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Hi. My name is Wilda and I am Nick's wife. I am writing on Nick's blog to let you know that Nick passed away last Tuesday, on April 15th. He fought his cancer for a long time, while still managing to enjoy his hobbies of flying and designing rc aircraft. He thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this group and I couldn't help but be drawn into his enthusiasm for the sport myself! I know that the rc world has had a great loss with his passing, but I also know that Nick enjoyed this group, as well as his life, to the fullest and for that I am truly grateful to you all.
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Me and my Dad with his designed Bantam II from the old National Competition Fun Fly Association days.
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Flying My Outlaw (1 min 38 sec)

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Flying 2 Fight Cancer

I was more than touched by Mike Castillo and his Flying 2 Fight Cancer fund raising. I think that a young man, with his own young family, who takes the initiative to start up a project like this one, has the kind of characteristics that I, for one, admire greatly. He started this organization after seeing other children (not his own!) struggle through their cancers, enduring all the things that children should not have to go through. I can tell you from my own experience that it is tough as hell going through it as an adult so I can't imagine how these kids manage during their treatments. Yet you see them with fighting spirits, and, thanks to people like Mike and the F2FC organization, they have wishes and hopes and even smiles on their faces!
I have a Stage IV cancer that is terminal. I have lived my life previously unbound and have done things most people only dream about. So I'm good but to see a child battling this disease is hard. So that's why I'm joining forces with Mike for awhile to help him raise some money. I spoke with Mike on the phone and his sincerity and determination is contagious. He gives hope. I'm gonna try and add some too.
I will be posting some items for sale. I will sell these items and donate the proceeds to his organization. I'll pay the cost of shipping it directly to you, and you just pay Mike directly. Please PM me as well when you post a reply so I can give you his PayPal info. Once Mike is paid I will ship out.

You might be unaware of whats Mike's doing if so you can read the post below.
Take Care,
Nick Neville III

A Cancer patient gets his first plane picture below.
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She leaned on her Eagle Vector RC. Its a Bald Eagle with a RC Vector Unit. It has a 10 foot wingspan and always draws a crowd when she flys it.
Wilda Neville Flying her RC Eagle (1 min 36 sec)

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Flying My Dad's Mud Duck
Mud Duck (2 min 48 sec)

Flying My Outlaw
Flying My Outlaw (1 min 38 sec)
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AristoCat 1965