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Posted by Ronakagarwal | May 16, 2019 @ 03:28 PM | 1,052 Views
Having started from scratch.. i did my theory and design using matlb and excel.
Aim was to start with basic envelop of altitude 500ft
Stall speed : 10m/s
AR : 5
Using few other inputs i did my load calculations and constraint analysis
Then went on to do the weight estimation
And then sizing of the flying wing.
I am now in the assembly stage
I made the flying wing in EPP (pics below)
Started with joining the wings.
Further development will keep you posted.
Span : 909 mm
Root chord : 259 mm
Tip chord : 104 mm
Sweep LE : 30 deg
Airfoil : MH 60
During hot wire cutting trailing edge of the airfoil was found to be too thin and therefore had to keep the tip chord little less than the actual bcz the foam just melted.
Thought of compensating by using choro elevons as attachment.
Still trying to figure out how to mount motor and attach elevons to such a thin trailing edge��.
Any advice will be appreciated ��.
Looking for a cool name too ? Drop in some cool names if you can ��