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Gemfan's #newarrivals here! Are these what you wanted?
🔥𝟱𝟭𝟯𝟬-𝟯 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗬𝗟𝗘🔥
Super light, more durable, bigger thrust, powerful flight for freestyle and light weight drone.
Longer flight time, higher efficiency for longer range
Less Noise, bigger thrust, higher efficiency for 3.5 inch cinewhoop quad.
#gemfan #cinewhoop #superlight #longrange
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The Heron’s T tail makes marking elevator trim settings difficult. Unlike a cruciform tail where you can mark elevator trim settings on the rudder or fin there is nothing for the Heron. To fix this I used a plastic credit card and cut a piece of music wire for an axle. I used frosted scotch tape that you can mark with a pencil and wrapped the plastic . When not in use I rotate the indicator down and into a slot in the rudder.

The elevator trim and maximum throws should be set to prevent a tip stall when flying slow as in thermalling. This should be with SAFE On or Off.

The pencil marks shown have been tested and should work with any other Heron with the same CG.
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Aircraft Setup File - Fun Cub 1100mm Wingspan EPO Kit

This is my favorite Factory Plane so far ;-)
This Plane has excellent Slow Flight capability and with the right amount of Power is very Aerobatic ;-)

It's a very easy Build and this Setup should give you a very successful Maiden Flight.

Here are links to the Plane as well as the Components I selected.
It's a very inexpensive Build with the Components I selected and has Power to Pull Vertical ;-)
My PNF Build = $109.50

Fun Cub 1100mm Wingspan EPO Monoplane Training Plane RC Airplane Kit for Trainer Beginner - Red

Racerstar BR2212 1400KV 2-4S Brushless Motor

Volantex 30A 2-4S Brushless ESC With XT60 Plug

4PCS Racerstar DS1202MG 12g 180° Metal Gear Digital Micro Servo For RC Helicopter Airplane Robot

APC 10x3 Sport Gas Prop

Banggood GCRC

You can help support us by using our affiliate links to the products above. A small commission (At No Cost To You) helps us buy more items to review.

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See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Ground Control RC™ Glue & Fly™ Series Scratch-Build Planes

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It took a full day just to swap the container, as expected. Headlights still have to be installed. There is a debate whether the speed fluctuations are from radio interference, tachometer glitches, or PID oscillation. Tried reducing the throttle to just 1 speed instead of 3, but it still had speed fluctuations. There is a desire to improve the radio error detection by XORing the packet with a key, but so far, there's no evidence of the radio causing speed fluctiations.

Finally put in a better buck converter to replace the crummy 3A Turnigies which are taking over the world.
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Well, I am normally an "air" guy but again this "corona" thing forces me to explore other "things" ...

Axial SCX24 - Demo of FPV Space Buggy X1 and non permanent obstacles (2 min 8 sec)

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Started building the Mandrake from a Jeremy Collins plan found on Outerzone.
Build the fuselage around a carbon 10mm tube which I will cut away partly , at the battery and rx tray, and leave the rest in for strength .
Up till now easy to build, just formed a 1.5mm balsa tube for the mid section of the fuselage over a 90mm dia drain pipe. I will put that on tomorrow.
The cone shaped front and rear part I will do in strips of 2mm balsa to leave a bit more space for sanding.
Shall I put a UC to it or not ??

More to follow!

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I was not planning to use the embedded ESP32-WROOM-32 module in DragonLink V3 transmitter, so looked for a way to turn it fully off, also not to transmit anything on the 2.4 GHz band.

Unfortunately there is no official way to achieve this, also by flashing MavlinkToPassthru (Mav2PT) project is not a solution. The latter does offer over WebGUI the option to turn WiFi & BT off, but after looking at the source code, I noticed that it still does not turn off the RF-output (this is also noticeable from the fact that the WebGUI remains enabled, it just turns off MavLink output via WiFi & BT).

To overcome this issue, I created my own DL V3 ESP32 firmware (attached below for download). The code is really simple, also the procedure to compile and flash the embedded ESP32 is pretty straightforward (thanks to Noircogi for Mav2PT instructions that gave me initial ideas how DL ESP32 module is setup).

Here are the steps (without any warranty for success from me and also do not expect help from DragonLink after you continue!).

