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Posted by Kmot | Yesterday @ 10:56 PM | 37 Views
Three very rare Whiteman Industries "Marauder" hovercraft gathered together today at Hansen Dam Park.
Posted by kydawg1 | Yesterday @ 10:51 PM | 44 Views
This is a nice VTX and performs well. Check the video.

PANDA RC VT5804 V2 In Flight Review 2018 0324 (8 min 41 sec)

Link to purchase one:


Overall this a nice VTX that works great is less than $20. It is 48Channels and selectable power including a PIT MODE 0mW thru 600mW.

I flew this unit with the Dipole antenna only… My quad can handle the added antenna mass so I believe my reception will be even cleaner with a circular polarized antenna. That is what I will put on next. I will also max the power for cruising around the park without other pilots local. I am impressed with this VTX so far after about 12 packs and I Love that it mounts in my stack. This is my first of this type and I really like it. I will be ordering multiples from Hobbycool for future builds. I recommend one.

Description below from the Hobbycool website with a few clean up edits:

PandaRC VT5804 V2 5.8G Switchable FPV Transmitter 0/25/100/200/400/600mW for RC FPV Racing Drone

- Support OSD Frequency and Power tuning.
- The output power is stable ,the far transmission distance 0.5km@25mW, 1km@200mW, 2km@600mW.
- Transmit power levels: 0mW/25mW/100mW/200mW/400mW/600mW.
- Output 48 frequency points, and has E group 8 race frequency at the same time using each other without interference.
- Frequency lock fast, boot does not interfere with companions.
- Built-in output power self-check function.
- Full format...Continue Reading
Posted by kydawg1 | Yesterday @ 10:42 PM | 64 Views
Posted by DragonFly711 | Yesterday @ 09:52 PM | 99 Views
My original green Tundra finally bit the dust last weekend. Completely my fault . Decided to try out the Leopard 1080kv motor on 4S power which I had installed several days before.

First mistake, too antsy to test the motor on a day that the wind was blowing way too hard. At least 15 mph with higher gusts. Wouldn't have been a problem but then second mistake was making a high speed turn with the wind at it's underside way too close to the ground. If I'd been at least a mistake high, I believe I could have recovered. Once the upper wing came past straight up and down, it just turned itself into the ground. Motor survived as the ground was soft but it broke the propeller. Wings and landing gear plus the canopy flew off at impact. Landing gear and struts all in good condition so I'll use them on the new build.

Fuselage pretty much destroyed, at least the front of it is. The rudder and elevator survived and the wings could be cannabilized if needed. I've got a new fuse, wing set, canopy and cowl to build another one. Only needing an elevator set if I can find one. Could use the ones that came off the wreck but may wait and see if I can find a new one.

Most new parts are from the red and blue version, fuse , canopy and cowl. Wings are new but from the orange and black version. Doesn't matter, it'll fly whatever color it is. Will go back with the 4S system and new metal geared servos on the rudder and elevator.

When I get around to putting together the...Continue Reading
Posted by UpNup | Yesterday @ 05:42 PM | 190 Views
The Ford Flivver 268 has very distinct graphics. Back in 1926, the Ford Motor Co., had a paint shop that got creative. They didn’t have fonts to reference. They had the new cursive Ford logo and that was about it.

The RCM plans by Dereck Woodard recommended stenciling artwork onto the plane and then painting it on the surface. Monokote is so slick, I chose to recruit Callie Graphics (info@Callie-Graphics.com) to make vinyl lettering. At a very reasonable cost, I received scale artwork and a professional look on those custom Ford Flivver graphics.
Posted by coldblood808 | Yesterday @ 02:37 PM | 263 Views
I was at my friends house the other day and he broke out some old pictures from my early days with the club. I would like to think of my friend as the clubs's historian as he was one of the founding members of our local club!

The first picture was of my .40 sized trainer that I modified from a kit. Although I had tried to learn to fly earlier as a teenager, it wasn't until I was in my early 30's that I hooked up with the club and began building and flying RC proficiently. The second picture was one my first plans built planes. This model plan came from a construction article from a magazine and pre-dates the current 3D genre. Some of it's features were: a thick airfoil, CF tail boom, large control surfaces, mono wheel with long wing tip skids, and was a .40 sized model. If you can identify these planes, you are either an avid RC modeler, or just about as old as I am!

