Posted by condor12 | Jun 09, 2019 @ 07:28 PM | 494 Views
Pitts at Duffield, from nose cam aspect

Pitts nosecam 05Jun19 (4 min 52 sec)

Posted by condor12 | Jun 09, 2019 @ 07:20 PM | 459 Views
Same sortie, but from head cam.

Pitts 05Jun19 (4 min 50 sec)

Posted by BDOG1 | Jun 09, 2019 @ 04:01 PM | 724 Views
Here is a photo dump of the pictures I took at W.O.W {wings over Wilson} The 2019 Midwest slope...Continue Reading
Posted by Blaze0021 | Jun 09, 2019 @ 01:38 PM | 586 Views
In 1080p 60fps - This is the 4S Performance Flight of my 2-year old FMS A6M5 Zero 1.1m Warbird, a Birthday present from the 2016-2017 Cheer Central Suns J2 “Glitter” (Glitterati).. the All-Star Cheer Team that I coached 2 years ago.

FMS Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero 1.1m 4S Performance Flight (5 min 51 sec)

Just a little more than 2 years later from the Maiden Flight Video, only this time upgraded to 4S with the original stock motor and stock 3-blade prop. I replaced the stock 40-Amp ESC with a ZTW Mantis 65-Amp ESC w/ 5-Amp ESC. In doing so, I also carefully enlarged the internal foam ESC compartment formerly holding the stock 40-Amp ESC, allowing it extra ventilation and room to breathe.

Powered by an Admiral Pro 4S 2200mAh 45C lipo, the weight of the 4-cell lipo was enough to counter 50% of the hidden nose ballast that I had originally hidden behind the plastic cowl and were removed, retaining the recommended 62mm CG from the leading edge of the main wing. Now only 56 grams of nose ballast (8 Great Planes 7-gram Sticky Back Lead Weights were needed to retain the proper CG at 62mm.

Max Static Amp Draw with a fully charged Admiral Pro 4S 2200mAh 45C lipo is at 52.2 amps.. well below the limits of the ZTW Mantis 65-Amp ESC. The stock 3536-850Kv motor comes down barely warm after a flight.

My former 100% throttle on 3S has now become my 50-60% throttle on 4S. The outcome is an aircraft with exceptional agility, speed, and climb, with power on tap when needed,...Continue Reading
Posted by Bill M - RC | Jun 09, 2019 @ 09:56 AM | 581 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

NEW MJX Bugs 4W B4W Review - 5G WIFI FPV GPS Foldable RC Drone with 2K Camera on a Single-axis Gimbal. This MJX Bugs 4W review includes unboxing, inspection, setup, app overview and a camera video trailer. Flight, functions, features, app & camera tests will follow in Part II of this review.

You can get this NEW MJX Bugs 4W B4W 2K 5G WIFI FPV GPS Foldable RC Drone here now:

Get this NEW MJX Bugs 4W B4W 2K 5G WIFI FPV GPS Brushless Foldable RC Drone with one battery for only $169.99 using coupon code: KSVARPFI here now:

7th Anniversary Promotion Sale on here now:

MJX Bugs 4W B4W Review Part I - Unboxing, Inspection, Setup & Camera Video Trailer (24 min 7 sec)

Posted by GBLynden | Jun 08, 2019 @ 10:03 PM | 739 Views
This is my Unboxing & Review for the Freewing F-35 Lightning II V3 70mm EDF Jet.

Freewing F-35 Lightning II V3 70mm EDF Jet Unboxing & Review (8 min 47 sec)

Here are my review notes for this pretty Steath Fighter EDF RC Jet:

- The paint and details are absolutely stunning on this F-35 Steath Fighter Jet.
- It comes with nice suspension, including trailing link nose gear
- Plastic coated canopy to prevent gatoring
- A big battery bay

- The main con and that is why I didn't give the simple overall build a Pro is that the servo connectors for the rudders and had a lot of paint on them making it difficult to determine polarity.
- Lights like my Freewing BAe Hawk T1 70mm EDF Jet would have been a nice touch too.
Posted by DoubleEagle | Jun 08, 2019 @ 08:44 PM | 672 Views
***Building Blocks with Remote Control Katyusha and Tank Abrams*** Let start the Battle!
CaDA (breaking blocks) Building Blocks + Remote Control Toys Series.

