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Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 15, 2019 @ 02:44 PM | 1,587 Views
maverick 3-the ultimate
the maverick 3 is basically the same as the previous 2.
when realized that i couldnt find another way to improve its performance by design, i tried to improve its structure.
so the only change is the fuselage, which is now carbon fiber/kevlar.
i found the magellan 2 meters the most suitable. and it is (or was) available at the time.
Magellan-E - ICARUS
The Magellan electric is the continuing effort in development after the popular Carbon D-light and Koleos series of electric gliders from ICARE.They are based on the same moulded carbon D-box technology that made the Carbon D-light so successful. This type of construction results in a very strong, light wing and a very accurate airfoil shape over the leading edge - the most important part of ...

it ended up being stronger, with more room, and more streamlined. and still better performance!
i had to modify it extensively due to that it has a longer tail moment and shorter nose moment. the solution was to move the wing back 30mm. this required substancial changes, but works fine. also the tail is designed for v and mine is t. the end is wide open so i made a fairing to streamline it. but it worked fine.
Posted by phil alvirez | May 24, 2019 @ 05:56 AM | 2,505 Views
there are 2 choices:
1-if it doesnt break, dont touch it.
2- better try to make it so does not break!
which 1 you choose?
the truth is, both have valued points.
and we do 1 or the other all the time
lets consider 1 situation:
you have been flying certain plane without making any change or 'improvement' and it has been doing just fine...
or another: something has happened to you and you want to take measures to prevent it to happen again (or some say that this or that failed to them so you better do something to prevent it to happen to you).
so, what will you do?
i have some planes that have been flying without fault and keep them as they are.
on the other hand, i have had some failures with a plane and try to prevent that to happen again by doing whatever i can.
isnt this confusing? why 1 with 1, and another with another?
what do you do?
are we a puzzle or what?
or is this a matter of probabilities and risk factor?
Posted by phil alvirez | May 22, 2019 @ 07:43 AM | 2,601 Views
i have been flying gliders before i learned radio control. free flight. and designing them too. now am still into gliders (R/C), and designing some too.
when i learned about the radian, i got 1. after extensive flying it, i consider it great for catching thermals when there is not much wind. period.
not only that, is the fastest to get ready. stable, forgiving, reasonably priced, what could any1 else want? now they replaced it with the 1 with lights.
still, is a great plane for all around thermal flying.
every time i go to the field i carry 1, together with my own designs, and launch it first, just to warm up.
and i think that it is sad that the designers that work for large business are not known, but still, i wish this reaches him (them).
if so, thanks for a great design...
i also own the small version (umx) , and it performs great too.
tried the 2.6, but it is a horse of different color. not my kind of plane.
this is the 2 mt available now:

and now seems that it s available again:
so, whats the future? wonder why they are selling it through tower...but as long as it is available, everything is o k.
Posted by phil alvirez | Feb 16, 2019 @ 08:19 AM | 3,216 Views
the only regret is that my blog does not show visitors anymore:
it has not changed since i reported a fellow posting at a forum and was a conflict of interests. a coincidence?
Latest Visitors
The last 10 visitor(s) to this page were:
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This page has had 55,510 visit
update: may 5, 2019: 9 months so far!

look down here (post 7) at my blog for details
and this is the whole story (posted somewhere below):
lemon 0052 telemetry receiver and DX6G3 specifically
am starting a thread on the lemon 0052 receiver with telemetry and modulation DSMP and also compatible with DSMX and DSM2. am using it here with the DX6G3 radio. as this is a work-in-process, please check from time to time at the bottom as i may add something.
the receiver:
the radio:
the thread:
when i learned that this receiver was available i got 1. as i fly electric gliders it has several items that i use so would be very convenient.
then i learned that there is a forum where they are discussed so went there. there are instructions and data about it written by John (jj604), and is being used with the radios from horizon. John has been writing instructions for several products, some of them by lemon, without being paid (he has no...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Nov 06, 2018 @ 03:20 AM | 3,472 Views
getting into this forum has been extremely helpful. i have found answers to many questions. problems, doubts, sources, everything.
i want to thank all who helped.
but am at the point where i have all that i need to enjoy this hobby at its fullest. no need for anything else.
i still may need to come back for details or unexpected problems, but otherwise you will not hear from me anymore.
seems that there are 2 situations: 1 where you are always searching for something else, and the other, where, as in my case, you got all that you need.
thanks again to you all.
Posted by phil alvirez | Oct 05, 2018 @ 12:23 PM | 3,708 Views
we are surrounded by them.
we could not live without them.