The last pictures are of a classic design, the Ugly Stick! What was special to me about this plane I built many years ago was the history of the kit. I had bought the kit and after sitting on it for a while, I decided to sell it off as I didn't feel like building it. My friend who gave me these pictures, bought it off me and gave it to another club member as a Christmas gift. Later, this new owner of the kit, commissioned me to build it! Oh the irony of it all!
Posted by Mad_angler1 | Yesterday @ 02:07 PM | 289 Views
T-Motor Folding Props Custom for DJI Inspire 2
From Florida Drone Supply

The guys over at Florida Drone Supply asked me to take a look at this special version of the Carbon Fibre T-Motor 15.2 x 5 folding props they offer that are specifically designed to fit the DJI Inspire 2.

More Info

Featuring a patented design for efficiency and longer flights the design of the winglet is employed to weaken the vortex and improve the efficiency, the downward winglet abates the radial centrifugal tension and deformation quantity.

They Feature

• Special Winglet Design
• Easy to Fold and Spread
• Precise Positioning
Ideal Flight

The Props

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Posted by mirohagi | Yesterday @ 01:26 PM | 298 Views
When I moved up the throttle to take-of the dron, quadcopter just leaned forward. You can see this problem in video
Eachine H8S 3D Mini Inverted Flight RC Quadcopter Troubleshooting (0 min 43 sec)

My assumption was that there were two possible reason of the malfunction:

A. The front motors are broken.
B. The switching transistors supplying the front motors are broken.

I decided to exchange front and rear motors. If A assumption was true, the quad would leaned backwards. If B was true, the quad would still leaned forward. But I was surprised. After motor exchange the quad started work correctly.

I guess that the cold joint was the reason of the malfunction. Producers obviously use leadless solder so cold joint may occur. I resoldered all motor wires with lead solder and the malfunction has disappeared.
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Yesterday @ 09:56 AM | 521 Views
Yep Les Amis,
Devenez un petit agent secret ! Voici donc le premier des 4 engins à gagner, le COOL CHI 69-001... Un joujou High Tech très design pour vous lancer dans le "Mini contre espionnage" ! lol . Ses commandes sont simples et l'application très réactive, la portée n'est pas ouf mais vous pourrez vous ballader dans la maison, suivre votre animal de compagnie ou espionner maman qui cuisine . En bref , un joli petit engin qui raviera les enfants.

COOL CHI Rover Tank 69-001 Review Test Démo / Premier GAGNANT ! (17 min 44 sec)

NOTATAZ : 16.5/20 Joujou High Tech plutôt marrant !!!

Les + : Facile à prendre en main, Maniable, Joli Design .
Les - : Portée réduite (wifi), Faible résolution d'image, Pas d'orientation motorisée de la caméra .

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- Cool Chi 69-001 : https://goo.gl/pPMViU

Les Produits à gagner sont ICI :

Vidéo Concours :
Concours ! 4 Engins à gagner pour fêter le printemps .. (14 min 53 sec)
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Posted by Tazkiller85 | Yesterday @ 09:55 AM | 518 Views
Yep Les Amis,
A vos marques, Prêt, Concours !!! Après une petite semaine de repos pour résoudre quelques soucis d'ordre privé, j'ai décidé de vous montrer quelques appareils que nous allons tester dans les prochaines vidéos et par la même occasion, je vous les offre !! Alors, soyez à l'écoute et ... BONNE CHANCE A TOUS !!!

