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After driving the ZD Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427-S/9106) on the beach, the motor, of course, had some sand in it! In this video I take the 3650 motor apart, clean it and put it together! it's actually quit easy to fix a 3650 brushless motor! But I will close the holes in the motor with some tape!

If you like to buy the ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427 - S / 9106) :

Please visit my website!

Fixing the 3650 brushless motor of the ZD Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427-S/9106) (6 min 47 sec)

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eachine E160 bench review, do not buy the version 1, but version 2 looks good. (9 min 38 sec)

My Version 1 is not good so make sure to get version 2 instead linked below.
please support me by using affiliate links below, anything you buy from banggood after clocking the link will help support me making these reviews.

link for version 2

spare servo arms

landing skids
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new arrival
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1. Simple and easy, all parameters have been finished set for the SRTF version before ship. airplanes, power system, and professional radio system provided and serviced by same manufacturer.

2, Professional radio system provided by Detrum with more safe. Rescue your aircraft into Safe Mode at the click of a switch. stabilizer receiver parameters programmed on Detrum Gavin 6C,can fit any aircraft.

3, Dynam Cessna 182 is specially designed for RC beginners, which is durable, light weighted, easy to fly, and simple to assemble.

4, Including Detrum MSR66A receiver, which is integrated with Istone 6-Axis stabilizer. gyro off ,it's an ordinary RX, gyro on ,it become a RX+flight controller.

comes with flaps, pre wired LED navigation lights, and an LED control harness

More info:
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A short Video of TXT-1 Tamiya.
Tamiya TXT-1 Monster Truck (0 min 50 sec)

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This afternoon I went to my LHS and bought a new axial SCX24 crawler (1/24th scale)! They also ended up having a 10% off sale that was nice since it basically covered the tax - lol! Total paid was...

$119.99 (axial SCX24)
-$11.99 (10% Off)
N/A (Shipping)
$11.06 (Tax)
$119.06 (Grand Total)

Cool story...what was really nice is I was looking for a battery cover for a friend's radio that he lost. I They are discontinued and eBay and Amazon sellers are gouging people for nearly $30-$45 for a $6 part. So I called my LHS to see if they still happen to have one lying around unsold and the owner (Tom) said he didn't but he has several of the radios and I can come and pick up the battery door at no cost! So I did but I wanted to buy something from him to show my appreciation for being so kind and generous so I ended up buying this 'lil guy!

Here are some pics (Unboxing video & run video below)...

...Continue Reading
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I bought the Cirrus damaged and had to do a major repair on the right wing. I really didn't have much to go by but I used the other wing as sort of a template. The elevator had to be repaired and the nose wheel servo had to be replaced (man, was that a pain to get to, let alone unscrew and take out). I finally got the work done and put in a redundancy bus so I could use two receivers and two receiver batteries to provide me with a little more security. I put a Tacon 160 motor in and a HV ESC and planned to run it on 12S, using two 6S lipos in series. I weighed it and was shocked and mad to find out it came in at over 20 pounds! These planes are known to require full flaps for landing because of the wing loading already and now I was going to have to deal with and even higher loading because it was 2 pounds more than spec. I removed one receiver battery and it came in at 19.1 pounds. I had plenty of power using a 18 X 10 wood prop, so my big concern was landing safely. On Nov. 21st I decided to see what it would do and got everything ready for the maiden. I was hoping that when I got to the airfield it would be empty as I don't like maidening a plane that may give me trouble in front of people. Unfortunately, a bunch of people were at the field. I had another plane with me so I flew it several times until people were gone. Finally, I get it all setup and ready to go and make an awful realization; the voltage reducer that was supposed to allow me to use a 4S lipo...Continue Reading
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XK A430 6am flight (5 min 36 sec)

Put it simply , rather than giving the clevis one turn of up , I gave two turns !
Now the XK A430 was climbing ..