but, do we have an idea of what they are, and how they do what they do?
searching, i found this, that was very enlightening.
i hope it will be to you too.
or at least add something to what you already knew:

and more:

Posted by phil alvirez | Sep 22, 2018 @ 04:31 PM | 3,258 Views
i fly gliders with the purpose of catching thermals. no competition. just thermaling. some times birds are into same thermal and we fly together for a while.
i enjoy enormously doing so. and i wonder what would the birds think or feel when thermaling? they seem to be enjoying it a lot, otherwise wouldnt be doing it. some do it for gaining height and then head into the direction where they want to go. others to seek for prey or dead animals to feed on.
but others dont seem to go anywhere... just stay there seemingly forever.
as a matter of fact, when thermaling, i feel as if i were the plane. i am flying! and is an exhilarating experience to me. if you fly for thermal you understand (if not, you wont . ) all those birds that thermal...seems to me that it is the reason for them to be. and albatross, that spend all day, day after day soaring...i wish i were a bird that flies into thermals. wouldnt you?
Posted by phil alvirez | Sep 10, 2018 @ 02:55 AM | 4,692 Views
drive a car like a model airplane: by joystick!
and, as we drive in 2 dimensions, all is done with 1 hand.
and if you are left handed, drive it from the right hand seat.
when are the cars going to be available like this as an option?
i would get it as soon as it is available-as long as it is not more expensive. it shouldnt. should be cheaper as is easier to make. just think about it!
wouldnt you?
sadly, the problem that this may face is the resistance to change, as people is used to steering wheel.
what do you think?
the industry is increasing their use. see:
people used to resist safety belts:
and also made fun of me when i installed them in my car!
Posted by phil alvirez | Sep 03, 2018 @ 02:14 AM | 3,859 Views
after many radios and attempts to catch up, i have awaken to the fact that if you dont sit down and seriously consider what you want, is more likely that will stay on the roller coaster of the manufacturers/sellers of radios and electronics and keep buying their latest release-even if you dont need it (or cant use it!).
it has happened to me. i have so many radios that i will never use because i just wanted that new feature or promise that this new thing will solve my problem and at the end of the day, programming it was a headache and couldnt make it work. the 'experts' advice is useless because, or they really dont give a hut, dont give it, or is intended for some with a masters degree on radio electronics for wizzards on models-that i am not. and also that those 'experts' never get tired of talking me down as i were retarded. and manuals dont explain in detail all the steps to accomplish the goal. as exceptions, there are a few real experts that provide great help, but rarely all the details, and the multitude of devices that supposedly help to get something just make life even more complicated.
if you find yourself in this predicament, you understand my point of view. but if you are an expert in electronics, with many years of full training on all these issues, you will not. we are 2 completely different groups as far from each other as if we were from a far away galaxy. something like those from "3rd rock from the sun". if you have watched the show you will understand.
so here we are: keep buying any release, or stop buying that new gimmick that promises the solution to your situation and awake to the fact that you are hooked to the never ending craze of consumerism created by sellers. your choice.
besides...after all, i have everything i need for doing what i want!
Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 23, 2018 @ 01:31 PM | 4,617 Views
it is over a month since my blog is showing malfunctions.
1 of them is that my posts do not appear at my list, and the other is that the number of visits is very little (about 5 in 1 month).
i have contacted the administrators and after 1 week i was able to be able to see the posts i have posted, but not the correct visits.
but today is happening again. can not see my posts that i have sent.
this is the thread i started:

wonder what are the administrators doing to correct this anomaly.
i have reached them several times.
has this happened to anybody else?
see post 11, where it shows a fellow that contacted me pm and told me this:
how can you explain this?
aug 28: finally (for the 2nd time) i can see my posts! i hope this will not happen again. is very annoying.