Concours ! 4 Engins à gagner pour fêter le printemps .. (14 min 53 sec)

Concours du 21 Mars au 4 Avril 2018 .
Pour participer vous devez :
- Regarder la vidéo et Liker bien sur
- Cliquer sur le lien du produit qui vous plait (ci-dessous)
- Mettre en commentaire le produit que vous voulez ainsi que le site d'ou il vient.
- 1 seul commentaire par personne

Les Produits à gagner sont ICI :
- WPL C-14 : https://goo.gl/xgCDmq
- Cool Chi : https://goo.gl/pPMViU
- Eachine E58 : https://goo.gl/yn7r94
- Cubee F9 : https://goo.gl/euVHCA

Les engins iFlight sont visibe ICI :
Razor X95 : https://goo.gl/jLVFMk
XL5 : https://goo.gl/GDxvbg

Mon matériel :
- Caméra GIT2P (casquette) : https://goo.gl/auJNu2
- Camescope Endoer (Macro et Photos) : https://goo.gl/PA6WQX
- Caméra FIREFLY 8S : https://goo.gl/4TVS24
- Caméra DBPOWER 4K (écran tactile) : https://goo.gl/iqRRrv
- Micro cravate (casquette): https://goo.gl/n3cVHN
- Chargeur ISDT D2 : https://goo.gl/hvYRKp
- Chargeur AOKoda 1S : https://goo.gl/FqZCaV
- Testeur ISDT BC-8S : https://goo.gl/CLrqsq
- Chargeur Balance ISDT Q6+ : https://goo.gl/ppjDKR
- Masque VRD2...Continue Reading
Posted by Bill M - RC | Yesterday @ 09:47 AM | 530 Views
Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts

Syma X22W review. This Syma X22W Wifi FPV Quadcopter drone review includes unboxing, inspection, setup, flight & features tests. This is a stable little fpv flier with a 720p HD camera, altitude hold & waypoint navigation.

You can get this here: https://goo.gl/diBweu

Syma X22W WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter drone - Full Review (21 min 29 sec)

Posted by Don McClory | Yesterday @ 09:01 AM | 542 Views
Hello RC World, This is my very first blog ever. I am reaching out to you for some help with building my first quad. I recently purchase an RJX 95 quad kit figuring this would be a good starting point. Well it looks like a great first build however there are no instructions or manual include. I contacted the shop where I purchased this kit and they referred me to RJX. RJX doesn't sell this anymore and they don't have a manual I was told. I have searched you tube videos etc for some information and help to no avail. Does anyone know where I can get a manual and or assembly instructions for this kit or a possible link to a you tube video that might help me, or personal experience with this kit. Thanks
Posted by lawrence4 | Yesterday @ 06:55 AM | 606 Views
20180104 Jaguar 180 maiden flight counterweight test (6 min 10 sec)

Motor : TURNIGY 1811 2900KV
ESC: HiModel 12A
Servo : EMAX ES 9251 2.5g x 2 (+1)
Battery : Dualsky 2S 250mAh
Propeller : GWS EP-4530 ~ 4040
Receiver: Frsky 4ch change to Dsm2 6ch

20180115 Jaguar 180 test Prop. GWS EP-4530 ( full length version ) (3 min 39 sec)
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Posted by OrtisFlow | Yesterday @ 06:33 AM | 595 Views
Hey readers,

So about my naked bottom rotors, there will be no video cuz it's not worth it...

They works ofc but they are the crappyest rotors I got in my life.... they will be nice for a freestyle quad to learn new tricks....

I've bought a motor for my RidgeRacer(fried esc already replaced)...

I hope it wont fry too quick this time

Video soon!
Posted by robertus | Yesterday @ 06:06 AM | 616 Views
Hi everyone,
I have made IL-28 powered by two 50mm EDF.
IŁ-28 EDF Beagle pre-maiden checks (1 min 7 sec)

At the moment there is only build thread on my polish forum. http://pfmrc.eu/index.php/topic/6622...28-beagle-edf/
Let me know, If you want to see thread about IL on rcgroups forum.
Posted by robertus | Yesterday @ 06:02 AM | 617 Views
Hello all,
here you can watch great flight of my MiG-29 powered by one 70mm EDF.
MiG-29 Single EDF Project completed (3 min 46 sec)

Please join the thread and enjoy big and light plane I have made.
Build log: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...DF-with-plans/
Posted by shreyanshLikhar | Yesterday @ 05:51 AM | 620 Views
I want to make a agriculture spray drone to carry about 2-5 liters of fertilizer and pump.
which parts i need?
Please help me.