I have gone back one turn , + the battery was @ 60% after almost five and a half minutes . ( I was flying slow )

3D Mode

Did I mention the ailerons were a little sensitive ? They are !
For this morning I had 50/50 ( Rates/Expo ) on the ailerons . Touchy as ...
Seriously , I only needed a few mm of gimbal movement to use the ailerons .
@ 100% rates , I suspect even Superman would have problems . ( Might explain the 7 seconds in 3D - first flight )
I have backed off to 35% rates and was it 60% expo for the next flight .
Oh and if you fly too slow , it does tip stall . ( Maybe those Ailerons ? )

6G Mode
It can fly so slow - And the gyro stops the model from stalling out on you .
Once trimmed out , this might be a really fun little plane .

I was up early , cos we have had lots of wind with more wind predicted !
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Deck on and getting prepped for primer.
Flotation inside shots.
1" thick block cut to form to the inside of the hull, one layer from engine forward, one layer down the sides, and a second layer up front ahead of the fuel bag location. About 4 sq. ft. overall.

Been swamped at work, and pulled off for a while to knock out some Christmas Presents.

If I can get to it I'm hoping to prime and sand this weekend to get the color coats on.
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The wide variety of standalone motors in the last 15 years made developing hub motors hard. The standard outrunner with opposing shaft is perfect for mounting a tire & encoder. With home built flying machines just about replaced by DJI, the future of standalone motors is in doubt. DJI's gigantic, top end copters use their own custom motors. They're equivalent to what hobbyists used to make, with extremely marked up prices, so it's surprising no-one still makes their own.
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Since its release Herelink has become one of the most accessible and simplest ways of integrating a wireless digital video & remote controller ground station into your drone or UAS system. Designed for hobby, professional and system integrators Herelink features long range low latency wireless HD video with upto 20km range and supports Mavlink communication for both Ardupilot and PX4 flight software.

Herelink has a built-in remote controller, an 5.4Ē 1080P Android based smart device with both Solex TX and QGC open source software installed that allows for advance mission planning. The Air unit supports multiple camera options with dual 720P/1080P HDMI inputs, Mavlink telemetry and Sbus control signal. UAS Manufactures and system integrators can also take advantage of the built in S1 SOC for custom applications as well as dedicated OEM support features.

This week Cubepilot have announced that upcoming firmware will add the ability for 2 Herelink controllers to communicate with one air unit for dual operator missions and a new dual live video streaming feature. Alongside this Cubepilot added that Herelink has a new lower price of $699.

Herlink remains one of the best value fully integrated ground station systems on the market that supports both Ardupilot and PX4. Being part of the Cubepilot ecosystem alongside the Cube Orange Autopilot means Herelink benefits from dedicated manufacture support forums and an active community following.

For more information on Herelink you can go to
More info on upcoming firmware releases and support can be found at

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The private pilot glider is the easiest license to get but the glider is the hardest plane to fly really well. The skill level is open ended. Anyone should be able to handle the aero tow and the landings are easy. You literally fly the glider onto the ground and remember not to let your spoilers go until you are well below flying speed. A full stall flair and landing will lead to the tail wheel (if there is one) hitting first causing the wing to lose its angle of attack and allowing the glider to to BANG down onto its wheel or skid. Most people never make that mistake twice. In contest flying the spread between the best and the worst can be very large.

No, by hardest plane to fly really well I mean flying cross country. Anyone should be able to thermal well after their first dozen or so thermal flights. On my first real thermal flight George Moffat outclimbed me in his HP-8, AKA the lead sled but he won the nationals in that ship. I was in a Schweitzer 2-22 which had a reputation for being a good climbing ship but it was my first real thermal and my first one hour plus flight. In competition the speed of completion of the given task determines the winner.

I never got a chance to fly cross country. You had to be a stockholder in Sailflights, our local club and Tony, the FBO would not rent me a glider for a cross country flight. I donít think he doubted my ability but it meant either borrowing a trailer and disassembling the glider or aero towing me back and he didnít...Continue Reading
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Halloa people

have we arrived at the end of the line for analogue FPV camera's? I think there will still be improvements in these camera's because they are also used in the automotive industry (back-up camera's for instance)..

