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Posted by Pat Lynch | Nov 12, 2015 @ 09:41 PM | 10,329 Views
Well, not really a new direction but a serious reconsideration of where I'm going, what I want out of the hobby and (again) a reappraisal of what I have on my modelling plate!
The dramas of the last 12 months has left me rather shaken and the grim realisation that I will probably not finish, fly or fabricate the many models I've started or have dreamed of starting. There are quite a few I have that are attractive to have as decoration (uggghh I hear some say) and as such are being decommissioned without ever flying and have been offered to friends (and most have been accepted) as gifts.

The models being given away include my old Morane Saulnier MSAI, the Westland Lysander, an RTF Vampire (hobbyking), a couple of unstarted kits. The Lysander and MSAI served their purpose as challenging builds but my interest is gone - this happens frequently nowdays

What do I have flyable? A Fokker D.VII, Great Lakes Trainer, Ryan PT22, Polikarpov PO-2 and the tiny Moska - all Peter Rake designs.

Unfinished but being kept are my Avro Anson and Bristol F2b 'Brisfish'. Partly started is the ARC Camel. One model I hummed and haa-ed about was my very small start on the Dennis Bryant 1/4 SE5a. This can result in a beautiful model but I was finding it just a bit daunting - especially after the demise of my BUSA SPAD However, as I am rather fond of the SE5a, I am considering updating Kay Bengston's 1/6 scale design to more faithfully reflect the Replicraft drawings and use the Bryant...Continue Reading