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Posted by Moonbeam | Dec 25, 2014 @ 01:21 AM | 45,069 Views
I've posted the story all over the threads for the FMS P-51s, but I never did blog about it or show pics in my blog of my newest P-51B. Instead of typing it all over again, here's the story I wrote up for the AMA magazine. Hopefully they publish it.

An RC "Flying Tribute" to our HEROES

To some of us who fly RC warbirds it's more than just because they look cool. It's because they are functioning replicas of history. And sadly with each passing year we lose more of our veterans. To one particular group of RC enthusiasts it has become their mission to share that history and keep the memory of our veterans alive. On October 11th, 2014 they got to achieve their greatest mission ever, performing a "Flying Tribute" to a special group of WWII veterans, the members of the 352nd FG.

The 352nd FG, known as "The Bluenosed Bastards of Bodney", were the youngest group of the 8th AF. Not in age, but in experience. Still they managed to produce 29 aces, flew 420 missions amassing 59,387 operational combat hours, and destroying 776 enemy aircraft. They also had the highest scoring Mustang ace of all time, Maj. George E. Preddy, who on one mission shot down 6 enemy aircraft in 5 minutes. More on the achievements of the 352nd FG can be found at:

The veterans and members of the 352nd FG Association held their 2014 reunion in Huntsville, AL this past October. Due to the expenses of having...Continue Reading
Posted by Moonbeam | Nov 28, 2014 @ 02:11 AM | 44,541 Views
Wow!!!! It's been just over a year since I blogged here. Since this year is winding down and I don't see a whole lot of good flying days coming up in the next month, I'll go ahead and recap the year. Sooooo much to tell. Great things both on the home front and in RC. I'll keep the home front stuff short since this is after all, an RC blog!!!!

Our great 2014 actually started early December 2013. We got the Honda Odyssey we wanted, great for road trips, can haul plenty of planes!! My son Charles turned 1 in January, meaning we kept our 2nd child alive for another year!! He'll be 2 in a month and a half. Our daughter got in the charter school we were hoping to get her in. Very highly rated school, and they draw names from a lottery. There were only 60 slots available for Kindergarten, and 189 applicants. 23 spots were already taken for siblings (if you have a child attending already, siblings get priority on next available slots). We got the 39th spot!!! Vivian was excited!! And she's been doing extremely well too!!! Wife got a new and much better job. Got a new riding mower, now I can do the whole property in half the time. Played a gig with a RUSH tribute band back in August around my birthday. Went to Myrtle Beach twice. Got a new PC and new cell phones and switched services all in the same week!!!

That's pretty much it for the home front. Now on to the RC stuff this year!!!

Last year it was the "Year of Aircraft Acquisition",...Continue Reading
Posted by Moonbeam | Nov 18, 2013 @ 01:16 AM | 45,644 Views
I haven't blogged in a while, and with an amazing year winding down, it's time! I think I got more new aircraft this year than the last two combined.

This year started with the birth of my son Charles Gabriel Rinehart on Jan. 15th. What a super kid!! When you already have one awesome kid, you expect the second one to be the "hellion" of the family. Not in this case! He's even more mellow and smiles all the time. Although changing his diaper is like putting pants on a live trout, but it can be done.

About a week later I got the E-Flite Hurricane, and sure it had it's bad points, but all were correctable and now I have an awesome flying machine! This plane was my first introduction to bigger warbirds, and I immediately fell in love with the size. In February I took a leap forward into my latest venture.... helicopters. I picked up a Blade 450 3D, and it's a blast!!! Very challenging, and a whole different animal compared to planes, but very rewarding and exciting.

In April it was off to SEFF. I saved my PZ P-47 from a brown-out (discovered to be a bad Rx that claimed another plane two months later), on the first flight of the visit. During SEFF I picked up a Heli-Max 1SQ quad that has been a blast to fly around the house, and I also got an early birthday present... a 1400mm FMS P-51D!!! My second "larger" scale warbird. What a masterpiece of a plane. It too is not without it's little issues, but experience and a willingness to tinker can turn it...Continue Reading
Posted by Moonbeam | Jan 18, 2010 @ 01:26 AM | 49,197 Views
Sometimes with all the projects going on in my hanger, it becomes much like a 3 ring circus. When that happens..... I call in the ring leader!!! (My daughter Vivian)
Posted by Moonbeam | Aug 03, 2009 @ 01:26 AM | 49,928 Views
Welcome to the barn "Gunfighter"!!

This inexpensive Park Zone brushless P-51 ($160), is just an absolute dream to fly. I've flown much bigger, fancier, more expensive planes, and this little bird beats them all.

Rock solid stabillity, scale speed, durable construction. Got it for my (early), birthday present this past Saturday night. Took it out Sunday afternoon and put 6 really good flights on her.

Gonna go check the weather for tomorrow. Cya!!!
Posted by Moonbeam | Jul 24, 2009 @ 01:22 AM | 49,800 Views
TEST. Checking to see if PC would upload pics. Was having trouble with it earlier. All good.
Posted by Moonbeam | May 23, 2009 @ 08:42 PM | 49,712 Views
Here she is!!!!!!

Vivian Van Wyck Rinehart, born May 17th, 2009 at 8:20pm EST.