One of the most popular analogue FPV camera's is definitely the Foxeer Predator line.. So.. new version? Wurth a look I think

Link to the micro version: Foxeer Predator v5 micro

So.. let's see what these camera's are like

Foxeer Predator 5 - Evelution of a great FPV Racing camera - REVIEW (15 min 30 sec)

Posted by scousethief | Dec 02, 2020 @ 08:28 AM | 4,541 Views D135PRO D120PRO


D135PRO Specification:
Item Name: D135 PRO

Wheelbase: 135mm
Motor: ATOMRC Photon 1105 3500KV Brushless Motor
Camera: Foxeer Razer NANO 1.8mm 4:3 Camera

Propeller: Gemfan 3016-3Blade
Package Weight: 201g
Carton Size: 20*22*6cm

Flight Controller Details:
MCU: 168MHZSTM32F405
IMU: MPU6000 Accelerametergyro (SPI)
OSD: Betaflight OSD
PWM/Oshot Output: 6
BEC: 3.3A / 5V
Bulit in inverter for SBUS (RX2)
Smartaudia & Tramp VTX Protocal Supported.
WS2812 Led Strip: YES
Beeper: YES
USB Connector: Type-C

Recommended Battery (No Included)
Compatibal with 450mAh 3S, 650mAh 4S

Freestyle and Racing no limitation.
Support continuously upgrade,easy to fix.
VTX with OSO control 4pin detachable connector.
Easy to replace Antenna with Self lock UFL connector.
Easy to connect ESC. Receiver.
Multiple Power for choose.

Package Included:
1 x SKYZONE ATOMRC Dodo D135 PRO FPV Racing Drone
1 x Screw Pack
2 x Canopy (One Red & One Black)
1 x Propeller Pack
1 x Battery Stra


D120PRO...Continue Reading
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I got started in RC by flying gliders on the slopes along the Southern California coast. A Mark's Models Wanderer was a great trainer and provided hours of fun. I soon advanced to more aerobatic gliders like the Ridge Rat and Divine Wind.

When I turned inland to hunt thermals with an MFA 2m High Sierra I was quickly disappointed. It was a lot of work setting up a bungee high start for a very short glide back. Thermals seemed out of reach every time, even after studying what to look for in the sky and on the ground. I put the High Sierra away and took it out only once, years later, for a single demo flight on a very windy day.

After nearly thirty years sitting in my basement I took it out for another spin recently. (See pics). The High Sierra was the only sailplane I had in my hangar. I was motivated to try it again when a new guy had moved into town and joined the club. Mark has over thirty years of experience in soaring and can ride a thermal out of sight with anything from a large open 4m ship down to a small 1.5m DLG.

He lent me his copy of Dave Thornburg's Soaring Book and shared many great tips for finding and riding thermals. After all of that I wish I could say I had success with the High Sierra. It just wasn't happening. That glider is a lead sled and just wants to get home as fast as possible.

When Mark offered to sell one of his 2m Art Hobby gliders I jumped at the opportunity. The Serena 2m (see pic below) is much lighter, has a motor up front to reach the...Continue Reading
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What's your favorite 2.5 inch props?

Gemfan new D63 5 blades has higher efficiency, lower noise, and perfect performance on low kv quad.
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The sensors being analog, it had to be cleaned. The mane challenge will be managing the heat from the H bridges. They'll get heat sinks, but there's no temperature sensor. The datasheet says they shut down at 160C, but that's hot enough to boil PLA. At the rate of progress, there won't be a truck by XMas. Designing & printing the container alone will take 1 week.
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Please check up your T32MZ is related to this log or not
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After an unfortunate Aileron control failure, my A1 Skyraider landed in the rough outfield and snapped its wing near the root.

On assessment of the damage, I have decided to repair it rather than build a new wing as it will be quicker and reasonably cost effective.

This Blog Thread will document the repair.

Complete-A-Pac A1H Skyraider - Broken Wing 1 (0 min 12 sec)

Complete-A-Pac A1H Skyraider - Broken Wing 2 (0 min 15 sec)
...Continue Reading