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Posted by brokenspar | Feb 07, 2017 @ 10:34 PM | 7,550 Views
This model was built for the E-36 free flight class. It's a 35 inch span rendition of the venerable Blazer. Simplified construction, brushless E-power and a motor timer define this little beast. Battery is a two-cell 350 ma-hr lipo. Flies nicely after I got the trim sorted out........Continue Reading
Posted by brokenspar | Oct 25, 2014 @ 07:46 AM | 9,524 Views
I built this Goldberg 1/2A Blazer in the summer of 1974 and flew it many times as a glow-powered free flight. After over 40 years of storage, the old girl was getting a bit tattered.

I stripped off the old silkspan tissue with acetone to reveal the badly warped structure. Reinforced things with gussets and a bit of carbon fiber at the center section joint, covered the fuselage with silk and shot on a coat of automotive primer as filler. Recovered the wings with heavy grade tissue and brushed on a coat of nitrate dope. Increased the fin area by 50% on the advice of others here on the forum (thanks Franny) and shot the fuselage and fin with Krylon flat white.

Motor is a Chinese brushless and battery is a 750 ma-hr 2-cell lipo.