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Posted by phil alvirez | Sep 22, 2018 @ 04:31 PM | 17,656 Views
i fly gliders with the purpose of catching thermals. no competition. just thermaling. some times birds are into same thermal and we fly together for a while.
i enjoy enormously doing so. and i wonder what would the birds think or feel when thermaling? they seem to be enjoying it a lot, otherwise wouldnt be doing it. some do it for gaining height and then head into the direction where they want to go. others to seek for prey or dead animals to feed on.
but others dont seem to go anywhere... just stay there seemingly forever.
as a matter of fact, when thermaling, i feel as if i were the plane. i am flying! and is an exhilarating experience to me. if you fly for thermal you understand (if not, you wont . ) all those birds that thermal...seems to me that it is the reason for them to be. and albatross, that spend all day, day after day soaring...i wish i were a bird that flies into thermals. wouldnt you?
Posted by phil alvirez | Sep 10, 2018 @ 02:55 AM | 19,113 Views
drive a car like a model airplane: by joystick!
and, as we drive in 2 dimensions, all is done with 1 hand.
and if you are left handed, drive it from the right hand seat.
when are the cars going to be available like this as an option?
i would get it as soon as it is available-as long as it is not more expensive. it shouldnt. should be cheaper as is easier to make. just think about it!
wouldnt you?
sadly, the problem that this may face is the resistance to change, as people is used to steering wheel.
what do you think?
the industry is increasing their use. see:
people used to resist safety belts:
and also made fun of me when i installed them in my car!
Posted by phil alvirez | Sep 03, 2018 @ 02:14 AM | 17,682 Views
after many radios and attempts to catch up, i have awaken to the fact that if you dont sit down and seriously consider what you want, is more likely that will stay on the roller coaster of the manufacturers/sellers of radios and electronics and keep buying their latest release-even if you dont need it (or cant use it!).
it has happened to me. i have so many radios that i will never use because i just wanted that new feature or promise that this new thing will solve my problem and at the end of the day, programming it was a headache and couldnt make it work. the 'experts' advice is useless because, or they really dont give a hut, dont give it, or is intended for some with a masters degree on radio electronics for wizzards on models-that i am not. and also that those 'experts' never get tired of talking me down as i were retarded. and manuals dont explain in detail all the steps to accomplish the goal. as exceptions, there are a few real experts that provide great help, but rarely all the details, and the multitude of devices that supposedly help to get something just make life even more complicated.
if you find yourself in this predicament, you understand my point of view. but if you are an expert in electronics, with many years of full training on all these issues, you will not. we are 2 completely different groups as far from each other as if we were from a far away galaxy. something like those from "3rd rock from the sun". if you have watched the show you will understand.
so here we are: keep buying any release, or stop buying that new gimmick that promises the solution to your situation and awake to the fact that you are hooked to the never ending craze of consumerism created by sellers. your choice.
besides...after all, i have everything i need for doing what i want!