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Posted by Adrian A | Jun 11, 2011 @ 12:16 AM | 4,010 Views
I recently bought a Reichard Maxx and all the trimmings from Hobby Club.

There are some good things to tell about the experience, but other things that Hobby Club did crossed a line for me that make me think others would benefit from knowing what to expect from them. After being ticked off earlier, I think I'm cooled off enough to describe the events objectively:

I ordered the Maxx + 6 servos deal from their site on April 26. I also bought a scorpion motor, scorpion ESC, spinner, prop, and 2 batteries so that I would have everything I needed to complete the plane. There were no indications that anything was out of stock. I was expecting everything to arrive within a week or so.

Within hours of placing the order, I got an email stating that the Maxx was out of stock, but would be available in 7-10 days. No problem, I thought. I have a bunch of work travel coming up and it will be there when I get back. There was no indication that anything else was out of stock. My work travel got delayed, and when I got back and ready to assemble the plane, it was late May. I called Alberto on or around Tuesday May 24, and asked what was up with the order, since it had been a month. I was planning to cancel the order if it wasn't shipping imminently, since Esprit was still showing some Maxx planes in stock. Alberto said that he got the Maxx planes in last Friday, and he would ship it out priority mail, so I'd get it in time for the Memorial Day weekend. O.k. That...Continue Reading