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Flashhobby Gimbal Motor for your information
#uav #motor #drones #Gimbal #fixedwing #gimbalmotor #FPV #CameraStabilizer #mechanicalArm #robot #stroller #ElectricBicycle #flashhobby
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Still a long way from being done, but another long day yielded a chevroned exit nozzle from pure equations.

Freecad is so limited, it's definitely not up to this task. An off the shelf motor encoder would eliminate 1 quagmire, but the boundary sensor would remane.

The mane limitations today were no booleans with part containers, no ability to change the contents of a boolean, no ability to create fusions with just 1 object, trying to rotate the view causes translation to glitch. You can change the contents of a fusion inside a boolean, but not create a fusion with 1 object as a placeholder. It can create booleans with compounds.

1 way to work around the limitations might be to create placeholders for different modules to figure out the alignments & use those to make detailed models in another file. The aligment of the motor requires everything to be assembled in a single file.

The mane limitation in 3D printing isn't the printer but the CAD software & the CAD skills of the operator. You're not going to fully exploit 3D printing with freecad or without some advanced scripting. Most people 3D print scans of something someone else made or 2D enclosures they could make from wood.
Posted by jmxp69 | Sep 06, 2020 @ 08:56 PM | 5,992 Views
I upgraded the motor in the Volantex Saber 920 to a Leopard 2830 1290Kv and took it for a spin:
Volantex Saber 920 Leopard Motor Upgrade • Plus: Rankings Revealed for the Basher 3D Planes (12 min 21 sec)

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Here at last ( A Sbus Rx )

I purchased the LDARC 450x wing with the flight control board BNF version ...
Just plug in a Rx and battery go fly sort of thing .
Unfortunately BG is lagging my order , so I had to order a Rx from another store . ( It's here )

I wanted one of these as I want to plug it into the 450x and ..... my OMP S720 and see how it range tests .

Brushless Micro SU27 project ! This is from way back just after I did my brushed Micro SU27 .
I ran into some Rx issues and the project folded like a house of cards .. Now we are back !
Just bound the Tx to the Rx , ?? seems to be working ! ( Same Rx as before )
Whats different is the Tx firmware ( Updated OpenTx )
I will need to cut some depron , glue the motor in , mount the ESC and Rx , then worry about the Elevons .

My R4 HLG glider needed a new rudder , and that was done some time ago - But needs to be flown . ( Original had little authority )
Micro F16 has had more lead shot put in the nose ( Move CG forward ) , needs to be flow .
18650 project needs to be flown .
The cub needs to fly ( XK A160 )
Ordered a DH2 Beaver - - As it's on special at the Oz warehouse ! ( And I wanted one )
DAG needs to let us fly !
Really getting sick and tired off DAG ( Dan Andr Gov = DAG )
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That was brutal! I think the kit was a little off, I had over a 1/4" at the nose and about the same all the way down the edges.
I held about 1/16 - 1/8 for the top deck. Had to use my trim router to get most of it off
Then sanded the edges to bevel them for the hull plates. About an hour per side
Figured out a neat rick to get the bevels right, put a piece of sand paper on a piece of thick scrap so one end glides on the keel and motor mounts the other end follows and sands the angle.

Transom on too.
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I’ve been out of the RC hobby for quite some time. Corona lockdown has given me lots of extra free time on my hands so I figured it would be a great time to explore getting back into the hobby. I’ve flown everything from indoor F3P to 3D Heli’s, so it was tough to pinpoint the best way to get back into the hobby- until I came across my old, beat up superfly I bought back in 2009. I remember how much of a blast this thing was to fly, and how durable it was- no matter how many times I dumb-thumbed it- I was always able to hot glue it back together. I estimated having over 1200 flights on the beat up, dusty frame over the course of 6 years. So I sent Jeff an email and to my suprise, he was still able to cut kits. Rather than gut the old electronics, I wanted to start fresh.

My setup is as follows:
  • Microdan 1845kv spinning an APC 8x4E
  • Turnigy plush-32 30A ESC
  • Turnigy DMC809 Brushless Metal Gear Servos
  • Tattu 3s 850mAh 45C lipos
  • Spektrum DX8G2 W/ AR6600 Rx

Building this kit is an absolute joy. The entire kit goes together with hot glue. For paint I broke out my old airbrush and used transparent createx paint. My airbrushing skills drastically declined over the years, but am happy with how it turned out. I opted to ditch the Z-bend control linkages and built my own pushrods with 4mm carbon rods and 2.5mm ball links.

