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Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 31, 2013 @ 03:01 PM | 4,867 Views
I've decided to forgo the Barovkov D until I get some serious stick time.....I still have 0...yes zero.....hours so far. Weather has not cooperated, but at least it's not -17 like it is in Ontario....My condolences, JohnAV8R.

So, to keep busy (ahem) I'm going to build Peter Rake's 58" Eastbourne Monoplane. (Yep, went from 1940's swept wings and 500 mph to 1913 straight wings and 50 mph....where's my goggles and scarf ?). He kindly sent me the drawings, and I balked at first because of the pull-pull control surfaces, wing rigging, and wire undercarriage. (I suffer from ABWAUSS.. Asymmetrical Bent Wire And Ugly Solder Syndrome) But I've decided to give it a go under his watchful eye......and y'all's. This way I can stay up with BBCC 3, and keep building, though I'm not too sure about how well I can do with such a detailed scale model, mainly because I have to cut the parts by hand. We'll see.

I'll start a build log. Here's the link

Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 26, 2013 @ 06:32 AM | 5,584 Views
OK......to prepare for BBCC 4, and advice from David Terrell, I'm going to attempt to build the Barovkov D Soviet fighter.. out of foam. I know, I know, the dreaded F-word to us balsa builders....keep reading. However, for the "D" to qualify for a BBCC contest, the aircraft has to be converted from one form of control to another. To my knowledge, this bird has never been kitted in any flying configuration, so I'm going to build a 24" WS glider as the first iteration......then I'll have something to convert to balsa/RC ! David suggested that I could try to make the static model fly......NOT !

Sketched up the parts I'll have to cut...see attached. For all you military vets out there.....the fuse bears more than a passing resemblance to a 55 gr FMJ boat tail......flashback !

My mind started to wander forwards to the BBCC 4 build, and the powerplant(s) that might be required....Can you imagine this girl with (2) 50 mm EDF's (one in each boom) AND a 400 or 480 pusher.....ballistic would be inadequate.....but that's a long way off. "builderdude" is ordering the motor and EDF's as we speak ! LMAO

Here's the 24" 3-view and the templates for the parts (to scale) and the "parts" sketch, not to scale.

link to the build log:

Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 24, 2013 @ 03:51 PM | 7,104 Views
Was watching H2 a couple of nights ago..."Secret Russian Aircraft of WWII"
A couple of them stuck with me....one is the AN-40 Flying Tank...easy enough to do....plastic T-60 Russian Tank, a pusher, (2) flat, straight wings, and a twin boom. You could hide everything in the tank.....

But this one is the one I'm going to build after Christmas....just started on the drawings......Borovkov D.....

History: Borovkov D (or BF-D)

This design was started in 1941 by two young Soviet engineers, A.A.Borovkov and I.F.Florov.
It was planned as advanced interceptor powered with one pusher Tumansky M-71 radial engine (2,000hp) assisted
with two Merkulov DM-12 ramjets housed inside the booms. The fixed armament (2x37mm NS-37 and 2x20mm
ShVAK-20 cannon) was installed in the nose of the aircraft. The cockpit featured a pneumatic ejection system
which rotated the seat downwards and fired it clear of the propeller arc. The mockup was almost ready when the
Great Patriotic War interrupted all works on this project.

"D" data:
Span.............14.5m (47.6 ft)
Length..........11.67m (38.29 ft)
Wing area......35m² (377 ft^2)
Top Speed.....837km/h (with ramjets) (520 MPH)
Max. Cruise Speed..600km/h (without ramjets) (372 MPH)

The "D" was designed by A.A.Borovkov and I.F. Florov in 1940/41, it was the most advanced of the USSR's piston engine and combined ramjet designs, the "D" had many advanced features such as 20°swept wings, the ramjets fitted in the twin tail booms and a ingenious design of pneumatic ejection seat.

But it was never to take to the air, because of the German attack on the USSR in 1941 stopped all work on this project, as OKB-7 was in the extreme western USSR.

A.A.Borovkov was killed in an air crash in 1945. I.F.Florov went on to design the Florov 4302 Rocket plane in 1945/46.