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I went back to 18500 batteries in my Frsky Taranis X-lite as the transmitter has a smaller form factor.
Taranis X-lite: 18500 or 18650 batteries? (1 min 31 sec)

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So, got Rene's Medallion .049 on the stand this morning, and it's looking good.

Prop: Cox Black 5 x 3
Fuel: Sig 25%

Top end was in the mid-14k's, bottom end at about 6.5k.

Thank you again Rene!
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Ghost Rabbit GR1 diff lock parts (0 min 17 sec)

This is a more detailed view on the Ghost Rabbit GR1 diff lock parts. The larger part is the locking side plate for the diff housing, the smaller one is the disc which locks one output shaft of the diff to the side plate when pushed towards the side plate by a servo. Once both parts are engaged the positive-fit connection will transform the diff into a spool.
Of course, both parts are made of tool steel and will be heat treated.
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Parts of the GR1 remote diff lock mechanism (0 min 16 sec)

Parts of the remote diff lock mechanism for our Ghost Rabbit GR1.
The disk will lock one output shaft of the differential to the differential case when activated by a servo. The ramp style design of the activating disc's clutch side allows for easier engagement, the spring between both components keeps the clutch reliably disengaged during normal operation.
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The earlier Post is at:

1. Took out my Model Motors AXI 2826-10 as it tips the digital scale at over 7+ oz. (10+ oz with Dummy Engine)
2. Left the PZ-15 aside as it tips the digital scale at 5 3/8 oz. ( ~ 9+ oz with Dummy Engine).
3. installed the Park Zone 480 as it tips the Digital Scale at 3 3/4oz. ( 7.5 oz. with Dummy Engine.)

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was on installing the Park Zone 480 motor (same POWER as 44-inch Wing Span T-28 Trojan).

A few trimming tasks on the round Plastic Mount for the PZ-480 was done to allow the Green Frame that holds the Dummy Engine flush against the firewall.

Someone please tell me what sort of tool I can use to cut into the Cowling as it is pretty thick and tough!...Continue Reading
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Drone mapping

With its advantages of fast, efficient, flexible and low cost, UAV tilt photography technology is slowly subverting the traditional surveying and mapping operation mode. It has become the “new darling” of the surveying and mapping industry. Applying tilt photography technology to drones is actually doing A three-dimensional model, and the model built is more realistic, more intuitive, and more realistic.

Stack measurement

At present, the measurement of the pile body mainly relies on the total station instrument, the disk coal meter, the GPS and other measuring instruments to measure the pile body. Compared with the measurement of the tape measure which is completely dependent on the manual use earlier, these measurement methods have made great progress. However, today there are more efficient and accurate measurement methods: using drone mapping and modeling.

The drone can preset the route, collect data in the automatic work area above the work area, and after importing the data, it can be imported into the system, generate the point cloud and 3D model data with one click, and measure the spatial distance and volume according to this, or carry out the slope The analog measurement of irregular stack area provides accurate numerical reference for engineering construction planning and production operations.

Tunnel, pipeline inspection

The traditional subway, railway and automobile tunnel inspection requires the inspectors to go inside the tunnel...Continue Reading
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Best viewed on cell phone @ 1080 12 inches from face depending on eyesight

Fatshark HDO2s BYTE FROST ShreddyBear tests them out. (6 min 34 sec)

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FF SU-27 project ...

1) Iron the Su-27 back into shape ( yes , it came a little bent )
2) Disassemble the SU-27 ( Remove the power pack )
3) Clone the Su-27 in 3mm Depron
4) Swap in the power pack from the Lipo Biplane glider ( which is a dog of the leash )
5) Cover in laminating film for strength + weight ..

So , as is ... The SU-27 is too light and under powered to deal with any kind of breeze at all !
If the breeze ruffles the hair on your head , it's too windy . If you can feel a breeze on your face ? , it's too windy .
Take the SU-27 indoors or go home .

