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Posted by FeiJi | Nov 18, 2017 @ 11:52 PM | 3,476 Views
Update: did maiden flight this morning, wow, cool. I am hooked. Flies a long time on 800mah 2s or 500mah 3s lipo. Weight with 43 gram battery is 218 grams.

I haven't done any flying or building in a long while and have never really done any 3d flying so bought this EPP kit for 15 dollars here in China that has the foam kit and hardware, I think I have everything else. It will use 2 5gram servos and one 9g. I have a couple 800mah 2S batteries but may have to buy some 3s for this one. I guess this is a Sumo clone huh?
I put the foam together with some hot glue. Will leave off the decals to save some weight.
Here is the link and couple of videos (in Chinese), the flying one is pretty entertaining.

I have finished adding the hardware and servos and just lacking a motor and prop now. Don't have the 1500kv motor and 8-inch prop so might just fly it as a regular airplane with at 2200kv and 6-inch prop until the suggested motor comes.