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Posted by Micubano | Jun 21, 2013 @ 08:50 AM | 3,605 Views
After a few bad crashes, I was really shy about flying planes again. My Beast V1 and Carbon Cub SS were sitting in the dining room covered in tape and glue reminding me of the last time I tried flying. But the evenings here have had no wind, so I have been borrowing my son's Mini Vapor and sailing it around the backyard after I finish flying a few helis.

I finally decided to head to the park with The Beast, The Carbon Cub and the new P51D Mustang that has been sitting in the box for weeks. As I hand launched the Beast into the air, I waited for it to dive. It never did. After about a minute of struggling, I realized I was flying it like the 3 channel plane. What happened to all those hours I put in on Phoenix after the crashes? Anyway, I started moving the sticks in unison and it became The Beast once again. There were some pretty good wind gusts that day and I just rolled high in the air with and against them. Then I brought it down for some of the lowers flying I have ever done with a plane and finally landed without a scratch. Confidence restored.

The Cub was not as lucky. I put it back together the best I could, but the last crash even broke the motor mount. I was able to keep it in the air a little bit, but it was a fight. I need a whole new body for it, so it is retired for now. I might buy new and just keep it for parts.

The Mustang was awesome. At this point all the Phoenix time was paying off. I got in some loops, rolls, and dives. Twice when I brought it...Continue Reading
Posted by Micubano | Jun 17, 2013 @ 12:37 PM | 3,532 Views
While camping this time I brought a lot. It was Father's Day weekend, so why not. One item I picked up to try this time out was the Radio Control Fishing Pole. I didn't catch anything with it, but it made fishing a little more fun. I made the video at the end of this post with a review of my setup and how that allows me to drive with one hand.

Both my Nano CPX's were down for the count hours before we were leaving. So I ran up to Time Flys Hobbies and picked up the MicroHeli upgrade kit for a quick repair. It was real easy to upgrade and everything was great, except I couldn't find my tube of blue threadlock. On flight #3 at the campground the nut on the feathering spindle came off, the blade grip went flying and out of the sky it fell into some tall grass. I found everything but the nut. I had spares at home. When I change the feathering spindle from time to time, I put the reusable parts in a bag. I finally found my threadlock, gave everything a little oil and put on some new blades while I was at it and everything is good. I am going to buy a blue set for my other Nano that has a blue canopy and get that one back in the air too.

I got some mCPx BL and mQX time in too. I brought the p51d Mustang, but the field where I normally fly was packed all day and while I can do helis in the forest, I don't think I am up to planes yet.

Anyone else combine camping and RC?

Radio Control Fishing Pole,Traxxas Blast,Spektrum RX and TX = Easier Driving while Fishing (2 min 48 sec)

Posted by Micubano | Jun 05, 2013 @ 02:36 PM | 3,569 Views
We went camping last weekend and I somehow managed to bring both nCPX, the mSR, one mQX and the Traxas Blast. I got a lot of flight time in despite the canopy of trees. The boat on the other hand went out of range once. I had to walk into the water a little to get it moving again. Sometime between braking the boat down to cool and dry and the walk back to camp (a few people were asking me about the boat), I lost the TX antenna. My range was now about 2 feet.

I went to Time Flys Hobbies and picked up a Spektrum AR6100e and installed it on the Blast. I was able to walk about 150 feet away behind a neighbors house and I could still hear the motor when I revved it up. Range problem fixed. The blast does not have reverse, so with the DX8 I was able to set the throttle curve so I am using the whole range of the left stick. I also adjusted aileron travel to 125% to get some tight turns. I think 150% would be overkill, but now I can adjust all that from the TX.

I recently installed a Duratrax Onyx brushless kit in a SC truck and picked up some Onyx 5000mah lipos. I think I might do the same upgrade to the Blast. I also just ordered the "RC Fishing Pole" and I am not sure if that and a brushless motor are compatable

I also added the new UM Mustang P51D and a MCPX BL to my collection. I really could just do this stuff all day. Literally.

Here is a video with some RC stuff in it from the camping trip.

First Camping Trip of 2013 @ Promised Land State Park, Greentown PA (2 min 21 sec)