7lbs. 5.5oz., 19" long.

So I'm getting ready to go to Sam Ash music store in Atlanta, GA. They were gracious enough to let me hold my drum students recitals there. At the start there was going to be 12 students performing. Then 8, then 6. Then Sunday morning 2 more call to say they have soccer & baseball games that got "rain day scheduled" for the exact time as the recitals. So...... only 4 now.
I'm a bit ticked at this point as Sam Ash went out of their way to set up the drum kit, tables, and chairs, and now only 4 students were going to show up. My wife was getting around to come with me, and as I walked in to check her progress, I told her the news. She then replies, "Well, I hate to do this to you, but my water just broke!"

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Crap!!! Get the bags!!! Call off the recitals!!!! Call the doctor!!!......... relax, relax, relax!!!!

This all happened at 12:10pm. By 8:20pm, we were parents!!!!

Currently she has a bit of jaundice, but it's getting better.
Posted by Moonbeam | Apr 14, 2009 @ 12:20 PM | 50,953 Views
6mm FlyRC F-15C (depron foam) markings of the one I crew chiefed in the US Air Force. (100 flights. Retired)

Parkzone (Frankie) P-51D markings of 487th FS, 352nd FG, ACE Capt. Bill Whisner's P-51D. (56 flights. Donated to Special needs facility.)

Parkzone (Gunfighter) BL BNF P-51D markings of 487th FS, 352nd FG, ACE Capt. Bill Whisner's P-51D. (61 Flights. Active)

Parkzone (Gunfighter) BL BNF P-51D markings of 486th FS, 352nd FG, ACE Capt. Ed Heller's P-51D (107 Crash-Free Flights. Crashed on flt. #108 failed elevator servo. KIA)

Parkzone (Gunfighter) BL BNF P-51B markings of 328th FS, 352nd FG, Lt. Robert "Punchy" Powell's P-51B (56 Flights. Active)

Electrifly Ultimate 3D ARF Biplane. Named after my wife's nickname. Super Goober 1 was a Fliton Extra 260. (Both have been Sold)

GWS Slow Stick. Re-Winged (due to aging), and painted in 4th FG-ish markings. (200+ Flights. Active)

Great Planes Combat Corsair (converted to electric) markings of Lt. Dean Caswell of VMF-221, Bunker Hill carrier. (9 Flights. Sold)

Used Scratch Build of a GP Big Stick 40. I recovered it in Thunderbirds style color scheme and installed a brand new Magnum 46 XLS engine. Named after my daughter. (7 Flights. Sold)

Parkzone P-47 in the markings of Maj. George "Max" Lamb of the 356th FS, 354th FG. (Ace). I liked the unique markings of this squadron and how it looked on a P-47. This plane has retracts, flaps, and custom built scale bomb racks...Continue Reading
Posted by Moonbeam | Feb 12, 2009 @ 04:27 AM | 50,138 Views
Everything is working now, except the Fliton is still in the hanger until I feel like fixing it. A couple of good rainy days should get me in the mood to build it back up. In the mean time, my new Electrifly Ultimate is serving me VERY well. I've only done the maiden flight on it so far, but WOW! This thing is super stable & smooth. Can't wait to take it out again. This bird will definitely be going to SEFF with me, good fortune permitting!

Here's some pics of it. "Super Goober" is my wife's nickname. The Fliton 260 was the original Super Goober in my fleet, so this one being the replacement, is "Super Goober 2".
Posted by Moonbeam | Feb 01, 2009 @ 11:00 PM | 50,146 Views
Howdy All!!
I haven't done a blog here, so what the heck, here goes. Yesterday, Saturday the 31st of Jan.) was NOT a great day at the field. I haven't flown in 2 months because of Holidays, crappy weather, schedules, etc. Last time I flew, my poor little Fliton Extra 260 mini ARF bit the dust. On take off it suddenly pitched straight up and the motor quit. And she stalled nose in on the paved runway. Fortunately none of the gear, including the motor, suffered any damage! I was due for a crash. I haven't had anything worse than ripped off landing gear in almost 9 months. My friends were crashing plenty, so it's only fair it was my turn.
Well, so 1 of my 4 planes was toast. I didn't expect Saturday to be the completion of my share of wrecks but it was. Mostly minor. My lil Hacker Reno Racer must have had a battery issue. I charged everything the night before, but don't have a tester to check the juice. It seemed under powered on launch, and dove for the ground. I pulled it out just in time to slide across the paved runway and strip the aileron servo. My F-15 had a hard flop too. Missed the grass and smacked the runway cracking the foam around the motor mount stick. A little 5 minute epoxy fixed that.
The heart breaker was my Park Zone P-51. I've changed out the gear to better electronics and gave it a custom paint job. It had 39 flights without a single mishap. Then on approach for landing I misjudged my alt and distance. I thought, "yeah I'm clear of the small pine trees." But I was just behind one lil ole tree that had about a foot more height than I expected. Whap!! Caught it with the right wing and ripped the wing off. Already have a new one being painted. That was the only damage to it.
So all in all, it wasn't a really bad day. Could have been worse!!

I now also have an Electrifly Ultimate Bi Plane on the way. Will be here on Wednesday. I plan to bring my only four flying planes to SEFF 2009. Should be a blast!!!!