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Review Part 1 - Rctimer Sport 6x3E Precision Propeller

Review Part 1 - Rctimer Sport 6x3E Precision Propeller (4 min 31 sec)

It has been a very long time since I ordered Props and found that the vast majority of them were balanced right from the start.
This is a huge time saver.
Out of the (10) Props I ordered only (2) of the Props had Blades slightly out of balance.
All of the Hubs were balanced and (8) of the (10) Props had Blades that were balanced.
I was so impressed I wanted to conduct a review of these Props and let others know that there are some Manufacturers that can still produce Props with good quality right from the start.
I'm so tired of receiving Props that are so out of balance they are nearly unusable.
This is part 1 of this review.
Part 2 will be the thrust test to see how efficient these Props are and Part 3 will be the durability test of landing my ParkJet in the very rough terrain where I have to fly and land to see how they hold up to some severe abuse ;-)

Link to these Props:

(5pcs) Rctimer Sport 6x3E Precision propeller

Link to e3Scott's Channel as his Channel is a fantastic resource:

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!

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Flew the GT and Tundra. Great morning.
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I purchased several of these and they crapped out. The result was I lost two planes my FMS Olympus and my Sky Surfer. I’m in the process of ripping them out of my other more expensive planes. Don’t need to lose them
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I'm always on the lookout for good condition control line engines, especially in the .29 to .40 displacement for older technology cross scavenge engines of 30 to 70 years ago. Several months ago in June, I got from E-Bay what I thought was low time K&B .35 Stallion CL/FF venturi engine.

The seller mentioned the engine had occlusions that were typical of the original castings some 60 years ago. A poster in another forum pointed out that engine could have possibly been sand blasted recently. The great extent of the irregularities in the surface appeared to be caused by surface corrosion versus claimed occlusions. (Occlusions are basically trapped air bubbles or fleck impurities in the hot pour casting.)

Normally during bead or say walnut shell blasting, the manufacturer does this prior to assembly. Then cleans the crankcases of all dust prior to assembly. When I took a closer look to the engine, there was a small amount of residual aluminum flecks beneath the cylinder fins. The extra clean and bright aluminum exterior seemed to give credence that it had been carefully sand blasted. The screws on top, normally either finished in galvanized or black oxide appeared to be sand blasted. There was no evidence on the fins, so it is possible this area was masked during grit spray. The "new in box" finish just seemed to be too good to be true.

Two days ago, I started to disassemble the engine. Any sand or grit that got into the engine could only spell harm and...Continue Reading
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In the past, I've customized the modules to my Headplay, the problem with this is... well... very obviously... it is a hassle to replace... That is why I decided to go this route: To be able to easily replace modules on the go, futureproofing the goggles to eventual updates or changes to other frequencies. This CAD design emulates the bay of a FatShark Dominator HDX, slightly tilted forward, and with a more adequate profile to fit my goggles. The idea is to update it in the future to include a PCB with AUX exit, audio volume control, maybe an intermediate OSD to show voltage and maybe RSSI, and external buttons to control the module. Dock king style but better done! Enjoy!!

Module bay screenshot.

Headplay mockup plus bay for reference:

Front view detail with ImmersionRC RapidFire module:

...Continue Reading
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What you need:
- STL files.
- A set of Micro JST Molex Picoblade connectos. 1.25mm pitch.
- A couple of switches. Whatever will make you happy when you put them in the Headplays.
- A bunch of 32AWG or smaller gauge silicon wire.
- A dremel.
- A 40W+ temperature regulated soldering iron.
- Lots of patience.

The final result:

The module ready to be dissected:

Modules separated:
- Use a dremel to cut the pins and pull the modules apart. Don't use pliers, you will very likely rip a pad apart.
- Desolder the antennas. Make sure to use a broad tip, and wet with solder all the pads at the same time. 450-500C in a 40W should do the trick in under 1min.

...Continue Reading
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First try. I think this slope is not steep enough. Tell me what's wrong. Maybe that's all about my skill

Slope Soaring (3 min 17 sec)

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Last year, Derek Micko and I challenged ourselves to knockout a pair of Warbirds that had met in combat. After considering many combinations, we finally settled on the Polikarpov 1-16 and the Curtiss Hawk 75 (export version of the Curtiss P36). We called our joint project the Fighter Face Off.

These two projects became the subject of the Fighter Face Off series of articles in Model Aviation, running from October thru December 2018.

Manzano Laser Works has added this shortkit with plastics to their lineup here:

Build thread can be found here: Reading
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Hi guys,
Because of the RCGroups rules and limits,for your personal info safty,I will contact you by email about the sample version and identification of your delivery info(name,address,etc.)

My email is :[email protected]
It would be very nice of you if you can wirte down your RCGS name in the email.

Samples Tips and Tricks

Q:How to get it for free?
A:Reply on this thread.It would be better if you send me your reviews or video links you ever made.

Q:where to write the review?
A:For discuss convenience, reviews should be post follow this thread.

Q:what to review?
A:For the high-quality review,there were several points included.
1:Introduction of its surface and size.
2:Introduction of its detail and craftsmanship.
3:Experience about the product.
4:Personal views on the product.
Extra points
1: pros and cons of the product.
2: improvement suggestion.

