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Posted by Army Grunt | Jan 12, 2020 @ 10:13 AM | 3,745 Views
A week or so ago I was talking to one of my best friends an flying buddies, fishing, sports,an very accomplished model builder an flyer from Ct. an told him I needed a high wing tail dragger for a winter rough field conditions. He asked if a telemaster 40 would work?"I said sure!!!"A few days later in the mail was a pristine kit from 25+ years ago.As soon as I looked at it an seeing it had a 72" wing with flaps, A float plane for summer also would be cool, I have a pair of floats from Jims Lackos stuff (his boys gave me after his death 20 years back)floats are 50+ years (scratch built)were a perfect fit, by that the length an step was in the right place!!!Another budie had given me a truck load of stuff, in the motor box was a 61 4st. it will go great!!!
This will be a bit of a nostalgia build,Also I always wanted a plane to match the floats. The color will be Cub yellow(oratex) an dark blue..
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