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Posted by Nek | Apr 18, 2015 @ 11:36 PM | 52,312 Views
WIP - Trying to keep it up to date to latest CF (Cleanflight) version.

This new blog entry is mostly what I had already posted in my previous ZMR250 build log. This is the blog post you will want to check for the wiring of the different components.

I decided to separate each part of the setup into different blog posts for easier editing and attachment management

Anyways here we go, this will be a CF 1.9.0 setup on a MassiveRC Acro Naze32 Blackbox edition.

I will be using the very standard FrSky D4R-II. I am waiting on newer board with more UART to switch to the newer SBUS/SPORT version. I did modify an X4R, which involved desoldering tiny sma resistors, fun stuff That was before I realized I would be short on UART on a Naze32 if I wanted to run an OSD and LED... I will work on it some more on the bench as having a digital Rx signal and 16CH would be nice

At first I figured an OSD would be useless for FPV racing. I still think so, but the Micro MinimOSD running ScarabOSD (MWOSD) with PID setting in the OSD menu got me sold on installing one on my racer. Plus CF can setup a switch to turn it off during races.

So let's get into the setup!

Start by downloading the latest Cleanflight Configurator, you will need Google Chrome installed on your computer.

Flash the latest version of CF on your board, v1.8.1 at the time of this screenshot. This guide is up to date on v1.9.0

Click the Load Firmware [Online] button, then Flash Firmware

Once you get...Continue Reading