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Posted by fun2av8rc | Mar 18, 2013 @ 03:20 PM | 3,468 Views
Won the C-160 at the NVRC Auction on Sunday. It was a bit of fluke - thought it would be fun to just hang from the rafters. Then I got to looking at it and caught the bug to finish the build and fly it at CMB. Here are the before pictures.

C-160 Build Log by ecworks in Aircraft - Electric - Airplanes > Rc Airliners > Transall C-160 Build Log Reading
Posted by fun2av8rc | May 03, 2012 @ 06:40 AM | 2,758 Views
EFlite Jumbo Jet - Dual Receivers

This model was a spaghetti nightmare. I restructured the wiring and implemented a dual rx setup for the wing and the fuse. Both Rx are bound to a single model in my DX8.

RX #1 (With Satellite Rx)
THROT = Connected to the two ESCs via "Y"
RUDD = Connected to the Rudder and Nose Wheel Servos via "Y"
GEAR = Provide Power to RX #2

RX #2 (With Satellite Rx)
THROT = Get Power from RX #1
AILE = Connected to Ailerons via "Y"
AUX1 = Connected to the Flaps via "Y"

This bird has been range-checked successfully using a DX8. I have not flown this as I am waiting on my flying skills to improve enough to maiden it on my own.

Here is what I want to do and where I need some guidance.

(1) Rx1 and Rx2 antennas and satelllite antennas are postitioned in the same orientation.
Should Rx2 be turned 90 degrees to Rx1?
(2) I want to use a UBEC to power both receviers so that if the motor battery fails - I still have flight controls to dead-stick it in for landing.
How do I wire the UBEC into this setup?

Can anyone see a issues I have missed with this configuration?
Posted by fun2av8rc | Apr 25, 2012 @ 01:25 PM | 3,468 Views
Today I will start my build of the B-17 by Starmax. Have read all the comments and my overall impression is that this is going to be a fun build. The manual that came with the model is kinda sparce - pictures only for the most part. Mine is the PNP version.

Everything is still in the box at this moment.

Watched a lot of videos - pretty cool bird - can't wait to fly it. This one is gonna be an FPV platform with a 900mhz onboard camera. I am also considering a tail cam, a belly cam, and of course if I can - a bomb bay cam.

I will post pictures and video of the build in a build blog. I hope to have it ready to maiden on Saturday.

Comments, suggestions, and lessons learned posts are appreciated