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Posted by Micubano | Nov 27, 2012 @ 01:09 AM | 3,627 Views
I have now added the Great Planes F-86 Sabre to my collection. Time Flys Hobbies in Dickson City, PA had them for $50 on Black Friday, so I figured that was a sign that I must have one. So now it's helis, SC trucks, a boat, a quadcopter and a jet. Helis are still my favorite.

I did have an awesome Thanksgiving weekend of flying my little ones. I got in at least an hour total each day. In the end, my MCX2 needed a new frame from letting the kids fly and I took out a main blade on my MSR and almost cracked the Nano CP X canopy in half on a bad battery, but everything was fixed or replaced quickly.
Posted by Micubano | Nov 20, 2012 @ 01:08 AM | 3,573 Views
Here are pics of my 3 little ones. I have more, but I was playing with these tonight.

The mCX2 has an aluminum swash, shafts and head. That is what I fly when I don't feel like concentrating too hard.

The mSR I just upgraded tonight. It has an aluminum swash, main shaft, tail boom (with a CF tail fin), and anti-roation collar. I like it, but probably the one I fly the least.

The Nano CP X is my latest acquisition and so much different than anything else I own. When doing the first preflight check, I was surprised to see the little pin on the back of the swash attached to another push rod. This little guy is constantly making adjustments to itself, even when sitting on its skids....Continue Reading
Posted by Micubano | Nov 20, 2012 @ 12:56 AM | 3,517 Views
I walked out of work today, looked up and the beautiful still sky and then ran for my car. I got home, grabbed some gear, ran out the back door yelling to my family that I would be back in 10 minutes and was able to get in 2 flights on the Nano CP X before the sun was too low. I am getting hovering down pretty good and even did a few circuits.

After dinner and spending some time with the kids, I wanted to fly more, but my mCX2 has been noisy and wobbly and the mSR developed some tail wag and a little TBE. I know the mCX2's problem was something in the aluminum shaft just by the sounds it was making, so I took it down to my bench and tore it down for a full checkup. With all the bearings oiled and a little oil on the now clean inner shaft and motors, I reassembled it. The noise was gone. The wobble was gone. I did 2 flights with the stunt switch flipped to on and I didn't stop moving the whole time. I definitely have all the orientations down with the MCX2.

After the second MCX2 flight and letting it sit to cool down the motors, I remembered seeing the MicroHeli MSR tail boom kit with the carbon fiber tail along with an aluminum main shaft and anti-rotation collar sitting uninstalled. So, I headed back down to the bench and took the MSR apart for maintenance and some upgrades. Once the maintenance was done and the other single metal parts were in place, I went for the tail boom install. The directions were pretty clear. I used a soldering iron to remove and reattach...Continue Reading
Posted by Micubano | Nov 08, 2012 @ 01:55 AM | 3,781 Views
When I first started this hobby, I bought a cheap toolbox for the parts and batteries. Then I bought another one and another one soon after that and then I had to clean the basement to start making room, but most of you probably already know what I am talking about. A few months ago at an auction when I was first starting RC, I bought an old GE Repairman TV Tube case that looks like the orange and grey one in the thumbnails. That is not the actual one I have. I wish I took before pics because the covering was falling apart and it looked like it was about to fall apart, but it was $1.

The next two pictures I have are when I was done taking a razor to it when removing the cover. There was a lot of old glue and the bottom of the case looked like it sat in water for a while. There was a lot of rust on the metal brackets and latches too.

I broke out my Rockwell oscillating tool with some medium grit sandpaper and worked over the wood for a while. It cleaned up nice. Even the parts that had been sitting in water. At this point, I could see it was salvageable

The dove tailed edges were loose, so I took 3 of my large clamps and some wood glue and reinforces all the edges. It sat for a week before I tried to get the rust off the metal. The homemade concoction I used turned some of the wood blackish. I should of just used a wire brush and some fine sand paper to start because that is what I ended up doing anyhow.

Since I bought my DX6i, I've wanted to complete this case because it...Continue Reading
Posted by Micubano | Nov 06, 2012 @ 10:00 AM | 3,752 Views
So last night was time to bind and try the DX6i to some bigger things, the mQX and the SR. I was going to try some mQX settings a guy on YouTube claimed were "Easy enough for an 8 year old to fly", but when he got to the throttle curve settings his advice was "Make sure you have it set to L and 0". What about the other 4 points on the curve? There is so much bad information out there, which is why I am glad have you guys here.

Alright! You got me. I have a 7 year old so I tried the YouTube guy’s settings. They were so tame I didn't even feel like I was moving. I finally found settings I liked at http://www.rchelicopterfun.com/blade-mqx.html. From there I bumped up a few things, trimmed the mQX out and hovered around my very cramped basement workshop for about 20 minutes. I even did a few very slow 360 spins, which I have never tried indoors before, and went hands free quite a few times. Up until the DX6i, I thought of the mQX as an outdoor multirotor. My winter is looking a little brighter.

The SR is why I am glad I don't throw things away. I went to bind the SR. Guess what? No bind plug. Damn. I have seen pics of them and read about them, but my used SR had no bind plug. This is only month 5 of my venture into all things RC related, so I don't have servo wires lying around yet. Or do I? Way over on the right side of the shelf full of parts and adhesives was the blown SC from my Venom Gambler with a servo plug attached to it! I cut the wires,...Continue Reading
Posted by Micubano | Nov 02, 2012 @ 03:05 PM | 3,680 Views
I have been putting $30 a week down on my DX6i (TX only) and last night I walked in with the final payment and the 15% off coupon I found online (http://www.horizonhobby.com/content/...h-_-Left+Nav+5). The guys at Time Flys didn't even know the coupon existed, but they honored it! The money I saved allowed me to put a nice first payment down on a Blade Nano CPx. Since I have more than enough things to keep me busy, this layaway thing has been great at keeping my spending under control.

So, I easily bound my MCX2 and MSR to the DX6i. Without any adjustments they flew great. The throttle and movements were definitely smoother. I did a few laps around the living room with each and practiced some circuits. After 20 minutes of flying, I went to the basement workshop to get my MQX but got side tracked by a soldering project that was sitting on the bench. I hate it when I come upstairs not realizing that it is way past my normal bed time, but too tweaked from what I have been doing to actually go to bed. I have no idea why I thought the Pheonix RC sim would calm me down. It didn't, but we set the clocks back this weekend, so I'll at least get an hour back.

Tonight I'll be putting in the recommended settings for the MCX2 and MSR to see what the difference is. Maybe I'll try the MQX too. For some reason my large order of batteries from HobbyKing made it into NY despite the hurricane, so they will be here in a week. Just in time for me to bind the SR that has been sitting in the basement taunting me. I know from my initial tests that the links need adjustment and some parts might need replacing, but that is half the fun of buying used and broken stuff!