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I have just got a eachine aurora 90 flysky hooked it up everything was great set up flight modes and so on . All I did was change it to motor spin on arming and hit save and reboot that's where everything went wrong. Everything works osd camera receiver is bond but I get no input from transmitter. Unfortunately I had not save the dump yet I found one on here tried it and the same problem it seemed to be for frsky mine is flysky does that matter , I did make the changes for it to flysky receiver. Any help would be great ....thanks
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Now only USD110 @ BG because of the anniversary. And yes of course it's an advertisement but the prize is so low you seriously have to buy it!

WORLD RECORD! WORLDS FASTEST MICRO DRONE $126- Eachine Lizard95 review (14 min 34 sec)

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Apparently, I still can't get finished with any of my existing projects so I have again resorted to an (ugh) ARF. While not fond of ARF's, I have liked the flyability (is that a word) of the Ugly Stik line of models. I have owned several over the years including Little Stiks, Middle Stiks, 40 sized, 60 sized and several scratch built from kit plans and some from plans that I drew up. Its just a good flying airplane.

So I decided to try the Great Planes ElectoStik, and a quick order to Tower Hobbies and a 2 day wait and I had one in my hands. I bought the ARF airframe only. I still prefer to provide my own 'innards'.

My Stik is as follows:

Heads Up RC Power 15 motor
FMS 50 Amp ESC
Turnigy 3.6 Amp 3s battery
Hitec Aurora 9 transmitter
Hitec Optima 7 receiver
4 Emax 3103 17 gram servos
11 x 5.5 APC prop
AUW is 3.7 lbs

I had to buy the motor and the servos, everything else I already had on hand. I could have gone with servos on hand but I only had 9 gram servos and I figured something a little bigger would be appropriate., The Emax 17 gram servos are a perfect fit in the precut servo mounting holes. I did not have a 15 sized motor. Everything I had was either too small or too big.

I was concerned about the motor since Tower was recommending a 25 sized motor but according to their weight specs the Power 15 would provide at least 100 watts or more per pound so I thought that I would try it. I have not tested the power setup but Heads Up rates their...Continue Reading
Posted by Pacem_Lumine | Today @ 09:12 AM | 119 Views
I was shocked to open the carton I received from DJI and find evidence of Incompetence.

If you want the meat directly just skip to #1.
So, rewind to the beginning but I'll keep it short. I sent a Phantom 3 Professional to DJI for some repairs and once it was all done they sent it back. The pictures show how I received it. Note that this was a gimbal replacement or repair, and that it is sometimes the only option because they are not so freely supplying replacement gimbals for this model, have never supplied parts, and have been making an effort to clap back all such repairs to their service center. OK Fine, the cost is reasonable but "throwing it in a box and sending it home" is bad practice. Imagine trying to jump through the hoops on this, and the additional month of waiting for the fix and repair. Yes it was sent in on 7-19 and it is now 8-17 when received back. Some of this time is definitely shipping but it is still a long time without the aircraft, for no reason at all, if it has to be done over.

1.) Incompetent packing. There isn't enough wadded-up paper in there to keep the unit's transport case in one spot. This means that every time UPS throws, drops, kicks or otherwise abuses the outer carton, the transport case flies around inside the large outer carton. Gravity being what it is, it's equivalent to repeatedly dropping the transport case on any random side.

2.) The dingbats put the transport case into the carton upside down. I guess it is...Continue Reading
Posted by eye4wings | Today @ 08:22 AM | 150 Views
Anyone trying to visit the Traplet shop on line recently will have been met with a message that THE SHOP IS CURRENTLY CLOSED.

This is to confirm that Traplet are in liquidation - but the good news (for some) is that their range of plans and parts have been taken over by Sarik Hobbies (who used to produce the plastic moulded parts for Traplet). Here is their announcement:


At the moment I don't know if they are going to keep Traplet's numbering system or come up with one of their own.
As information becomes available I plan to update earlier blog entries accordingly.


EDIT: A prompt reply from Kevin Crozier who is now working for Sarik Hobbies confims that for the time being the MW plan reference numbers will remain in use so all previous information remains the same except that plan purchasers will deal with Sarik in stead of Traplet.

Posted by Chandler Bing | Today @ 07:38 AM | 174 Views
hello,my friends
yesterday we record this video to test Gimbal Effect about Obtain.
it's not official,how do you think of it?

recording video by Obtain (3 min 1 sec)

Posted by k4zep | Today @ 07:17 AM | 196 Views
Now folks, this is written off the cuff, sort of meandering and sharing the thoughts of an ol Fart glider guider, so go easy on me. As time permits, I'm going to explore stabilization, in gliders. More specifically, the electric glider. You must realize that as the rules now stand, not much of what I will discuss below will be usable at contest, but remember I fly my gliders 95% of the time for fun, Contest are just for fun now. Having flown gliders since 1967, Varios for 40+ years, stabilization of some form for 30 years, I am a true blue glider fanatic, a elctronics Tec for too many years, now retired,

I, now at the age of 74 find that augmentation of stability, especially in the pitch and roll axis PLUS return to home when I get beyond my "old" eyesight is helpful to keeping me in the air down the line. I realize this is not for the purest glider fanatic, but it is a tool that does enhance many of the older gliders with shorter tail moments. (It also enhances ANY glider, if the pilot doesn't mind a bit of help now and then).

