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This it?!
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What I get when I download that file. What do I do next? -Tyler
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Recently I've been getting a lot better at painting my planes. I only use spray paint and am achieving very good results. Hope you like them. -Tyler
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Just painted my 3rd LF yak55. I swear they get like 10X better every time I make one....

I went with a tribal look on this one
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Turns out you really shouldn't do a Full throttle Blender with a 2mm depron plane made for indoors. RIP Pluma.

What plane should I get now? Hmmmm... -Tyler
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Well you guys, my Trojan was getting really beat up. I was thinking of trashing it and then getting a Radian. Well I decided I'd try to make it look nice first and this is what happened... amazing huh? I just used some lightweight spackle, and then sanded. The blue is just handpainted on. The black is electrical tape. I still need to apply decals though. But I still am clueless... What should I do with the Bottom?!?! I NEED HELP!!!!! Tell me what you think! Thanks! -Tyler

Tell me what you think! Thanks! -Tyler
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Title says it all This glider flies better than a lot of larger models I've seen fly.... and YES! IT ONLY COST ME $1!!!!!!! You can check out the thread here:

It really is one of the best designs I have ever built. It uses everything... I mean EVERYTHING! There are a few tiny scraps leftover, but that is it! I can take it up and just float around forever! If you have an extra piece of foam give it a try!
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You've got to make one of these. It is floaty and needs very little power to fly. Check out the thread:

If you've got an extra motor or you are bored, build one of these. I guarentee you will like it!

This has soon become the favorite plane in my hanger. It is just so floaty and so forgiving. Today I had the most fun I've had in a long time. I was flying up and down the street (live in a neighborhood with trees on both sides) and the neighborhood kids were chucking snowballs at it (I told them they could). I got it stuck 100 feet up in this big oak. I tried full throttle and rudder and elevator and could get it out... so I use motion. I go from no throttle to throttle and get a swinging motion on the branch. So when it goes back I use no throttle, and full throttle forward. I did this for about 10 seconds and on the 8th spurt forward it broke loose. I wouldv'e been screwed if it didn't. So then I continued flying and they kept chucking snowballs at it and then my neighbor makes a huge snowball, throws it hard, and hits it. So it hits hard and what is the damage? Nothing. So I toss it up again. The neighborhood kids hit it every once in a while with minimal damage and all is going good until my brother comes out... He decided it'd be funny if he threw one as hard as he could. And of course it hits and leaves a whole the size of a 50 cent piece in the side of the fuse. So what do I do? Toss it back up. I flew for 20+ minutes full throttle and it was awesome. Thanks again for the plane plans! -Tyler
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How I store them. I don't have to mess with strings, and they are out of the way.
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Heres my freshly built Yak-54. Everyone out there- build one! One of my best fliers so far. I've got it balanced so it hovers with ease... and coolest thing is it'll do hands-off inverted!!! Truly one of my best fliers. -Tyler


-dollar store "foam board"
- Rhino 1050 3S
- 4HXT-500"s
- AR6100E receiver
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I got out of school last Friday... and then two days into my summer I flipped a go kart going about 30 mph. I scraped up my elbows and legs pretty bad. I also broke a bone in my wrist... I'll put some pics up in a little bit. When I flipped i didd 2 full rolls and landed sideways. I blacked out for a minute or two. You could see my knucklr bone for my midddle finger and all the tendons and muscles and such. I went to the ER for a few hours 2 nights and they gave me 5 stitches to just hold the flap of skin down. Then yesterday we were at the hospital for 6 hours... only 1 hour for preparation for the surgery and 1 hour for the actual surgery... so basically we were sitting around waiting for a long time... which totally sucked because I hadnt eaten since lunch the previous day and I couldn't take any pain pills. When the guy went and looked at the roll cage and it was totally warped. He said there was a bolt stickingg out and that I must have hit my hand on that because there was skin still stuck on it. Well now I can't do RC or anything except tv for 2 months minimum... and of course I'm right handed and it happened to my right hand. Well I'm done complaining, and expect more of these because they give me something to do-besides watching tv. -Tyler

Just FYI for anyone that didn't know: It seems like no ones in a hurry to take care of you in the ER or the hospital... unless you're life is threatened. So if you want quick service youbetter start crying and wailing. lol
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Well this holidays season I met 3 great people. They were kind, generous, and very caring. It all started with me looking for a new plane that I would like for Christmas. I had been looking at the Yardbird F-22 for awhile, and decided that was the one I was going to get. I then began asking motor/esc/battery options. Daniel Sny (MicroDan) provided me with a link to his website and had a motor on there. At $55 it was out of my price range. He then responded by saying if I had good grades then he would buy me the motor. I put up a picture of my A's and B's, and I gave him my address to ship it to me... and then things got even better. He decided he was going to give me the works!! He ended up sending me charger, battery, motor, servos, esc, and a receiver!!!! What an amazing guy. A few days later I got an email saying that a couple would like to buy me the plane!!!! I was contacted by David Altman (Jafo216) a few days later saying that him and his wife would like do something nice for someone and they chose me!!! So I then gave me their address and they got it shipped!!! It arrived about a week later... and 2 days before that the electronics came!!!! Well it arrived the day I was at my friends house, so I didn't get to put it together until around 3. Well the power went out 2 days before because an ice storm had hit. So I began to put my plane together, and it eventually became dark out. So then I tried to sleep... it's hard to fall asleep at 6 when you have a half built plane a few feet away. So I began to work on my F22 again... by candlelight and flashlight!!!!!!! I had 4 candles, 2 flashlights, and a lantern!!!!! I worked on it until around 11 and then went to bed. I finished most of it except the electronics! I just never thought that I would be building a plane that late... and without electricity!!!!!!!!!!
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Alright you guys. So it has been about 2-3 months since I've flown my cub... and guess what?! I FLEW IT TODAY!!!!!! So it happened about 2-3 months ago when I broke the Fuse for the last time. I had cracked the back off 3 times, and the firewall once. This time it ripped open the part where the electronics go. It had come to the point where my fuse was more epoxy than foam. So it just had to go. So I took all of the electronics out of my plane. And saved the fuse (no idea why, just did). So then about a month ago I was like "man, maybe I'll try it once again". So i glued the fuse one last time. Put all of the electronics in it, and went for it. I cracked the back half off for the 4th time, and broke off other various parts. So I gutted it again. And once again kept the fuse. So I about 2 weeks ago my brother was going to get a game for his gamecube. I said "Trevor, you already have like 100 games, why don't you buy a plane and I can teach you to fly instead". So he thought about it and then spent like 4 straight hours on the Computer looking for a plane. He found a couple that were under a hundred. And most of those were cheap chinese planes, used plane, or ARF (he didn't know he should get a RTF plane because I wasn't gonna put nice electronics in his starter plane. Then it came to me, I could let Trevor use my cub since I don't use it and the electronics are just wasting space. So I told him if he bought the Fuse, I would teach him how to fly and then...Continue Reading