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Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 28, 2015 @ 09:36 AM | 7,347 Views
i remember the days before i had access to the internet. whenever i needed some data or product, i had to write a letter, mail it, and wait for the answer or the shipment. it took at least 2 weeks.
then i got a computer and now i just click a few words asking for something, or search for it and i get it right there of after a few hours or days. or order something and pay paypal and is shipped to me and i get in a couple or weeks. it has accelerated my learning astronomically. no long waiting times. the only problem is getting the data in a clear way. so there are several possibilities: sometimes there is no data; others the manuals are written in chinglish. then could be that even in good english, it is not easy to understand, and then sometimes is clear. and no matter what, if in doubt, we may enter whatever forum and request some explanation, and most times we get it in short time.
wonderful times of change.
Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 26, 2015 @ 09:35 AM | 6,065 Views
just to remember that children listen, even when asleep, comes this funny episode:
i was talking to my daughter in law at the kitchen table, and my grandaughter was there too, apparently reading a book, when the conversation drifted towards cats, as they were considering bringing a cat for their daughter (which they eventually did), so i was explaining to my daughter in law about the retractable claws, and i said that also lyons and tigers had them, when my grandaughter snapped: 'lyons and tigers and bears, oh my!' as Dorothy in 'the wizard of oz' said. so she was listening all while reading. we laughed for a long time. she was so sharp!