First, when flying for fun, what would we like a electric glider to do in the real world. Lets see:

1. Launch easy.
2. Fly well, have no bad habits.
3. Thermal Well.
4. Land well.

Now this is a simplification. Lets look at "Launch easy". What does this mean? I guess we would like it to climb at a nice rate of climb, steady, keep it's wings level, track over the top, and transition in to level flight...Continue Reading
Posted by Zenoaheli | Today @ 07:08 AM | 196 Views
Heres my airwolf at our local field. It has 2 edf fans for more push.
Posted by wizzard363 | Today @ 03:46 AM | 298 Views
Not the dearest model out there but at just over $2K for air frame and electrics I want to get things right.
Started withe the rudder servo just to get a feel of how things will go on this build .
The Pulsar is a very well built air frame and the quality of the electrics installation should reflect that .
I made the control rod to the exact length and used ply from a spare servo frame to make the servo mount .
Used the horns that were supplied with the kit .
Very happy with the hardware package that was supplied with this model .
Posted by Hawksky Motor | Today @ 03:26 AM | 301 Views
N52SH Curved magnets
Japan 0.15mm silicone steel sheet, Japan NMB bearing,
Durable motor with best materials. 7.7g
The material can change depend on your requirment,also if you give us design we can make for you too. your logo ,your color.(300PCS)
Any more questions please feel free to contact Sara.
skype:UAVmotor email: sales.hawksky@gmail.com whatapp/mobile;+86-13647439909
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Please checkout the latest Spec Review... watch, subscribe, and support...
Thanks from Gimbal Guy
Gotta have macro shots on the micro quad 😎🤣😁😎

#lizard #microfun #fpv #drone #eachine #gimbalguy
Posted by K3VDOG77 | Today @ 12:59 AM | 368 Views
Hey guys I'm new to the multirotor world. I have 2 naze32 boards. One, which is a 6d, took the firmware no problem. The other ,10dof, will not connect. Ive shorted the bootloader pads, updated drivers, but still getting failed to open serial port. Is it possible that the problem lies in the board? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Built this flying wing over the past two days it didn't cost much, but it doesn't fly well I am thinking it is tail heavy the power is equivalent to an e flight power 15, flight one hand launches great plenty of power but it deals like the control throws are double what's nesicary, resolution program in 70% Alston rates and 50% elivator, 2nd flight I am flying along on my second pass and it seems like it is horribly unstable, still too much control i tone them down 10% each try again, 3rd flight I don't have enough elevator I bring it in and clip a winglet on a bush, solution must be tail heavy? I have rocks I add 3 to the compartment and bring the rates back up 10%, flight 4 the rates are good I am not running out of elevator but the over controlling rendancy is back, solution tape a bunch of rocks to the nose if it is tail heavy this should work all of my stuff is at home the cg moved forward 1/2-3/4 of an inch in seems stable then it rolls i throttle back and it pulls a loop, broke the prop on the last rough landing,

What could the problem be?
I programmed in expo
I would really like to get this flying if at all possible it is built according to Divinity 2 plans here on rcg
Could the size motor I have be causing this? It is overpowered
I thought it could be controll rod flex but they are fairly stiff
The stall type tendencies at higher speeds are what worries me the slow speed handling is ok
Posted by UpNup | Yesterday @ 07:14 PM | 494 Views
The Ford Flivver calls for three large music wires soldered together. I found on the FB store, a $10 huge, hot soldering iron that heats to 800 watts.

To get wire, I had to strip some small gauge solid copper wire. I bought flux and lead-free silver solder. To get stability, I held down the largest wire (1/8") with a clamp. The other two music wires (3/32") were Gorilla-taped into place. (You go with what ya got.) When rigid, I wrapped the three wires with close-wound copper wire and clipped spare threads top and bottom, mashing the loose ends into the wrap.

I tried this two weeks ago and didn't clean the joint after a failed low-temp 60 watt iron attempt and got oxidation (aka rust) on the wires. I sanded off the wire down to a sheen and started from scratch.

The chisel tip was screaming hot in 10 minutes. I placed it under the copper wire cluster. The solder melted thru from the top. I was glad to have a tim pan to catch the splashing solder.

To avoid rusting, I spray painted Rust-oleum black the wire nearest the axle. The parts going up near the wing were painted Testors steel.

Note that through all of this I've had to dodge and consider those wooden faux rubber stacked doughnuts. I imagined them bursting into flame. However, just by sliding them up and down, they stayed unscathed.

