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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Jul 20, 2009 @ 04:22 PM | 27,619 Views
While on my multi-state RC show run I got wind of a giant scale event that was being hosted by the Cards of Lansing, MI. The clouds were threatening but I figured weather like this was probably normal for a state surrounded by water and pushed the Hell Wagon on through increasingly narrow roads. At last I saw an RC plane in the sky and seconds later got a great view of what looked to be be a pretty large outdoor event...SCORE!

The crowd was thick and there were some amazing looking planes on the ground. I don't usually travel this far North but I was happy to see some pilots that I know and received a warm welcome. I took a vast cornucopia of photos to help share the exerience. Thanks to the Cards for the warm welcome. We had a great time!

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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Jul 16, 2009 @ 09:01 AM | 27,438 Views
Usually I travel the country in my big black truck and trailer in tow alone. This week I had the wife and kids along for a trip to the AMA facility in Muncie, Indiana. They all knew I ventured there at least once a year and wrote my colum "Born to Fly" and sent it in to the AMA office but they had never seen this mythical place of over 1,000 acres of flying fields. I'll let the photos tell the the tale but we got there in time to take in the Nats. The kids loved the museum and my 6 year old son brought his camera along and was determined to get every photo his Dad took. It was a great time. A big thanks to Jay Smith for taking us around and being our tour guid. Jay (Dovtor Who) is also a reviewer here at RCG and a friend that I see at shows all over the country. He also now works at the AMA as an assistant editor. I highly suggest if you have not taken your kids to the facility that you do it. Mine now have a renewed interst in learning to fly and finally they know where their Dad goes to when he takes to the road - GOOD TIMES!...Continue Reading