DO NOTE THAT YOU ARE WIPING THE FACTORY ESP32 FIRMWARE (but it is possible to re-flash it as instructed here). Nevertheless if you mess up something and brick your DL Tx, be prepared to take full responsibility! Also do note that the DragonLink transmitter firmware and the WiFi+BT ESP32 module firmware are two separate items. Here, we are not touching the DragonLink transmitter firmware, but only the embedded ESP32-WROOM-32 WiFi+BT module firmware.

If...Continue Reading
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Is the E-flite T-28 Trojan Still The Best Foamy? I do my best to answer that during the Unboxing & Preliminary Review of this upgraded RC Plane legend.

Still The Best Foamy? E-flite T-28 Trojan 1.1M BNF Basic Unboxing & Preliminary Review (10 min 0 sec)

E-flite Trojan Review Notes:

- The option of using 3S or 4S power
- A proven and legendary airframe
- SAFE/AS3X Receiver with the BNF Basic version
- Stronger nose wheel
- Carbon fiber added to the horizontal stab
- Very quick RC Airplane build time
- Easy radio setup with recommended radios
- ESC works well with Spektrum Smart packs & lets you know if your flight packs are not charged enough to fly

- Color is a con for me, but may be a Pro for some due to increased visibility.
- No retracts, but this price point for a BNF, does imply that.
- The air gap in the canopy is a con for me, but should not be the end of the world.

E-flite T-28 Trojan 1.1m BNF Basic Links:
- Amazon:
- Hobbyzone:

The links in this description are affiliate links. They give me a small commission on sales which helps support the channel and keep it independent: or visit

4S 2200 Spektrum Smart Battery:
- Amazon:
- Hobbyzone:
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Hello all,

Just wanted to take a quick minute and share that we are starting to work on a pair of Ed Kazmerski's Simla Kits from Home and Hobby Solutions. Will be doing a video build log with video and pictures during the construction. Here is a brief introduction. Follow me on youtube for more updates.

The R/C plane project reveal! Ed Kazmerski’s SIMLA. Kit from Home and Hobby Solutions. (1 min 6 sec)

Thank you for your time,

Matthew Prachar
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Model: Art Hobby Sky 2m electric glider
Location: Urban park
Date: December 12, 2020

Transmitter 1: QX7 ACCESS, R9 external module, ACCESS protocol, 20dBm power, VAS Longshot antenna, vertically polarized
Transmitter 2: QX7 legacy, Ghost external module, GHST protocol, 20dBm power, DIY crosshair antenna, circularly polarized, other antenna deactivated

Receiver 1: R9 MX with DIY monopole with 2 ground plane radials, vertically polarized
Receiver 2: Ghost Atto with standard FrSky replacement monopole, vertically polarized

Transmitter and receiver 1 (R9) were used to control the model. Transmitter and receiver 2 (Ghost) were used to log data only.

During the test flight, I held transmitter 1 in my hands to control the model. Transmitter 2 rested on my flight bag on the ground in an upright position. The antennas on both transmitters were directional. However, I only tracked the model with the transmitter in my hands. This put the Ghost system at a possible disadvantage. Still, the link quality shows comparable performance. In fact, this result with Ghost is by the far the best I've obtained with any 2.4GHz system I've tested in a similar manner.
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I created an interface to control a remote device (e.g. a drone) from the PC via a radio link and I call the project USB2PPM.

The USB2PPM circuit gets the signal from PC over USB connection and converts it to Pulse-Position-Modulation (PPM) to be input e.g. over a trainer jack into a remote control transmitter.

USB2PPM uses standard trainer port signal. Back in 2003, I did a similar project PC-to-R/C Interface V2.0, but it was much bigger than the current version and used RS-232 serial port that is deprecated today.

...Continue Reading
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Note: This is still being edited.

Here is some info on OS FS-61 four stroke glow engines:

The FS-61 is the second .60-size Four Stroke in OS's lineup. It makes more power than the original RC Nitro Four Stroke, the OS FS-60 (which had open rockers, btw).
It came before the 'Surpass' line of engines. It may tag the nickname of 'Pre-Surpass' (though this is not necessary as OS didn't create other .61 Four Strokes).

