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Posted by phil alvirez | Dec 21, 2015 @ 03:24 PM | 8,885 Views
today i was sent this and tried it. how about you?
it could be good to improve your reactions when flying your plane.

Posted by phil alvirez | Dec 20, 2015 @ 02:05 PM | 9,093 Views
those were the days!
i was getting memories of my early days (about 5 years old) when we lived downtown in a 1 level apartments building that had gates so only the residents children could play around. there was a paved street, with sidewalks, and i rode around on my tricycle. there was a fountain with white and blue tiles and 4 frogs that were spitting water, and some gold fish too. the house had a patio layed with bricks and a trellis with a pink bougainvillea and at night there were trains of assorted colors (worms that glow at dark like fireflies) and sometimes fireflies too. there was another patio at the back where my mother washed the cloths and used the same tin tub, that she filled with water so the sun warmed it up for me to bath in the afternoon. i just got in and played with my rubber ducklin and she sung sons to me when she bathed me. 1 of them was about swallows, that came in spring and left in fall, and everytime i cried and the tears ran all over my face and body to the water. whenever i asked her to sing it she said that i cried and i said that i liked it anyway. memories that have enhanced my life...
Posted by phil alvirez | Dec 20, 2015 @ 01:26 PM | 8,997 Views
i started a thread on the modeling science forum about a new adhesive that could revolutionize assemblying and repairing models.
see it there and bring ideas and links if you can.
Posted by phil alvirez | Dec 12, 2015 @ 07:00 PM | 9,108 Views
from the beginning, i always have placed a sticker with my name, address and phone on every plane.
for those who don't believe it works, i can tell you that, well,sometimes it does. maybe rarely, but it is worth doing it.
from my years of free flight, to these years of radio control.
last year i lost a 2 meters sailplane in the fog, and 2 months later a farmer driving his tractor to our field brought it back. i thanked him and later checked the plane. as it was exposed to the elements for so long, and as it crashed and the wing split and the covering lifted, water got all inside. the only thing i could salvage was the spinner, prop, and motor.
then about 2 months ago i lost another (my best) sailplane, this time due to running out of power. i was so deep into thermalling that by the time i noticed something was wrong it was too late. am not sure if i didn't feel the vibrations of the low volts alarm due to the excitement of thermalling, but when i stood up (i was lying on the grass for about 45minutes) and tried to see it again, it was gone.
searched but to no avail. then 5 weeks later a phone call from a nice fellow brough it back, this time in not so bad shape. extensive repairs after drying it out, was ready for the next window in the weather. and this happened today. it flew as well as before. great satisfaction to see it flying again. so, sometimes miracles happen.
post your name and phone on every plane you own.
you never know...