CaDA Building Toys STEM Learning and Educational Kit.
These bruilding blocks Katyusha and Tank Abrams consist out of 1396 and 1498 pcs and are suitable for kids from 8 years old. Item numbers: C61002 and C61001. Remote control is included.
C61002 and C61001 are 2-in-1 series sets.
The CaDA 2-in-1 sets, you get to choose between 2 exciting builds for even more build and play fun.

For more building blocks and remote control toys visit:
Business enquires: [email protected]
Building Blocks with Remote Control - Katyusha and Tank (3 min 32 sec)

Posted by rclad | Jun 08, 2019 @ 08:31 PM | 788 Views

Our club had an aerobatics primer today, and Ray, the Unlimited IMAC pilot who put it on, challenged me to try a 360 degree turn with four rolls to the inside. I usually decline the challenge to try something new with my plane, saying I'd like to try it on the simulator first. For some reason today I simply said, "OK."

This isn't the first time Ray nudged me out of my comfort zone. Just when I get comfortable with my current aerobatic skills he asks me to try something different: a slower aileron roll, or opposite aileron rolls back to back, or a snap roll in the opposite direction from how I normally do them, or a tailslide.

I've been flying scale aerobatics for almost three years now, and Ray has been a great mentor. He has given me the confidence to move up to a more difficult class every year, from Basic to Sportsman, and now Intermediate. The Intermediate class introduces the roller, but it's only a 90 degree turn with one roll to the inside. I practiced it many times on the simulator before I ever attempted one with my plane. Today, having flown the 90 degree roller more than a hundred times with my 95" EF Extra 330, I was finally getting comfortable with the maneuver. When I executed a near perfect roller on the first flight today (after three attempts), Ray must have been thinking of a new challenge for me.

After landing, replacing batteries, and pushing my plane back to the runway, he said, in his usual direct and nonchalant...Continue Reading
Posted by LUV2REV | Jun 08, 2019 @ 08:03 PM | 620 Views
Always nice to be the first person to respond to a great deal on CL, but sometimes you miss out and would rather have never seen it. The deals that get away, make you appreciate the one's you get that much more. Here's two of my latest CL super deal finds. Please share yours!

First one: Hpi Savage XL 5.9 complete w/4 gallons of PowerMaster fuel $50

Second: Aeromarine Cyclone 45" Cat complete $100
Posted by LUV2REV | Jun 08, 2019 @ 07:33 PM | 588 Views


Posted by Wrench66 | Jun 08, 2019 @ 07:05 PM | 617 Views
Moisture damaged ST75
Posted by Sammy70 | Jun 08, 2019 @ 03:41 PM | 547 Views
Pair of Admirals
Posted by GroundControlRC | Jun 08, 2019 @ 08:33 AM | 586 Views
Test Flight #2 - Volantex Super Cub Flaperons

Here is a link to the Video:

Time to test the Super Cub MOD we performed by replacing the single 9g Servo with two 4.4g Servos and programming Flaperons.
Here we go ;-)

Here is a link to the Tutorial for installing the Servos and Linkages:

Here is a link to the Plane:
Upgraded: New batch comes with Integrated flight control with self-stabilization function

Volantex 2.4G 4CH V765-2 765-2 Super Cub 750mm Sport Park Flyer RTF

Here is a link to the 4.4g Servos used in the Tutorial:

Turnigy™ TGY-1440A Analog Servo 20T (V2) 0.8kg / 0.10sec / 4.4g

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups | Facebook
Posted by TMacFPV | Jun 08, 2019 @ 07:42 AM | 542 Views
We’ve created an Intro Course to FPV with stuff also for experienced pilots looking to help others.
9-10% Multiple-Use Gear Discounts Good Through End of 2019! 👍
Should help folks get started with FPV more easily, quickly, and less expensively overall.
Enrollment opens Saturday, June 8th at 12:00 pm EDT (U.S.) = UTC-4 hrs
FREE to First 5 Enrollees!

