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Posted by koppterX | Feb 03, 2011 @ 10:16 AM | 5,203 Views
not sure what brought you here, but if you are interested, i fly both helis and fixed wing. fixed wing is mostly giant scale, primarily aerobatic. I have a couple foamies, an Eflite t 28 and a Viper. Helis are micros with one mini, blade mostly, a 230, two 270s, and a 360cfx. latest edition is an align 470. radios are all spektrum. engines I have are DA or DLE, with one Evo 62 for the 60cc Mustang. My largest is a 47% Decathlon with a DLE 222, four cylinder. yes, she's a beast! Included in the bunch is a 33% pawnee tow plane powered by a DLE 111, and a 4.3 ASW 27 and ASH 26 6 meter glider, which is my love of aerotowing. I am a member of OCMA, PVMAC, and Hemet Model Masters.