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Posted by RC4YFPV | Jun 16, 2013 @ 11:27 PM | 11,872 Views
the most popular FPV ariplane --skywalker X8 wing EPO

Top 2:Still from Skywalker company ---- New skywalker 1900 mm wing carbon fiber tail version

Skywalker 1900 mm wing epo version
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Posted by RC4YFPV | May 21, 2013 @ 11:37 PM | 10,608 Views
CYCLOPS STORM OSD V1.03-1.04 manual
you can buy from http://www.rc4y.com/the-latest-versi...osd-p-524.html

Thanks for buying and using CYCLOPS OSD series products, please read this
manual carefully before use.

Installation of connections

Important: select Jumper instructions: 1, 2 short circuit for
using power batteries(which must be 12V, or 3S Lipo batteries); remove the
jumper cap, and connect 2 and 3 to power up OSD and wireless video equipments
separately with additional 12V power supply. When mounting OSD main board to
the aircraft, please check whether the position is installed correctly, namely
the nose of the small white plane design on the main board points to the
direction of the aerial carrier's nose.

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Posted by RC4YFPV | Oct 17, 2012 @ 09:54 AM | 10,479 Views
How to build the Skywalker X-5 EPO for FPV? This time,I will teach you to install the skywalker x5 wing.
Skywalker X-5 Fly wing for FPV

X-5 fly wing is a small sized FPV aircraft, but it has enough lift area to carry DC or gopro. It is suitable for cruising at a speed of 60KM/H. It also has a relatively spacious cabin and is convenient to carry around. The installation is very simple. Look at its accessories and installation instructions below .

Parts in the accessories bag: 1 glue , 2 steel tie rods, 2 extension cords , 2 rudder horns and quick connector. And 4 fixed screws for motor and 2 for hatch cover.

First disconnect the winglets
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