Re: Blog visits
"Something is strange, when I visited your blog, I didn't see a counter or the last 10 visit list.
Originally Posted by Jeffery
I think if a user has their online status hidden, then their visits to blogs do not register on the last visited counter.
See if I have a visit visible, I have my online status hidden but have visited your blog."

right. i dont see it. thanks for telling. an interesting possibility.
but then, how comes that before i got lots of visits and then for a month i have just 5?
how could happen than before everybody was not hidden and now everybody is?
i had 54,996 a month ago.
update: now they tell me its a server problem. i hope some day they fix it!
but still am left without access to the posts i have sent. until when?
well, now at least i can see my posts again. has failed twice in 1 month.
has this happened to any1 else?
i used to have hundreds of visits a month (note: visits. this is different from views)
oct 12: update: so far i can see my posts, but visits show just a few, so they did not fix it. wonder why?
Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 07, 2018 @ 11:53 AM | 4,177 Views
in the morning, frequently i see gulls at parking lots. many of them.
some have ideas on why, as you can see on the attached link:

but i see that they stand there doing nothing, for several minutes. frozen.
just today arrived 10 minutes before the store opens, so i watched them. they are not socializing. just freeze.
sometimes hundreds of them. no noise. then, after a long time, 1 decides to take off. then another. sometimes all go.
so i began to think that must be a reason for that strange behaviour.
lets see:
1-they are not there for food.
2-they dont deal with 1 another
3-they spend considerable time sitting there still
must be something they find at the parking lot.
parking lots are covered with asphalt.
could it be that the asphalt warms up and keep the warmth better that the surroundings, and this way they warm up and makes flying easier?
it is the only thing that occurs to me.
it was at a large parking lot of a sports arena where i used to fly my small park fliers at dawn that i witnessed 1 of the strangest situations.
i was flying 1 of my small foamy planes fashioned after a gull and testing a new gearbox. that day there were over 1 hundred of them.
everytime i launched it, several gulls took off and followed it closely, and when i stopped the motor they left. then i noticed that the gearbox made a high pitch sound. barely perceptible to me, but that could sound to them as a cry or something and they approached the plane trying to learn what was that about. i think there is a short video at my blog showing that.
but could be another reason for them to gather there quietly.
the plane mentioned is at page 13 of my blog
Posted by phil alvirez | Jul 30, 2018 @ 08:34 AM | 5,605 Views
when talking about what color provides the highest visibility, a fellow said that where he flies, the sky is dark blue.
and this made me think about it.
is it possible that the blue of the sky could be darker or lighter depending on the surroundings? i mean, during the day.
i remember when i lived in vancouver bc, that there was always a thin layer of mist, so the sky looked pale blue. but besides this, i dont recall seeing the sky dark or light when no clouds or mist is present.
so, what is your experience?
i started a thread here but became contaminated by non-sense so i had to close it:
Posted by phil alvirez | Jul 09, 2018 @ 10:32 AM | 5,149 Views
today at dawn it was clear sky, no wind, no turbulence. sometimes is like this at dawn, when i fly.
i flew 2 of my light gliders to 200 meters for several flights. pleasant flights.
then i launched my 2 meters radian sailplane that flies good too.
this time i decided to climb to 300 meters (some 1,000ft). as the sun was low at the east, i made a large turn starting from the north and ended up at the southeast. but then the plane didnt glide towards me. even began to move backwards, so i put it on a gentle glide to penetrate the wind. took me a long time to bring it back! at 100 meters began to move forward by itself, but with some turbulence.
i have faced high winds before, with some wind down here, but this time i didnt have any clue of a strong wind up there (clear sky), whilst down here there was no wind at all. zero. zilch. next flight launched facing the wind and kept the plane upwind, so there were no problems.
so, dont think that no wind down here means no wind-or some but not much-up there. but this never happened to me
Posted by phil alvirez | Jul 08, 2018 @ 10:44 AM | 5,507 Views
i learned about it when searching and ended up buying it.
i have an index on it here:
my opinion:
1-plane is a great flyer. stable but responsive. stays long time up there. havent been able to fly it on weather that has thermals, but from my experience with gliders, it should be great. and the comments at the forum confirm this.
2-there are some problems that the maker did not solve: 1 of them is that the screws that are intended to hold the wing in place are not long enough. the solution is to use the 1 from the front, at the rear and buy a longer (36mm). so you can not fly the plane as is
3-the way the wing is attached is not the best: pushing the wires for the ailerons is a chorus. not much space in there either. and the fixtures are not strong. in a hard landing they may become detached and is difficult to repair.
4-the idea of just 1 servo to move both ailerons does not work> there is too much drag and ailerons dont return to neutral-and the stress may kill the servo in short time. it is necessary to install 1 servo per aileron.
5-likewise, running the pushrods through the boom is too draggy. a better way is installing servos for rudder and elevator at the tail by inserting them into the fin and stabilizer and running the wires on top of the boom
6-it is necessary to cut open the top of the fuselage between the wing and the hatch (...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 12, 2018 @ 10:03 AM | 5,133 Views
nothing comes from nothing.
when i got started in radios, they were proportionals. and had a trim .
great stuff! (before, they were not, neither had trims)
they did nothing else, but seemed enough for having fun.