The final product is an extremely wide and strong landing gear to be mounted below the 50" wingspan.
Posted by askman | Yesterday @ 06:58 PM | 514 Views
After living in Oregon for larger part of my life, we have moved to sunny and much warmer arizona and finally settling in. it has been crazy move, but thing went quite smooth since selling my old house and making the large change in my life. I do want to apologize to those in Oregon where I just didn't have time for proper farewell, but I do hate goodbyes and I hope my abrupt departure didn't cause too much problems. Still We are settling in nicely and loving the warm weather. I think we made the right move and are happy at our new place.

As part of my move, I finally picked up a Spark recently and been doing some light flight testing. What I am most impressed about, is its capability to produce very good 12mp still images. While video is pretty impressive considering its size, i do find it bit soft due to its use of center part of sensor not to mention it is only 30fps. While I don't mind having 1080only, I do wish I had 60fps, but combined with tripod mode, you can get decent video even doing pan.

One of the test that I like to run, is creating a simple pano manually. I just run timed shutter and do a slow pan. I stitch this using microsoft ICE software and I am quite happy with how it came out. not bad for single pass 15 image stitch pano. I have pretty nice backyard now . Overall, I am pretty impressed with the unit and would make good backup and pocket drone.

here is link to the full image as well

Posted by PittSpecial | Yesterday @ 06:12 PM | 648 Views
Greetings good People!

This was a General Fitness Ride around Kennedy Space Center's Launch Pad-A and Pad-B, what a ride!

I have not taken my Trek 2100 (2007 vintage) for a long time and most especially this sort of wide open distance!

For a over-weight fat guy and 57 years old, I did very well and I have not lost any strength in my legs as I always had powerful legs.

We started at the South-West Parking lot of the Vertical Assembly Building (VAB) and we rode along Saturn Causeway to Launch Pad-A which is exactly 3.5 miles. We continued and past the KSC LC-39 Observatory Gantry (Tourist Out Post) and then, turned North on Cape Road after passing Launch Pad-A where SPACE-X continues to press-on with their work at this Launch Pad.

Along Cape Road we witness some of the most beautiful sky with strong Thunderstorm approaching from the South and so, we increased our pace to Launch Pad-B which is a few more miles North. After passing Launch Pad-B, we continued back South passing Gator Hole and Broadaxe Creek and turned back (returned) to the Saturn Causeway for the long stretch back to the Launch Control Center and thereby our vehicles parked in front of the Vertical Assembly Building (VAB).

I was amazed that the conditions were perfect for this General Fitness ride to start our new Cycling Club.

A BIG thank you goes to Charles and most especially to Jessica who was a trooper on her Trek hybrid mountain bike.

A few pictures!

Posted by GTOGreg | Yesterday @ 05:50 PM | 540 Views
I had played with a few "Air Hog" Hellies over the years, but they were a hassle to fly, and they did not last for more than a week or so before they broke, or I just lost interest. It wasn't until Christmas of 2016 that I really started to take a serious interest in this hobby, when my wife ordered me a "toy" drone off of QVC. The drone was a "Sky Rider", which was a cheap "Ready to Fly" (RTF) camera drone that did not even offer "First Person View" (FPV). It has a flimsy plastic frame, and a tiny camera for video and still shots,. It came with a set of spare props, which was sort of a waste because the brushed motors failed before I could get to use them. It was less than $ 50.00, and lasted about a month, but it was just enough fun to get the ball rolling.

My brother started flying drones a couple months earlier, and just when the Sky Rider flew its last flight, he gave me his old Blade Nano QX2, which was a great quad, but I did not have FPV goggles, so I could only fly "Line of Sight" (LOS). Wanting more, I bought a second hand Blade Nano QX FPV kit for $ 150.00, which came with a decent quad, and set of "Fat Shark' FPV goggles. The QX was fun to fly, but it seemed to break alot. First, the QX needed props, then it needed motors, or a new antenna, or new camera, or new flight controller, or new frame, etc. It seemed like I was spending as much time working on it as I did flying it.

I...Continue Reading
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I have recently purchased a new charger for all my battery needs. My choice and research has lead me to buying the rc6-vsr from Overlander as they have a good reputation in the battery world.
It cost me around 42 from Leeds model shop, which is a pretty good deal for what you get.

So, what do you get?
Well you get a nice charger that can supply a nifty 80W of power and 7A current to a battery.

It'll do all the standards: LIPO, LIFE, LIION, NIMH, NICAD and PB. The lithium's are 1-6s and the NIMH/NICAD will do 1-5s then the On has 1-10s.

There is a relatively simple UI with four buttons labeled for ease of navigation, this means charging is incredibly simple (although the included manual doesn't really help, search "how to use Overlander rc6-vsr" and a download manual will be on the links).

Finally (one of the great strong points) the charger has an input of either 100-240V AC or 11-18V DC and it comes with an AC power cord so that's simple.

Oh yeah, and you can buy a temp sensor and it'll failsafe if the battery gets too hot (also may and time fail-safes set).

I'm not sure how to adjust all the settings like fail-safes yet but so far it has been a really great and friendly charger that I would recommend to anyone as I have had no issues.