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Posted by Micubano | May 26, 2015 @ 09:29 AM | 4,243 Views
What a weekend for flying. I started Saturday off with the 180 CFX, 360 CFX, UMX Icon, Spedix S250, and the UMX SBach. I didn't have the Spedix set up right for rattitude and ended up breaking 2 props in a horrific crash in some grass. Then I had to do yard work and when I was done my thumbs were too shaky for flying, even on Sunday. The only thing I could fly comfortably was my new UMX PT-17 and I loved it. I put 6 batteries through it on Sunday while taking a nice long breaks in between each flight so I wouldn't kill the motor.

Monday I was back out with Bob S. this time in the windiest park in the area. He picked up a Spedix S250 too and mine was ready to go again. I stayed in self leveling mode this time and I thought I had some descent speed. Then Bob took off and showed me how it was really done. He set all 3 banks for high rates and was incredible right up until he lost orientation because of the sun about 3 minutes in and plowed it into the asphalt. He broke 4 props and two battery straps. Plus a motor plug came loose. But when we put new props on, it was good a new. The Spedix 250 BNF is an incredibly durable frame. If I broke mine, I would get a new one. After the quad fun we flew a Night VisionAire around in the wind for a few batteries. I landed once without any forward or backwards movement when the wind kicked up. Bob did this snap roll right into a huge gust of wind and the plane came to a dead stop at the end of the roll. Then Bob showed off with his Edge...Continue Reading
Posted by Micubano | May 20, 2015 @ 10:36 AM | 4,156 Views
As usual, we were going a review at the LHS and I got to try something out...then ended up bringing it home. I need to invest in a good FPV system now as our started Spektrum kit is not the best. I think I might go with a Black Pearl system on a Tripod instead of goggles. I'm onle of those people who fogs them up easily even with anti fog stuff on the glass.
Spedix S250 FPV Racing Quad Review and Flight Demo (and crash) (9 min 41 sec)

Posted by Micubano | May 19, 2015 @ 10:13 AM | 3,945 Views
It was an interesting Sunday of flying. I did some manual work around the house on Saturday. The first thing I took out Sunday was the Blade 300 CFX to show off at the LHS. Piros were good. Loops were good. During my first rainbow my left thumb started twitching uncontrollably left and right and that prompted an immediate landing. I was able to get it back up for some hovering and orientation practice to run the battery down to storage, but no more helis for the day. I did break out the old profile foamy for the second time in a week.

Previously I'd fly the foamy on high rates only. With other planes I've picked up with precision and 3D modes, I've learned that switching between the two at the right times helps depending on what you want to do. So I started using low rates to line up for another attempt at prop hanging and then switched to high rates to help keep it in place. It was probably the longest I've ever hovered. 10 seconds isn't very long compared to the guys at the field who just hover in place for an entire battery, but it is the first time I felt I understood the control and not just guessing at it.

After that the LHS let me fly the little UMX brushed PT-17 from E-Flite. It is a surprisingly fun to fly staggered bipe. It handles better than the Champ and Sport Cub S. If it was RTF, it would make a great beginner plane. The rudder and elevator have a lot of action. The ailerons are a bit slow when rolling, but 2 out of isn't bad for a relaxing little flight...Continue Reading
Posted by Micubano | May 04, 2015 @ 02:42 PM | 4,085 Views
The summer weather is here and my son wanted to finish watching a TV show. I said I had batteries charged for the Dominus TR. He said he would go out if I went out with him. That was a no brainer. Then he wanted me to start taking video jumping off the tree in the backyard. I switched to the slow motion option for fun and the videos were not half bad. Good enough for me to share. His final jump is my favorite, but I love the sound of the truck hitting something in slow motion.

Fun with the Helion Dominus 10TR and Slow Motion Video (1 min 41 sec)