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Posted by fieliep | Oct 18, 2015 @ 06:58 AM | 217,689 Views
Bailout options flying LOS
(Headfree mode - Mullet/Naze32 - Cleanflight - Armattan 258)

Bailout options flying LOS (Headfree mode - naze32 Cleanflight - Armattan 258 (8 min 7 sec)

Other video Cleanflight setup headfree mode:
Cleanflight Headfree mode setup (5 min 30 sec)
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Posted by fieliep | Jun 27, 2015 @ 03:33 PM | 12,210 Views
Cleanflight Boris B style - SETTINGS UPDATED 27th JUNE 2015


Thx a lot Boris B and of course Dominic and all the other contributors to Cleanflight!!!!


Today it was tuning day again!
After reading numerous raving posts on PID controller one I've decided to give this one a new try.
Since starting tuning a few months ago my tuning skills improved so I considered it worthwhile.
I wasnít disappointed. This setup works great for acro in rate mode. It also works well in horizon mode.
Though I donít use horizon this myself a lot. Angle mode works great as a bailout option.
I've also tried to 'copy' the feel of the BoP style from PID controller 3.

Why is this such a great improvement?
From what I understand (Iím no expert in programming Ė just my interpretation/observations!)
the filtering that Boris B introduced allows for higher D settings and gives less oscillation.
Higher D settings seems to make stopping at sharp turns and after flips and rolls more abrupt.
This works great in combination with active braking. Even in windy conditions these settings
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Posted by fieliep | Mar 15, 2015 @ 05:58 AM | 17,891 Views
In this blog you can find the settings I use on my Armattan CF258
It's the stock setup from Chris with Tmotors 1800Kv

I came from a KK2.1.5 and ordered a Mullet Acro from Chris from Armattan Quads.
I jumped right into Cleanflight and skipped baseflight.
It was all new to me anyway

Nowadays when you order at Chris / Armattan.
His ESC's have motorbraking / damping light enabled.
And the ES's are able to run oneshot in Cleanflight.
I have flashed my ESC's to be able to run these as well.

You'll find my most recent settings in this blog.
I'm still testing and improving the tuning of the CF258.
I'll update this blog when I've found better settings on regular basis.
Feedback, any suggestions or better working values are much appreciated!

Cleanflight settings Armattan CF258 - Boris B style PID controller 1


Cleanflight version: 1.9.0 - SETTINGS UPDATED 13th JUNE 2015


> Flashed ESC’s with SimonK firmware version 2015-04-19
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Posted by fieliep | Jan 21, 2015 @ 03:03 PM | 8,459 Views
I came across this great list with practices for multirotor flying.

You can find the original complete blog (highly recommended) at:

Batfire thank you very much for this nice piece of information to help us newby's out.

This is the practice list

Basic Multicopter Maneuvers

Rear of quadcopter facing you in Hover.
Visualize a box for these maneuvers or mark on out on ground for practice.
Hover from 2 points side by side.
Hover from 2 points front to back
Hover in a box formation
Hover in a triangle formation
Rotate quadcopter nose left and nose right in one spot
Sideways hover from 2 points side by side
Sideways hover from 2 points front to back.
Sideways hover in a box formation
Sideways hover in a triangle formation (remember, do both directions)
Slow forward flight in circle around pilot (Pilot rotates to face quadcopter)
Slow forward flight as above but stopping & restarting every 1/4 rotation
Travel Side to side, pointing nose in direction of travel
Slow flat figure 8 maneuver only after very confident with above maneuvers.

Optional before advancing to full forward flight (but HIGHLY recommended)
These maneuvers are Front of quadcopter facing you.

Rotate to nose in and back, hold as long as you can then rotate to tail in or sideways.
Nose in Hover one spot
Nose in Hover 2 points side by side
Nose in Hover 2 points front to back
Nose in Hover in a box formation.
Nose in Hover in a triangle formation
Slow rotating hover, keep quadcopter in one spot using yaw only


Thx again Batfire, much appreciated!


Very interesting lessons to improve bank turns & figure 8's from youtuber Painless360.
(lesson 5 & 6 start at 14min12sec)
RC Basics: Learning to fly a multirotor (23 min 14 sec)

Posted by fieliep | Oct 28, 2014 @ 05:27 AM | 7,113 Views
For interested other newbies like me.
Are you trying to figure out what to order?
Underneath you'll find my final shopping list.
I used this when ordering my first real quad: an Armattan CF258
(upgrading from the Hubsan X4 miniquad)

Feel free to ask me any 'easy' startup-questions or the reasons why I chose for this configuration!
The more experienced guys will definitely follow up on my beginners-thoughts and this helps.
Cause I've experienced it's a lot of work to find out what you need.
And what you need all those things for in the beginning.
I've got a lot of help here and like to give back to this nice community.

I'll update this list on a regular basis when I find out things are missing.


>>> TO BUY @ ARMATTAN's / Chris <<<
Armattan CF 258 - KK2.1.5 board - new 2208 T-Motors** - XT60 connectors
6x Receiver cables (5 + 1 spare)
Clear Laser Cut Top Plate

**You could probably go for the new OEM motors from Chris now as they are also capable of running 4S:

>>> SPARE PARTS - TO BUY @ ARMATTAN's / Chris <<<
1X Spare Motors**
4X Spare landing skids
2X Spare standoff set KK2.1.5 board
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