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Posted by Pat Lynch | Dec 27, 2019 @ 03:16 PM | 2,632 Views
The last year or so (in which I turned 75 years of age saw my model aircraft flying sink to an all-time low. The local weather has been atrocious (windy and wet) but more importantly, my confidence as a model pilot dropped due to lack of stick time. I have two or three models on-the-go but have found little excitement in getting back into them. I may find some enthusiasm again so they can sit and wait

Modelling has not stopped however, as I purchased a kit for a static model of a fully rigged sailing ship - Cook's Endeavour! I'd half built a similar model some years ago but life events got in the way (as they often do) and I passed on the uncompleted and somewhat damaged model to a friend before I left Australia and returned to my home country of New Zealand. That model took almost all of my shed-time for about 9 months and I found the experience wonderful. The Endeavour model was completed only a week or so ago and now graces a room in our home in Inglewood, New Zealand.

I then discovered a park in a nearby town which held a scale boat regatta over several days with yachts, and importantly, electric powered scale ships, boats, tugs, battleships etc all enthusiastically piloted around the park lake and crowds looking on. I was hooked So, after finishing the Endeavour, I searched around for a powered scale boat that appealed to me and had some relevance to my past 75 years! Immediately I thought of the WW2 Fairmile patrol launch used in many British Commonwealth countries - a vessel that I'd seen back in the 50s, and which many of were converted and used as ferries in NZ harbours.

I'll post a link when I start the build thread.

So, I've not left rcgroups but I'll be starting a build log up in the scale boats section shortly. Just a subtle change in direction

Cheers, Pat