Fast Track FPV Course – Your Clear Flight Path to FPV Fun! Learn FPV- Now’s the Time!
Saves time - no need to scour the web = more Fun Sooner!
Saves money - Best Value "Future Proof" Gear
Discounts to FPV Gear
Affiliate Program - introduce others to FPV FUN & earn $
Teaches Legal Flying - safe & responsible
12 Practice "Skills & Drills" Flight Lessons
Includes down-loadable Resources & BONUSES!
Easy-to-Follow Checklists
Important "Links to Know"
Private Fast Track FPV Motivational Support Group
Complete Instructions for your own Do-It-Yourself Inexpensive FPV Race Gates & Flags
Quadcopter Build Guides
Graduation Certificate!
Beginner FPV Friendly
Fast Track FPV (6 min 48 sec)

Posted by Tazkiller85 | Jun 08, 2019 @ 04:53 AM | 588 Views
Yep Les Amis,
Trucs Astuces et Système D ! lol ... Dans cette petite vidéo je vous donne quelques une de mes astuces bricolage et je vous parle de mes projets et réalisations . Bon Film à Tous .

Trucs Astuces Projets et réalisations - La valise mystérieuse - !!! (20 min 45 sec)

NOTATAZ : là c'est à vous de me noter ! lol

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- Pince à bec :
- Pince coupante :
- VTX03 :
- Buzzer mini :
- Caddx Turtle V2 :
- Chassis Trashcan :
- Support TPU HD Mobula7 :
- Batterie 450mAh GNB :


- Creality 3D® Ender-3 Pro V-slot :
- Lunettes EV200D :
- FIMI X8 SE 403,08€ ( COUPON BGFIMIX8SE10 ) jusqu'au 15/6/2019 :
- Caddx Tarsier HD :
- - Caddx Ratel (coupon BGFRcaddx530 ) 26.56€ jusqu'au 30/6/2019 :

Mon matériel :
- Caméra Firefly 8S :
- Stabilisateur smartphone ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q :
- ONEPAA X2000 Caméra :
- Caméra DBPOWER 4K (écran tactile) :
- Micro cravate (casquette): https://...Continue Reading
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Jun 08, 2019 @ 04:51 AM | 572 Views
Yep Les Amis,
Ça envoie des Watts .. Et des Ampères !!! Dans cette vidéo, j'ai décidé de vous présenter deux de mes chouchous High-Tech . Une mini PowerBank 10 000mAh avec écran LCD ainsi que les nouvelles oreillettes bluetooth BLITZWOLF ... Après environs 3 semaines de test, j'en conclus facilement que ces deux produits ont un excellent rapport qualité prix ! Bon film à tous .

Blitzwolf® BW-FYE3 ET AINOPE 10000mAh LCD PowerBank ! News et Prévisions ... (16 min 49 sec)

NOTATAZ Globale : 18/20 Puissance en Watt et en Amp !

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- Oreillettes BLITZWOLF (Chine ou France ) :
- AINOPE PowerBank 10 000mAh :
- AINOPE PowerBank 20 000mAh :


- Creality 3D® Ender-3 Pro V-slot :
- Lunettes EV200D :
- FIMI X8 SE 403,08€ ( COUPON BGFIMIX8SE10 ) jusqu'au 15/6/2019 :
- Caddx Tarsier HD :
- - Caddx Ratel (coupon BGFRcaddx530 ) 26.56€ jusqu'au 30/6/2019 :

Mon matériel :
- Caméra Firefly 8SE :
- Stabilisateur smartphone ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q :
- ONEPAA X2000 Caméra :
- Micro cravate (casquette): Reading
Posted by wattechighland | Jun 08, 2019 @ 04:00 AM | 653 Views
ハッチあわせ面の反対側(外側)とwtcあわせ面の反対側(内側)にそれぞれカーボンロービン グ

ハッチの強度は十分になったがwtc側はまだ撓むので、カーボンプレートを貼り付けて再補強し た。

Posted by frank4wing | Jun 08, 2019 @ 02:35 AM | 553 Views
Sunset Cruise with the Armattan Gecko and the Caddx Turtle, this time on 3S instead of 4S, went faster than expected.

I set the Turtle from 60 to 30 FPS for a change. For that golden hour look I reduced blue significantly in the editor. The sound is recorded from the Caddx and heavily filtered as usual.

Armattan Gecko Sunset Rip (4 min 24 sec)

Caddx Turtle v2 settings:
Runcam M12 glass lens.
Exposure EV-0.3, Saturation 6, Sharpness 4.
Firmware 2019/01/24 -

Armattan Gecko 3" frame -
Caddx Turtle v2 -
Runcam M12 glass lens -
T-Motor 1408 3750KV -
FrSky XM+ Receiver
Foxeer Lollipop -
Gemfan Flash 3052 Props -
Torcster 3S/850mAh