Flight report:
What an absolute blast this ship is to fly. The range of performance of this design is outstanding. From full throttle flyby's to...Continue Reading
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Hi, I'm new to MYRCGroups and looking for some assistance. I have just received my new Radiomaster TX16s OpenTX which I have subsequently setup including an initial fixed wing model with a simple 4 ch setup plus throttle cut and 30% expo on ailerons and elevator per the radio's internal setup menus and succesfully bench tested the same after binding the receiver. However, in the process of then attempting to setup the telemetry display screen appropiate to that model I have found that though I can highlight the model in the visual model select screen which also is ticked in the appropriate box it will not open up/activate/show that model on the main display as it did when I first bench tested the radio and entered model. Previous to this all I had to do was select the model and tap the enter roole bar. No such success this time no mater how many times I do that. I'm omewhat challenged when it comes to this modern electronic RC stuff, so anyone out there who perhaps can help me with this dilemma?
Posted by jmxp69 | Sep 05, 2020 @ 04:16 PM | 4,794 Views
Turns out the TX16s has a few tricks up its sleeve:
Radiomaster TX16s Undocumented Feature Uncovered! (6 min 15 sec)

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The 1st isogrid print was a disaster. It seems opposing faces in the X direction cause Cura to print seams, no matter how much the polygons overlap. You can't construct objects with multiple polygons unless the polygons are fused.

Apparently, isogrids only started entering production in the 1950's. Lions think of early radio telescopes & zeppelins, but those were made of trusses rather than isogrids.

Another day of isogrid testing yielded better results, at great expense. It definitely would be smarter to run solidworks in a virtual machine than develop all the manual equations required to do it in Linux. The only option in Linux is to write a program that outputs an STL file with the complete part. All Freecad can do is view it. That was all of the included filament.
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Here is the link to the Build Log for my Carl Goldberg Electra.
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Sep 05, 2020 @ 08:23 AM | 5,527 Views
Yep Les Amis,
Dommage, a partait d'un bon sentiment ! J'ai en test aujourd'hui le tout nouveau pack RTF de chez Eachine, le TYRO79 S. Dans l'ensemble, un petit pack intressant pour les dbutants avec "presque" tout ce qu'il faut pour se lancer dans le pilotage d'un racer. Dans l'idal, il ne vous manquerait plus qu'un masque FPV ou des lunettes pour avoir un ensemble complet pour moins de 200 ... Mise part le fait qu'il faudra quand mme paramtrer votre matriel et faire quelques petites modifs, ce pack reste un bon investissement pour dbuter, MAIS, parce qu'il y a un mais .. Eachine s'est compltement plant en incluant dans ce pack des batteries de la pire qualit possible !!! Il faudra donc penser en commandant ce TYRO79 S, prendre galement 1 ou 2 lipo dignes de ce nom (liens en description) pour pouvoir profiter pleinement des joies du pilotage FPV. Le chargeur fournit suffira et vous vitera d'avoir investir. En bref, un bon petit pack dbutant mais pas tout fait RTF, il faudra quand mme se retrousser les manches et dpenser un peu plus pour qu'il soit viable. Bon Film et merci tous pour votre soutien .

Eachine TYRO79 S RTF - Review Test Démo Set-Up et Paramétrages - Grosse erreur Mr Eachine !!! (53 min 0 sec)

NOTATAZ : 15/20 Pas tout fait RTF !

Dballage et prsentation : 01:01
BIND : 07:44
Paramtrage Betaflight : 11:33
Modif VTX : 24:27
Paramtrage Lite Radio : 26:03
Montage hlices : 28:43
Vol ...Continue Reading
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Fun Cub 1100mm Wingspan EPO Kit - Review Part 4 - Aerobatic Flight! Conclusion! It's a Keeper ;-)

Fun Cub 1100mm Wingspan EPO Trainer Airplane Kit

Banggood GCRC

Here is a link to the Video:

Here are links to all the Components I picked out for this Kit Plane:

Racerstar Racing Edition 2216 BR2216 1400KV 2-4S Brushless Motor - Clockwise Screw Thread (Primary)

TGS Precision Sport Propeller 9x3.8 (BR2216 1400kv -Primary)

ZOHD DART XL Extreme FPV RC Airplane Spare Part Propeller 9x4.5 Inch for Enhanced Version (BR2216 1400kv - Alternate)

Racerstar BR2212 1800KV 2-4S Brushless Motor (Alternate)

JXF Poly Composite Propeller 8x4 (2pcs) (BR2212 1800kv - Primary)

Gemfan 8040 Propeller for RC Airplane Fixed-wing Aircraft 1 Pair (BR2212 1800kv - Alternate)

FMS Predator 20A Brushless ESC With 2A Linear BEC BECT JST Plug for RC Models - JST (Primary)

Volantex Easy-Plug 30A 2-4S Brushless ESC With XT60 Plug (Alternate)
https://www....Continue Reading
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Challenging myself to fly precision aerobatics using head-tracking FPV from inside the cockpit of Freewing T-33 EDF Jet with ground reference and potential audience in mind to position maneuvers. Enjoy!