The FS-61 may not have modern hp/weight numbers but is still very useful. It has nice details in engineering that new engines may be missing--like Bronze Valve Cups and Brass Bushings on the Conrod. This may provide longer life as well as allow possible repair options not doable on plain aluminum surfaces.

The FS-61 is designed to work without exhaust back pressure. Though it does come with the option (see 'Exhausts'). I think it sounds great with just a pipe, my preference btw.

Be sure not to lose the Woodruff Key with its Propeller Drive Washer. I either place my key in a parts bag with the engine or snug the slim Prop Washer/Nut to help prevent the Drive Washer from backing off.

After the engine is run out of fuel, it is is stored with oil throughout. I prefer 3-in1 oil. It is placed in a plastic bag, then in a box, and within an airtight container to prevent rust, water, and storm damage.

Be careful to prevent condensation on parts if taking out of cold storage spaces, such as a basement or a garage in northern climates.
You can do this by...Continue Reading
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If you followed my blog post #5 about native MAVLink telemetry with RadioMaster TX16S, you are aware that we can use the TX16S top USB-C port in MAVLink routing mode to connect to a ground control station, such as Mission Planner or QGroundControl. To recap, I add the connection image from my blog post #5:

Without the modification to the radio hardware, as explained in this post, there is one caveat when using the top USB-C port connected to ground control station. This has to do with the specialty of the internal STM32 microcontroller, as used in most OpenTX radios, and the schematic wiring used. Namely, the main microcontroller of TX16S boots in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode when the USB cable is connected while the radio is powered-up and thus will NOT boot and run the normal OpenTX firmware. You will get a black screen when powering up in DFU mode and no functionality from the radio.

This behavior stems from otherwise a very nice feature of the STM32 microcontroller in the radio that allows it to be flashed without external programming device, even if no bootloader is yet programmed. (This is also the reason, why most OpenTX radios cannot be bricked by user doing something wrong while flashing.) Unfortunately, STM32 DFU paired with the electrical schematic in most OpenTX radios, where the BOOT0 pin hard-wired to VBUS, results in the before mentioned behavior of radio not booting in this situation. The solution is either to disconnect the USB cable from ground...Continue Reading
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As a long time Futaba tray transmitter user, I was used to having additional controls on my sticks, e.g. to control a camera gimbal. After making a jump to OpenTX, got myself TX16S and made a tray modification (see my blog post #7). Nevertheless, I was still missing my old beloved stick controls.

I could not find readily available commercial solution for TX16S, so went the road of customization. Here's the final result:

The trickiest part is to get a hollow shaft into the existing sticks, as they are from solid material with a M4 thread:

I disassembled the TX16S hall sticks and very carefully in a lathe I was able to drill 2.0 mm through-holes into the stick pins:

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Yep Les Amis,
YACINE devient mon Coach officiel ! lol. Cette vidéo devait être, au départ, une review relax et assez courte .. et bien c'est raté, désolé ! 4 sujets vont être abordés, le sujet principal c'est le test, comme promis, de la nouvelle enceinte nomade PA01 de chez BOMAKER. Puissante, autonome et très polyvalente, cette mini sono mobile sera très efficace dans différentes activités, animation, karaoké, coaching etc... Le son et la puissance sont au rendez vous et les possibilités nombreuses. En bref, un produit intéressant à un tarif plutôt raisonnable. 3 autres sujets seront abordés, un concours dans la vidéo, un live en prévision et un petit débat sur le nouveau pack DJI FPV avant de le recevoir pour des tests sur le terrain... Bon Film et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

Bomaker PA01 Enceinte Bluetooth Karaoke Nomade - Review Test Démo - DJI FPV, on en parle ? (54 min 21 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18/20 La puissance nomade, défi FPV !