Q:what form of the review?
A: word+pic. A video included should be better.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards
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If you guys have any idea about RC, dont hesitate to email me.

send it to my email with title remark like【cons of xxx】【suggestion of xxx】【recommend parts xxx】

Especially the brand Eachine,Racerstar,Charsoon,Realacc,Charsoon,IRange X .

My email is [email protected]

If your Suggestions are taken, we will have a gift for you!!
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XK Edge A430 Stunt Plane Maiden FPV Flight and Near Crash - Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

XK Edge A430 Stunt Plane Maiden FPV Flight and Near Crash - Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! (1 min 16 sec)

My Maiden FPV Flight of this plane was not without incident.
I was just climbing out in a turn getting ready to switch into 3D Mode for some acrobatic test when the unexpected happened.

Crash Report:

Lost Cowling Cost of Repairs:

Fabricate Cowling $0.15

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!
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The Eachine US/UK65 is the ULTIMATE micro Whoop from Banggoods "in house" manufacturer Eachine , hot on the heels of the insanely priced Tyro99 Banggood have yet again hit the ball straight out of the park ! Weighing in at a feather-lite 21.5 GRAMS !!!!! the "65" throws all constraints to...the.... wall , packing a built in Frsky or Flysky receiver an F3 flight controller , fully featured BetaFlight OSD and 4X6 Amp Esc's ALL ON ONE BOARD !!!!!!!!!! which when coupled with a tiny 700tvl and 25mw video transmitter with SMART AUDIO and 4 tiny little 0603 motors it is literally insane what this tiny little package offers in terms of features the "65" is a true "Pocket Rocket".

On top of creating a tiny bundle of technology Eachine have hammered home their insistence of listening to their customer base by supplying not one but THREE 250mah batteries which is something that most manufacturers turn their noses up at and they have included a 6 port multi charger that can not only charge the "65's" 3 batteries but also another 3 batteries even if they use a different connector type , it can even charge High Voltage batteries like the Turnigy Bolts and it has an LCD display that displays the independent voltages AND it can be powered by a standard mains adapater/wall wart OR from a bigger...Continue Reading
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Visuo XS812 review. This Visuo XS 812 GPS 5G WiFi FPV Foldable Quadcopter Drone review includes Unboxing, Inspection, Setup, Compass calibration, Flight & App tests.

You can get this here:

NEW Visuo XS812 review - GPS 5G WiFi FPV Foldable Quadcopter Drone under $90 (31 min 45 sec)

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With the Slow Poke build completed I've cleaned off my bench and readied the workshop for my next project. I'm not sure what that will be and with the bench looking so nice and neat I don't feel the urge to mess it up.
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I decided to dig out another article from my old long-defunt website,
This is almost a decade old, from Dec 3, 2008

Model helicopters have come a long way, and today’s modern machines are capable of astounding performance. Models differ from their full sized counterparts in many ways, and one of the biggest differences is the rotor head design itself. A mechanical stability system called a flybar is employed in most instances to add a degree of stability and make control response more predictable. Although considered by many to be black magic, all flybar equipped model helicopter rotor head designs take advantage of concepts invented in the early days of helicopter technology by Arthur Young of Bell Helicopters, and Stanley Hiller Jr. of Hiller Helicopters. Understanding exactly how these systems work can be a mind boggling quest into the mathematical world of aerodynamics, processional forces, and trigonometry (to begin with). How then can the average hobbyist gain a functional understanding of how these systems work? The answers are buried in the history books. Taking a look at the Hiller and Bell concepts can be very beneficial in understanding how the flybar equipped model helicopter head does what it does so well.

The Bell Stabilizer Bar

Arthur Young (1905-1995) was a remarkable man whose true passion was philosophy. But, after running into a frustrating roadblock on his comprehensive theory of the universe, he chose to go after a more...Continue Reading
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Here's my "just finished" 1/4 scale, Stits Skybaby Biplane

26" Wing span!!! 1/4 scale? Yes. (original full size was 7' 2") Built from a Mansell Models short kit. It was designed for electric (which is much more practical) but me being a "gas only" guy, it is powered by a massive, OS Max .32 two stroke!

The weight limit on the plans was 44 oz, and mine weighs in at 56 oz (with no fuel)! so it isn't looking too good for a flyer, but I didn't really build it to fly anyway, as I covered it in fabric (like the full size) and with all of the painting and's a little "Porky Pig"

Thanks to Callie Graphics for the artwork. They helped finish it off! It looks great hanging in my garage!...Continue Reading
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Just finished assembling my Stinson. I did the flap mod first before anything else. With the reputation Parkzone has, I am a little annoyed by some of the things on this model. Like the wing strut attachments are extremely cheesy. The servo wires are to short, and the battery connector is WAY too short. I will have to make a permanent extension for the battery connector as it is nearly impossible to get a battery plugged in and I do not want to damage the model trying repeatedly.

Other than that, the model looks very attractive in its livery and I am looking forward to the maiden flight.
...Continue Reading