Head Tracker DJI FPV Jet Aerobatics (3 min 54 sec)

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Nora box opening
Nora FC --one of our best sale product. (0 min 31 sec)

Posted by ptern | Sep 05, 2020 @ 01:45 AM | 5,521 Views
For congcon,

Here are photos for your info.

Note that I was experiment with the trex150grs gyro but this is the same for the K110 gyro as well.
You'll have to mount the rear servo to make the correct moving direction as the K110 has a front servo.

So in summary, the BEC 5V is bypassed the gyro and being fed directly to the 3 cyclic servos and also to the gyro via the small servo cables.
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P1B 1 Free Flight Model in the front yard (4 min 15 sec)

Got to test glud the P1B-1 ..
Wow , my initial assembly was close to the CG .
But the P1B-1 could not really push through the breeze ..
Moving the wing back seems to have helped and even though the breeze lifted the nose , the P1B-1 pushed through .
I will leave it there until I can actually PARK it or football field it !
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True bush flying with my Arrows Hobby Bigfoot in the middle of the Mojave Desert on rough, unimproved runways !
Arrows Hobby Bigfoot 1300mm PNF - Sturdy, Stout and STOL! (10 min 34 sec)

This is one fun and TOUGH model airplane for sure !

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I decided to visit James Kiger for the 2nd time today to pick up a set of SE5a plans. James, at a young 92 years of age had stories to tell of all sorts. His studio area was the same as I saw it a year ago, but a little more cleaned up because, "This is the last of it" quoted Jim.

Jim - "are you building an SE5a?"
....Yes, only 4 times smaller.
Jim - " oh you're and RC builder, what kit do you have?"
....1/4 scale Boddington
Jim - " ah David Boddington. Nice man."

Jim pulled out a binder full of photographs of rc models referenced from Replicraft plans. There were photos of a 5th scale Hanriot HD1 he built himself, but sold it to a gentleman in Southern California. I asked if he had flown the model before selling it. Jim looked back immediately with a grin as if I was nuts - we both laughed. He proceeded to show a series of plans not as detailed for smaller scale modeling, but never had a chance to offer them to the public.

Jim - "Tell all of your buddies if they want plans, please get them now. If anybody wants to buy Replicraft, it's for sale. I'm 92 and I don't have much time."

My heart sank. We talked for a bit more and asked Jim if I could take pictures of his work area to post for his fans. He was delighted.

Jim - " if you want to call it a studio - there's not much to see"
..... I think it's really about what came out of this place Jim.

He handed me his last roll of unused vellum as a memento along with the SE5a plans.
Posted by Dura Dan | Sep 04, 2020 @ 06:21 PM | 4,417 Views
I put too much tension on this tail gearbox because the tail boom wasnt pushed into the main frame as much as it should have been. Because the belt had too much tension on it one of the bearings got hot and melted the belt tail gear. The arrow is pointing to where the tail belt gear in the gearbox should be its no longer there because when it melted I took it out. I was wondering where I could possibly get another tail belt gear to put back into the tail gearbox set. Also my manual doesnt show this but I think I have seen this tail gear set with bearings above and below the belt where I have drawn the circles. Should I add two bearings in the gearbox?
Posted by elecfryer | Sep 04, 2020 @ 05:57 PM | 4,359 Views
I like all aspects of this hobby, currently (inside joke) pushing Pattern flying so that I can be a better flyer! I do however have a soft spot for the Diamond Dust as designed by Jeff Gilbert (miss you and rest in peace Jeff!). I have them designed down to 16 inch wing span. Presently repairing 3 (just maidened one) building 5 and 3 others ready to fly! Trying to get 3 more finished and flown this weekend (9/5/20). The 35" Purple Diamond Dust had the entire nose removed (no idea where the motor ended up) and just flew it today (9/4/20). It flew great but the prop came off after 30 seconds (I will be attending remedial prop tightening school later this evening!), made a great dead stick landing. Long live the Dust!

P.S the 16 inch Micro Dust only weighs 247 grams RTF!

Stay safe everyone!