So what to do ?
Maybe add weight and power ?

Yes , that FF lipo Biplane glider has a fantastically over powered - power pack !
The SU-27 is here , and simply awaits it's new power source ( Not here yet )
Yes , I have a FF biplane , but I am leaving that alone for now . So I must wait for the one ordered ..

The clone Su-27 ....
Hmmmm , can it possibly be made RC ?
It would be smaller than the HobbyKing one I have ..

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Lately Hotsale Items:RC 2S High Current Charge/Balance Adapter (4mm to 5mm Solid Bullets)
#14AWG 500mm
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Well..... here's something I don't build anymore.......a little bitty .20 size plane. I started a winter build program for our club (The Rogue Valley Flyers) and called it April Build Off 2020. Man, trying to get people to build anymore is such a struggle. It still amazes me how flyers forgot that this use to be the only way to bring a airplane to the field. I get the ARF thing and realize the hobby would basically be dead if it wasn't for them, but I'm doing my best to get these guys that "thing". The feeling you get when you maiden your plane that YOU BUILT! I've been doing this a long time, and I get that "thing" every time I do it. Hopefully the few that I suckered into doing this will experience it too!
Anyway. I chose a Pilot Quick Built Series 20L kit. Not because I'm in love with this airplane, it's just that I wanted to pick something that finally wasn't scale, and could be completed in a timely fashion. It was my first low wing airplane in 1982, so there is that too! Well......I finished it 5 1/2 months early as I wanted to set a example and give the guys a incentive to get going. I'll report back to you on that one, to see if that idea worked!
It came out pretty decent. I actually had to relearn to do Monokote as everything I seem to build anymore is fabric covered. I deviated from a plain canopy, to a semi cockpit with pilot & details as I just love scale and had to add a little zip! It's powered by a OS 25FSR (Original had a 28) and I built all controls as per plans. It's now just hanging in my garage waiting for the April fly event. Then it's "Gentleman, Start Your Engines"!
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Bench fly
I plan to join the wings tonight
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Wow ! Still windy as all out doors .. 2019 is about the windiest I ever recall . I hope this is not a trend that will be repeated next year , cos I did a lot more flying in 2018 .

Wing kit , yes the Bee 490mm double wing kit has arrived , and looks nice . Everything in the box came out at 100 grams even ( 2 wings ) .

Also got a DSM 4 ch Rx I have been hankering for ..

Also the folks at Xtar sent me their VC8 charger to review / test .. Just waiting on some USB power supplies so I can do a proper test .. The ones I have now dont come close to supplying the needed power for a proper test . But so far I am finding the charger very useful and capable .

My spending has come to a close for the year I think ( just about ) as this time of year the mail begins to slow down and anything purchased in Dec may not get here until next year . I am still owed a lot of knickknacks by the universe .

Plans = I want to build a FPV wing , and to that end ordered a compact FPV camera/tx unit . I ordered a flight control board some time ago , hope it gets here .. For FPV I would like some stability control .

Waiting for stuff just

Motor tests so far = Lets compare !

0905 - 10,000kv
1103 - 7800kv
1104 - 4000kv
1105 - 5000kv
1106 - 6000kv

65mm Prop ( 2.5inch pitch ) 2s

0905 - 108g thust - 51W - 6.7A - 36,000 rpm
1103 - 106g thrust - 42.7W - 5.37A - 35,500 rpm

Cut down 3025 ( 2725 ) 2s

1103 - 122g thrust - 55.3W - 6.58A - 29,...Continue Reading
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Halloa peoples

today I have a LONG term update / review on my experience with the Jumper T16 radio for you.. So this is about the normal non-pro version of the radio that I've used for several months now..
I'm allso going to Upgrade the radio in this video AND I'll give it away

Jumper T16 Multi Protocol Radio - UPDATE + UPGRADE + GIVEAWAY (23 min 9 sec)