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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Aug 30, 2011 @ 10:44 AM | 31,096 Views
The wife and I took a leisurely drive to lovely Champaign, IL last week. I'm usually there in the snow season so it was nice to see the town while the grass was green and the sun was out. We had dinner with Chris and Carol from Hobbico in the downtown district. The downtown area had a cool vibe was very relaxed. Thursday we got the grand tour of the Horizon facility. Can you say huge?! Kim and Steve spent the day with us and could not have been any nicer. It is amazing how much RC stuff flows out of that one huge building. We also toured the halls of the main office. It's sort of mind blowing to know that pilots like QuiQue Somenzini, David Payne, Seth Arnold and many more are quietly designing away in the Horizon offices creating new RC products for all of us to enjoy. Horizon is chock full of great pilots doing what they love to do - designing aircraft. I had no idea my friend AC Glenn even worked at Horizon, and I looked up and there he was! After our big tour Kim Payne drove us out to Eli Field where they were preparing for the Illini Super Jets event. They had a giant hangar area, a large paved runway and everything a good RC field needs. Sitting at a picnic table were a passle of blue shirted Team Horizon members. My good friend and fellow bandmate Pete Goldsmith was there. David Payne was there prepping a jet. David and I used to do the RC show circuit together for Hobby Lobby back in the day. The keyboard player for the Nallman Brothers, Pete Bergstrom, strolled up...Continue Reading
Posted by Jim T. Graham | Aug 23, 2011 @ 10:09 AM | 23,949 Views
So the big white truck showed up and dropped off a BIG box on my front porch. I was excited to find the Stryker F-27Q inside!!! Back when I was in the selling side of RC I always dreamed of selling ready-to-fly planes and now those days are here. I popped the top off the box and had the Stryker ready to fly in stock form in around 50 minutes. I jumped on to RCG and did a search to get tips on how to program my Hitec Aurora 9 for elevons, set the esc to hard brake and I was ready to go. I got up early and headed to the field this morning. I used the foam box it shipped in as a carry box. All I had to do was cut slits in the back of the foam shipping box for the rudders and the Stryker was locked in and safe from getting messed up in the car (I tend to do most of the damage to my planes during transport). The first toss was interesting but as I skimmed the ground I punched it and off she went. I tend to try and get as much throw as possible without binding the servos and I set the expo around -20 on my Hitec but man 0 man!!! Since it was the first flight the Stryker wasn't trimmed and I used all the nerve I had to keep her steady as I trimmed it out. I brought it in and set my the expo to -50 and then it was easy to fly nice and calm and then grab a handfull of elevator or rudder. I was able to elevator to the ground immediately. I got a few flat spins but I didn't really get the "boomerang" going. All that is expected since these were my very first flights on the bird. I'm excited to get my hands on the Stryker F-27Q and I'm going to keep throwing her in the air on a regular basis. I love it! More later as I get more flights on her.