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Posted by Micubano | Jun 28, 2017 @ 11:02 AM | 4,935 Views
My wife has summers off and took the kids to a state park with a lake. My son and his friend brought a little Lagos boat to run on the water. According to my son the lid was on tight and it was running fine when it suddenly sank very fast. The problem is that they were no where near a designated swimming area and on a stone jetty with steep sides. My wife underestimated the water depth. A few feet out she slipped into water that was over her head, full of weeds, and her legs ended up in a very cold pocket of water. We both did SCUBA at one point and know all about thermoclines, but she said this was a really shallow pocket with a huge temperature difference. Long story short, a few times she feared for her life and her struggle to get out seemed to take forever. She ended up recovering on the beach for over an hour covered in lake weed. So now my wife knows RC water rule #1...it is never worth going into the water to rescue anything RC from a natural shoreline. Either bring an RC rescue boat or a real boat. The Lagos was a goner the second it was out of sight, so even that would not help. If you can't get whatever is stuck out there, leave it and take the loss. This happened yesterday, but the thought of my wife dying in front of my son and his friend while trying to retrieve anything RC from the water has been stuck in my head. No matter if it is a toy boat or expensive airplane of floats, no item is worth risking your life for. Have a safe summer everyone.