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Posted by Olivier_C | Jul 31, 2013 @ 01:01 PM | 53,418 Views
Another alpine video, filmed in june, on top of a mount named "Pic Saint Michel" (Pic = Peak), in the french Alps.
The place is a noteworthy summit of the The Vercors plateau.
Despite the place being moderately high (1966m), it's featuring a very impressive cliff on the east side, the valley below is at altitude 280m.
The drop of the cliff alone is about 500 meters, hardware failure was not an option.
It was not easy flights, there was a lot of winds and updrafts, as usual along such cliffs.
Its moderately easy to climb up there, not a hard walk, about 90 minutes way up.
From the slopped west side.
Because there's also path on the cliff side, aswell, not for me.

The birds seen at the end are called "Chocards", Alpine Chough, these are your best friends when you fly higher than 1500m around here. They'll follow you if you have food, and they'll also check that you're not going too close from their nests. Good companions overall !

The location : France, Alps mountains, Pic Saint Michel, altitude 1966m.
Date : June 2013

Quadcopter - Pic Saint Michel alt. 1966m (3 min 39 sec)

Posted by Olivier_C | Jul 27, 2013 @ 10:20 AM | 54,403 Views
First post of a serie, I spent the past monthes flying at various locations in south-eastern France, near the city of Grenoble (host of the winter olympic games in 1968). I've got several videos already made atop various mountains, I plan to do much more in the coming weeks, stay tuned !

If you've got questions about these places, just ask in the comments, I'll be glad to detail.

The gear, that's my now usual setup : Frame DJI F450 + Naza with GPS
Motors : TM 2216-900kV, Propellers : HQprop 9x5 or Graupners 10x5.
Lipos : 3x Dualsky 4S-2800mAH Flight time : From 9 to 11 minutes per pack.
Radio : Futaba 14SG + RX7008, with telemetry
Inboard camera : GoPro3 Black, 1080p-50FPS for the newest videos, Gopro2 720p-50 previously.
Pilot : Giggling Tim.

All the things I have to carry up there (sandwiches and drinks not pictured) :

Tada ! packed !

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