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Posted by phil alvirez | Oct 13, 2009 @ 02:21 PM | 19,409 Views
3 june 2010: am adding 2 shots: 1 of my most recent stick-and-tissue (well, it is plastic covering that looks like tissue), and another of 1 of my greatest experiences of my life. more details follow.
These shots are of me and some of my models. The place where i fly is a grass field, managed by the Sun Parlor Club of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and is at about 30 minutes from home and the border to Detroit. I fly electrics only, at dawn, summer or winter, as long as there is no wind, or just a breeze. The plane that am holding is the Elf 1E, of 48" span, about 14 oz (400gr), with a Scorpion 28mm OD motor. The planes behind me are the 36" Elf by my shoulder,with a 22mm motor, the 48" Elf, and a 4ch, 32" low winger that I called the Gremlin, powered by a Park 250. The next photo shows the Talisman (yellow wing and tail), 24", 5oz, Park 180, and next photo is the Tramontano (red wing and tail), 30", 8oz (240gr), with a 22mm motor and folding prop.
5 june 2010: the plane with the red fuselage is the Aurora Boreal, 24"ws, my most recent design for stick-and-tissue style. it is basically a nostalgia free flight design, with radio gear. the challenge here was to try to develop an airplane with deep undercambered airfoil, that could manage wind-and it succeeded. the airfoil is 10% with 5% camber, sharp leading edge,and is very stable even in wind, and is fast (to my standards), with a flat glide.
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