then came the revolution of programmable radios. the war began between manufacturers to overcome the competition (and still is).
more things, more gimmicks, more switches, buttons, things that they can do. (probably more than we need).
sometimes they came with a manual that explained everything, so you could learn all that they could do and you needed.
but now we find ourselves with some that dont explain all that you need or want to do.
sometimes there are places where you can ask or dig into and find the answers.
bur other times dont. and also sometimes when you ask, you not only dont get the answer, but get talked down, as if you were retarded.
so searching may bring the answer. still, wonder why not all radios come with a real manual, that explains how to use them.
on the other hand, there are manuals that do so. an example:
i think that if i explain where my roots are, some will understand my disappointing with no manuals-or not complete:
i learned to fly airplanes (full size) before driving a car. in aviation you do nothing until you learn every detail from a manual. you dont touch a switch, button, lever-nothing. if you do, you may die-or are fired. thats why the log book. then my 1st job was translating manuals that had everything in full detail.
nothing was left to the imagination. and thats why air transportation is the safest way; not because it is, but due to the way rules and regulations-and manuals- have made it foolproof.
Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 10, 2018 @ 08:34 AM | 5,711 Views
telemetry: an almost magic word that conjures dreams of getting data of everything we want or need.
according to the heritage dictionary, it is: "(tə-lĕm′ĭ-trē) The automatic measurement and transmission of data from a distant source to a receiving station. "
but, what really can we get for our purposes? what we need?
for instance, as i fly electric gliders, i need to know volts of the pack in the plane so i dont loose power; also altitude; and these by a voice telling me the figures so i dont have to take my eyes from the plane; and vario with beeps to tell me if the plane is climbing or sinking. (also an alarm when the radio battery reaches the critical volts-but this is not telemetry)
i got vario and altitude by means of a device that can be used with any radio, and low volts of the pack (and audible alarm or vibration) from another, that also can be used with any radio, so everything works great.
lately i was given a radio with telemetry and i used a receiver that has telemetry so i can get some data too. so far, the receiver performs great. no problem with it. but with these i have learned that getting what i need depends on the radio capability and the instructions to use it, and that has not been as i need. have been told by an "expert"from the radio that posts at a forum where the receiver and that radio are been discussed, that i have to discuss the radio and its manual at the thread of the radio, but there he-...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 05, 2018 @ 02:38 PM | 6,235 Views
am starting a thread on the lemon 0052 receiver with telemetry and modulation DSMP and also compatible with DSMX and DSM2. am using it here with the DX6G3 radio. as this is a work-in-process, please check from time to time at the bottom as i may add something.
the receiver:
the radio:
the thread:
when i learned that this receiver was available i got 1. as i fly electric gliders it has several items that i use so would be very convenient.
then i learned that there is a forum where they are discussed so went there. there are instructions and data about it written by John (jj604), and is being used with the radios from horizon. John has been writing instructions for several products, some of them by lemon, without being paid (he has no participation on the business of lemon). then i got a DX6G3 and began learning how to use it with the 0052 and asked for advice at the forum but i was told by a fellow (who, by the way, works for horizon and posts at that thread) not to post there as it was about the 0052 only and i should go to the DX6G3 forum. wonder why he said so. he is the least to have the right to say that, as him participating at the thread of the competition is conflict of interests. and when i went to the forum, he told me that he already answered the questions at the other forum and...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 18, 2018 @ 12:51 AM | 5,894 Views
i have flown at thermals that start from the ground, and others at the base of a cloud.
from the ground, i have flown hand launched gliders (free flight) and watching for the breeze to flow and stop have been able to detect the cycle and launch at the right time.
from the base of the cloud, with r/c electric gliders.
from the ground, there is no doubt that they start at ground level and keep raising. some say as bubbles, others as cones.
and seem to increase in diameter and strength as they raise.
but those that are found at the base of a cloud seem to behave different.
sometimes the plane stays under the cloud. others, they get into-and disappear. that means they keep climbing.
and in the case of those that remain at the base of the cloud, sometimes getting a little bit lower there are no thermals. they sink.
so seems that they are created by the cloud itself and only at that level.
am posting it with the intention to hear from those with some experience on the subject.
please only comments polite, positive and to the point.
i started a thread here-lets see if some1 brings positive comments:
Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 16, 2018 @ 12:54 AM | 5,891 Views
i would like to buy a battery from hobby king.
besides being out of stock, they dont offer an option about shipping. there is only 1 way (ups) and is more expensive than the battery itself.
i tried to persuade them to offer the option of surface shipping and their answer was that they dont do it because everybody wants it now.
then i said this:
" shipping lipos surface also-why not?
i wonder if reaching you this way you will answer:
tried to order this:
but ships only ups so is way more expensive.
to drop the cost, isnt there a way to ship surface even if takes forever?
other suppliers do it, so why not you?
cost is $19 and shipping (the only way:ups) is $22-plus ups charges something extra for delivery. see:" posts 2596 and 2600

