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Posted by Pat Lynch | Mar 20, 2015 @ 10:09 PM | 11,920 Views
The year took an unexpected turn with some severe family health problems - bad enough to slow down my often manic approach to modelling for a while. The Brisfish is on hold although almost finished and the Anson is my only project getting any attention. Does me good to slow down a bit and ponder my moves more carefully
A result of my more considered modelling plans is to narrow down the bucket list a little. I still have a few projects I'd like to start considering but only one new one is on the horizon.
I mentioned before that I'd like to build another 1/4 scale model and have decided on a familiar, 'been-done-to-death' model but one which I've always liked - the Se5a.
Among my previous builds have been a 36" and a 54" - both Peter Rake sport scale designs that flew superbly but which have both passed on one way or another A perusal of available scale plans has resulted in a set of Dennis Bryant's drawings which should form the basis of a future project. It is a very complex model but one which can be lightened a little for electric power and, oh boy, detailed to death!
The availability of the fabulous Replicraft drawings is an added bonus. But that is down the track, not necessarily until the Anson is finished but certainly in the more distant future.
Watch this space (or the electric scratch built scale forum )