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Posted by KC BRAUN | Jul 04, 2015 @ 09:18 PM | 4,661 Views
I have a Dream Flight Weasel as well a Libelle so when I saw the video of the Alula Trek, how can you resist? The plane is very precise for foam and the design is top notch. I started by masking off the wing and tail for paint. I used purple acrylic cause its lite and cheap! I thinned it out and shot it with a hvlp gun. After it dried I striped it and sprayed clear acrylic matte over the paint and stripe tape. That sealed it all together to hopefully resist paint scrapes and add a little strength to the leading edge. It came out lite, 6.5 oz ready to fly with the stock battery in it. It only took 8 grams of lead to balance as well, nice! There's an area for ballast just behind the wing connecting rod. I cut an ounce of lead that fits in sweet. It's easy to pack as designed. Used a 4 channel spectrum receiver. Can't wait to fly it!
Posted by KC BRAUN | Apr 21, 2015 @ 10:10 PM | 5,041 Views
I got a typhoon off our classifieds, slope version in carbon fiber. I have started the build, started with the wings. The linkage needs a lot of massaging to get the throws smooth and bind free. Epoxied the servos into plastic trays so I can remove or replace wing servos. The date in the wing was 2009 from RCRCM. I am using Hyperion DS09 servos throughout. Nice small servo, so far they seem tight. I want to fit a Spectrum receiver in that will allow telemetry. I want battery voltage reading to my transmitter. Tonight I cut out the servo area of the fuse and built a plywood servo tray. I dropper the tray down to align the servos with the pushrods. I used double sided tape to stick the servos together, Everything fits tight and is aligned correctly. Over the weekend I cut the carbon push rods, glued in the rods and got it all aligned correctly. Next I had a stripped a Hyperion servo so I received an airtronics 802 servo to take its place on the elevator. Runs nice, had to file the fuse for full throw with servo at @ 150%. I Ordered brass and aluminium rod, cut and polished it up and now I have a ballast set for 30 bucks....Continue Reading
Posted by KC BRAUN | Mar 11, 2015 @ 08:52 PM | 6,250 Views
I wanted to post some pics of a Hobie Hawk restore. This plane had both wings broken and repaired. I ground off a lot of excess epoxy and got the wings lightened and balanced. I painted the wing cores white as I worked on them, and sanded for hours, both electric and hand. The fuse had a crack repaired, but that was rough. I sanded the wavy outside fuse way down and glassed the inside of the fuse with current materials. The canopy is glass, so its primed and painted. Next the radio gear goes in.........Continue Reading