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Posted by FeiJi | Jan 30, 2013 @ 02:56 AM | 4,392 Views
I haven't gotten to fly anything for 3 months now so made some skis today out of an acrylic ruler and a plastic mop handle. Tried it outside in the driveway and works great on hardpack but digs into soft snow. Hope to try it out tomorrow on the football field.

AUW is 600 grams but the motor with 8X4 prop is rated at 24 ounces thrust so should work fine.

Took it out next day and liftoff from ice was beautiful but landing in the powder snow was eventful; it would glide in, slide a few feet and then nose over. I didn't have any wire supporting the back end of the skis so it would just rotate and let the nose go into the snow. No damage though, nice clumsy way to land.

Now I have wires attaching rear of skis to the landing gear and a bungy attaching the front of the skis. Should work better for landing.
Posted by FeiJi | Jan 17, 2013 @ 09:09 PM | 5,435 Views
I had one sheet of 9mm EPP foam left and wanted to see how big a wing I could build. Note: 1 sheet is large enough for both left and right wing and elevons.

Here is a 40 inch airfoiled wing that comes from a single 600mm by 1000mm sheet (plus using a few scraps to make the spars. I love making these wings, takes about 4 hours and they are virtually indestructable. The hollow wing isn't prone to splitting in half when going into the ground at full speed. Am not using any carbon fiber or additional taping (except for edges) or string - just foam - except for the elevons which are reinforced with bamboo barbeque spits. The end product is laminated with copy shop laminate.
Very strong, can't bend this wing (unless you really really try).
The only problem is that I got in a hurry and made two right wings. Fortunately it is almost symetrical so hopefully will fly ok.
Weight without electrics is 290 grams.