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Posted by Pat Lynch | Jan 24, 2019 @ 11:08 PM | 3,846 Views
Life has a way of getting a bit hectic at times and 2018, with a wedding, two OS holidays, Xmas and visits to new relatives has left little time for a lot of model building But, life is great and I'm slowly getting organised. One thing I hadn't counted on was losing a bit of confidence in my flying! In the last 2 years or so, I've flown maybe a dozen times and now I have joined the local club, I have to do a 'flying test' just to show I can. So I must brush up my flagging skills a little and get on with it!
But building is my love (in the modelling sense) and I needed a smaller easy-to-fly machine to use at the local sports park and I was reluctant to buy an ARF so scanning back, my best model that taught me all the basics was a small Telemaster! At less than 48", it was small but very rugged and as I recall, easy to build so, again, I am doing a repeat build of an old favourite Another repeat is my 60" Lysander from an old free-flight plan plus my entry into the Peter Rake Memorial Build-off - the 53" Great Lakes Trainer.

So here we are with a big 67" Se5a in progress (Gary Sunderland design), a 58" Pietenpol Aircamper (by Peter Rake and almost finished), A Westland Lysander fuselage mostly complete, A tiny 28" French oddity (WEL-10) another P.R. design and now, a start on a tough little Telemaster! I forgot to mention a 60" Maule M7 foamy (with floats) - an ARF in my workshop. Sacrilege!
My cup runneth over, and my bench also

So here a a few pictures of the Telemaster which I must build quickly to 'get my hand in' again......