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Posted by ummagawd | Dec 12, 2014 @ 03:02 PM | 14,473 Views
Just got a GoPro 4... and flying it on frames where it's exposed scares me

So I set to somehow retrofit the gopro cage of the Blackout 330 frame onto a <300mm sized frame. I stumbled upon and saw this Go Mini V2.0 frame. And I thought.... perfect! If this flies the way I'm hoping it does... then I plan to make some changes to the design to suite my own needs

So I decided to go with white and in G10. I skipped carbon fiber because I couldn't find anyone to cut it (at least not for any cost that I wanted to pay).

Frame = Untested Prototype - Go Mini V2.0
Motors = Sunnysky X2207-2100kv
ESCs = KISS 18a
Props = HQ 6045
VTX = ImmersionRC 600mw
FPV Cam = Sony 800tvl Effio-V
FC = Naze32 Acro (Cleanflight)

Arms being cut

Frame pieces

Start with dirty section
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Posted by ummagawd | Nov 09, 2013 @ 03:44 AM | 16,366 Views
After having crazy amounts of fun with my mini h-quad... I decided to step it up and see what "big quad" flying is all about. Here's what I ended up with:

ADS400q (Gaui Arms)
Sunny X22126-1250kv
Afro ESCs 30a
Acro Naze32 (whatever the latest FW was as of today)
Immersion 600mw 5.8
Sony Super CCD 600 tvl FPV cam
Mobius ActionCam (Standard Lens)
HawkEye 1w UHF (openLRSng 3.2.1 FW) with a IBCrazy semi-rigid dipole
DTFUHF rx with an FPV-Plastics inverted Vee

So here's what I started with:

Started with the easy stuff... arms and motors:

Next were the ESCs. You might notice that they're upside down (label side down). Reason being is that these ESCs have LEDs on them. I don't know what the LED's mean, but i figure it might be useful to be able to see them one day... Installed the PDB inside and basically cut all ESC power wires to exact length.
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Posted by ummagawd | Sep 17, 2013 @ 01:50 PM | 16,169 Views
I was fortunate enough to get one of these cool little guys built by the man himself!!

Here's my "built and tested by Blackout" mini quad:

Motors: Tiger MT1306-10 3100kv - motor mounts accept 12-16mm M2 motor holes
Prop: 5x3 2 Blade GemFan
ESC: HK ESC 12amp – SimonK
Battery: 2S 1500mah 35C/70C Nanotech
FC: Acro Naze32
Receiver: FrSky D4R-II receiver – decased, 8 channel CPPM mode, tiny!
FPV Camera: SONY Super HAD CCD 600TVL D-WDR DNR Board Camera w/ 2.8mm lens (115 degree FOV) - built in camera mount accepts any 32mm x 32mm board camera
HD Camera: Mobius Action Camera
Video Transmitter: ImmersionRC 600mw Video Transmitter
Antenna: ImmersionRC SpiroNet
Voltage Regulator: Pololu Adjustable Boost Regulator 4-25V - for the 12v camera

1500mah 35/70C
AUW is 361 grams
AUW with 808 #16 Camera is 388 grams
AUW with Mobius Action Camera is 408 grams

So the only component different from blackouts own build is the FC, where he's using CC3D, i decided to use a new acro naze32 i had laying around.

First was to solder up the naze32... i only need 4 motor pins, with only one of them needing the power and ground... so I put a 3 angle pin for motor #4 (since ESC #4 is the only ESC with the power and gnd wires still connected). I then put a row of 3 angled pins for the rest of the motors. This makes for an easy connection since i plug in motor #4 in, and the other 3 signal wires go into another 3pin servo connector. So to pull the motors off, it's just 2 plugs ...Continue Reading
Posted by ummagawd | Sep 13, 2013 @ 07:38 PM | 15,192 Views
Despite the bad blood behind the business aspect, I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these cool frames. (TeamRSF)

Hardware List:
TeamRSF 330mm G10 frame
SunnySky x2212-9 1400kv ii motors
Turnigy SF 8047 props
Hobbyking Blue Series 30a ESCs (simonized)
Flip Pro for the FC
lemon satRx for my RX
abusemark PDB
Titanium hardware

Started with an abusemark PDB in which the circle of solder pads happen to be the EXACT same size as the cutout in the middle of the frame. So I cut all ESC power wires to length.

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