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Posted by Manudepron | Aug 13, 2013 @ 02:47 PM | 12,236 Views
Here my son build of a Funbat: well done, precise, straight! Pleased and proud to test fly it for him.

All out of 6 mm depron, 5 mm carbon tube spar
Weight 259 grs with a 3 s 800 lipo and a Turnigy 2205A 1350 KV, a 8x4 prop, 18 A Esc and 2 HXT 900 servos.
First flights revealed a very well maneered plane:
- Slow flight able due to the light weight
- Vertical take off able !
Not as fast as a racer but funny
I observe what i think is a "snaking tail attitude" at some speeds and I will try tails extensions.

I miss rudders but we will soon ad them.
Posted by Manudepron | Aug 03, 2013 @ 07:33 AM | 12,565 Views
Thanks to "Der Frickler", a very active German Modeller sharing a lot on his blog I build my first boat!
From now I live along a river and this boat is intended to recover my hydroparkflyers in case of problem ;-)

Design is "simple stupid" and re using a lot of laying around parts... speed 400, gunthers, not anymore at the top servo, a DX5 i use for training people to fly, a small lunch box :-)

Thank you to you "Der Frickler"