second flight (1 min 38 sec)
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Posted by GBLynden | Yesterday @ 09:14 PM | 354 Views
This is a fun videos taken a while ago of Bill putting his H-King Skipper RC Plane from HobbyKing through the the paces. It is designed to be All-Terrain and Bill demonstrates that quite well with his fun flare and infectious enthusiasm.

Get a Skipper for yourself here! https://goo.gl/x5xRCC

The Black Sheep of the group Shawn joins Bill in the air with some fun passes by flying his E-flite Opterra Flying Wing along with Bill making some exciting overhead passes and a perfect landing with the Opterra 2M Wing BNF Basic with AS3X.

Bill's HobbyKing H-King Skipper RC Plane Grass & Water Fun Plus Shawn's E-flite Opterra Flying Wing (5 min 37 sec)

Posted by Raymond-leflyr | Yesterday @ 07:48 PM | 418 Views
I went to the swap meet at Burlington this morning. I guess Ive been to this particular one eight or ten times since weve been here in North Carolina. Ive been to Toledo, WRAMs, Lebanon, the Southern Show, and several local versions here and Virginia too over the years. Ive seen some things change, some havent. Multi-rotors and electrics have certainly made an impact. Other fads have come along; some stay, some go. But one thing that seems to have remained the same, at least since the mid-70s, is the age of the participants. Actually, if anything, the age of the average aero modeler has risen (rose?, gone up.)
Another thing that I came away from todays experience is that there just arent many things I want or need anymore. Oh maybe a BUSA kit (one that I dont already have sitting in my attic) at a great price, or a nice Sagitta cheap. But I either have it stashed away upstairs or I buy it via the Internet (and get it delivered in two days). Yes, that is certainly a comment on the times we live in now.
So back to today, I pretty much gave away the stuff I had brought. And frankly, I threw away most of the rest except for the NIB 10 cc gas engine watch for it here on RCGroups (cheesy plug, huh I love it!)
Posted by Fourtech | Yesterday @ 07:01 PM | 523 Views
A group of forward thinking rabbis wants to reach out to more people through podcasts.They are forming a new website called JewTube.
Posted by UpNup | Yesterday @ 06:29 PM | 536 Views
The Ford Flivver 268 has three gnome cylinders on its three part Anzani engine. It was fun to figure out how to make these realistic, if stand-off scale cylinders.

Materials used were: broom handle, electric cord (strip out the copper), 1/16 balsa strips, sucker sticks, ink pen springs, old earphone cord, and aluminum Testors enamel paint.

Cost: $0 available supplies
Posted by UpNup | Yesterday @ 06:11 PM | 549 Views
The Ford Flivver 268 has a very big front end. The electric conversion filled it up.

Installing the motor in advance meant things got dusty when I cut out the holes for the cylinders. I had to CA glue the 1/32” balsa “floors” to each hole.

The Rimfire .25 outrunner means that the whole “can” around the motor moves extremely fast.

The cowl can be cut out more but at this point I’m leaving the motor encased in the cowl.
Posted by elan | Yesterday @ 06:10 PM | 539 Views
Well, on the fourth pack; this was last week, I biffed the model in the snow (pure pilot error). Anyway, today I per her back together, with some upgrades and she's flying real well.

This is the current set-up:
-I swapped out the broken stock blade grips with Micro-Heli CNC blade grips. They are only .20 grams heavier than stock (.40 for the pair). Since I added nearly half a gram of additional weight, and since the Gen Ace 520 mAh lipos I am running are 18 grams heavier than stock, I decided to trim 5grams by swapping out the stock Main Shaft with a Lynx solid carbon fiber MS. The fitment of the grips and MS were excellent.

On the first test flight I noted some tail bob, which is sometimes a sign of too low head-speed, so I incrementally increased the Idle-Up TC to: 0,28,72,72,100 and the bob is gone. I have Aileron/Elevator DR set to 80 and the expo set at 30. The rudder DR is 100 and exp is 0. I still need to fly a full 5min 20 sec pack to see how many mAh I put back in the lipo on recharge. I weighed the model with lipo installed and the AUW is 170 grams even, and since the Horizon Hobby website gives a flying weight to 170 grams, indications are things are looking good as far as flight-times will be concerned.

However I found this post at Heli Freak:
So I weighed mine and it comes in at 156g AUW

I've used this scale to weigh everything I weigh and it's self calibrating. Could be off who knows. I'll bring a wheel weight home from work to baseline it. But if this is true the heli is 15g lighter than advertised.

So I might be 14 grams heavier than stock and the HH website is in error. I'll keep folks posted...
Posted by ppridday | Yesterday @ 06:00 PM | 535 Views
Pics of my Mavic. Also found a set of PolarPro filters..