Pack DJI FPV COMBO en précommande 1072€ avec ces coupon BGAFF10OFF ou BGCuponation10 ou BGhoney2110 :
MASQUE DJI V2 en précommande 490€ (coupon BGfpv30 ) :

- Enceinte BOMAKER (AMAZON.FR) :
- Site BOMAKER sur Amazon :

Qu'est ce que BANGGOOD EXPRESS :

- TABLEAU DES PROMOS ET COUPONS BANGGOOD 2020 RC et ACCESSOIRES (remis à jour quotidiennement, en utilisant ces liens,...Continue Reading
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Yep Les Amis,
Jusqu'à 30mn de vol, c'est ENORME !!! Nous testons aujourd'hui le Crocodile Baby de chez GEPRC. Encore un 4 pouces Mid/Long Range qui à fait son entrée il y a quelques mois dans cette catégorie. Et bien, sans faire de jeu de mot, il va en croquer plus d'un je pense ! lol. Proposé dans toutes les versions possibles, analogique, numérique ou HD (Tarsier), à un tarif très raisonnable, ce petit engin est très polyvalent. Il se défend plutôt bien en Freestyle pour un 4 pouces et il bat tous les records d'autonomie avec 25 à 30mn de vol avec une batterie Li ion de bonne qualité (lien ci-dessus VTC6). Bien tuné d'origine et livré dans une boite remplie d'accessoires importants, c'est le petit engin parfait pour se faire la main, avec, des vols sécurisés (GPS) et un excellent temps de vol même avec une Lipo 850mAh (10mn). En bref, peut être pas le meilleur de la catégorie mais certainement le plus polyvalent dans tous les domaines et le mieux fourni... Bon Film et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

GEPRC Crocodile Baby - Review Test Démo - 4 pouces LongTime / Freestyle (37 min 22 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18.5/20 Fiable et bien équipé !!!

Pack DJI FPV COMBO en précommande 1072€ avec ces coupon BGAFF10OFF ou BGCuponation10 ou BGhoney2110 :
MASQUE DJI V2 en précommande 490€ (coupon BGfpv30 ) :

Coupon Valable sur toutes les version du CroCodile Baby : BGAFF10OFF
- GEPRC Crocodile Baby analogique Ratel : ...Continue Reading
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Being previously a long time Futaba tray radio user and being accustomed to controlling sticks by pinching, I put my TX16S into a tray.

AHLtec offers two tray options for TX16S: a fiberglass and a carbon. I picked the carbon version for optics. And as I was planning to use spatially slightly separated DragonLink, instead of the internal radio MULTI-module, the vicinity to large electrically conductive carbon surfaces was less of a concern for me.

The AHLtec tray comes as a kit and needs to be assembled. It fits TX16S perfectly, the build quality of the carbon parts is excellent. I had to file a bit the mounting holes in the metal braces in order for them to perfectly fit and not damage the thread of the screws during assembly.

...Continue Reading
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The 1st drive in the city was awful. The radio has had growing pains, as it has been driven farther. It 1st started dropping out when near a phone tower. In the city, phone towers are a lot more common & the radio was all over the place. Never had this problem with the higher power 900Mhz radios. The lower power 900Mhz radio is no match for phone towers. It's surprising how frequency hopping made no difference. There's not enough room in the remote for an XBee.

There are other single chip radios besides the MRF49XA/SI4421. Antenna placement is not the best. They're bundled with a lot of other wires. Another idea is creating a phone app to make the spectrum analyzer portable enough to find out what is jamming it.

In the apartment, the spectrum analyzer shows it neatly divided into 9 channels as programmed. It's hard to believe anything could jam out all 9 channels. There are still a few blips when it's off.

Lions aren't very enthused about creating another phone app for test & measurement. Goog has clamped down more & more over the years on what apps are allowed to do. Out of a growing desire to have more control than Goog allows, there's a growing desire to fabricate a portable confuser out of a single board confuser, bare LCD panel, bare keyboard & touchpad. The single board confuser would be standalone inside a brick. The keyboard & monitor would be in a separate clamshell, either connected by wireless to the confuser or some kind of dock, but it wouldn't be transported in 1 piece like a laptop. It would be a 2 piece laptop.
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Hello Everyone,

This is Catherine from QS company.

This is Traxxas ID Charge Lead Set 2S 3S 4S Adapters 3 Adapter Connector.
High-quality charge leads for use with Traxxas ID equipped batteries and chargers. Allows you to charge ID plug equipped batteries with a standard Traxxas style charge lead..Set of 3 leads for use with 2S, 3S and 4S batteries..High-quality silicone wire..

Any question,Please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Best Regards,
Catherine Chen
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