and then they deleted my post!
no answer, no reason why they didnt answer.
so in fact, you dont have the chance to discuss anything that they dont want to.
isnt this great?
Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 07, 2018 @ 12:13 PM | 5,979 Views
i fly 2 meters gliders. with electric motor for climbing. after that, stop the motor, prop folds, and hunt for thermals. thats all. is a way to enjoy flying models, and is all that i want. usually i have to search for thermals, and sometimes i find some moderate that i have to work out for staying up, and that is the fun of it. some days there are no thermals at all. and other days i find some that i have to fight to bring my plane back. even in cold weather. recently found myself again into this situation. cloudy, not much wind, near freezing, there was a large thin white cloud above, not thick enough to have grey under. launched to 200 meters (640 ft), stopped the motor, prop folded, and the plane began to climb. i have a vario with voice that tells me the height every 20 ft, and noticed that the plane was climbing fast. in no time it was at 300 mt, so i began to give it some 'down' elevator, but still was going up very fast, so decided to move around to find a spot where there was no lift. still reached 400 mt, 450, 500... (never been so high .). the plane was visible because it is covered in black and was on a white background, but it was that strange feeling that the sky was trying to claim my plane (it is not the 1st time . )
dont know how long it was up there. time ceases to exist in these dont even know whats your name...
i decided to move it away from the cloud, but when drifted away from it, the blue sky was not so much contrast, and was...Continue Reading