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Posted by Thomas B | Apr 19, 2019 @ 09:34 AM | 3,883 Views
Event planning for 2019!

So far the only RC event I have been to in 2019 was the excellent Weatherford Swap Meet hosted by the WAMS club, in March. I have been very busy at work and heavily involved in the two SAE Aero Design events that were held March 8-10 in Fort Worth and April 5-7 in Van Nuys, CA.

Currently planned for 2019:

Lake Dallas Float Fly on May 4. Great float fly site and great folks.

Warbirds over Benbrook on May 11. Fort Worth, TX. Always a great time.

SMALL in Little Rock, AR, May 30-June 2. This is the 30th anniversary event of SMALL Steps in AR.

Warbirds over Texas, June 8-9. Aubrey, TX. A great warbird event!

FW Thunderbirds Summer Float Fly, Aug 4 Lake Worth, TX. Always a great event.

Will firm up events after early August as they get a little closer.

Hope to make a few more events not listed as schedule allows.

REALLY looking forward to retiring in August of 2020. Planning on attending a bucket list of RC events around the country after then, that my limited vacation time has never allowed to date.
Posted by Thomas B | Jun 19, 2018 @ 03:24 PM | 13,353 Views
I have not done well at keeping up my blog.

Planning my event calendar for the rest of the year.

Upcoming events that I am planning to attend.

So far this year, I have been to:

Weatherford swap meet March 16-17
Warbirds over Benbrook on May 19
SMALL in Little Rock on May 29-June 3 (arrived early)
Warbirds over Texas near Frisco on June 8-9


Denton Swap Meet on Aug 4.
FW Thunderbird float fly on Aug 5.
Sky Tigers Float Fly in Maumelle, AR on Aug 25.
Southwestern Jet Rally in Waco on Sept 6-7 (have to leave early).
District 8 AMA fly in at GSW on Sept 8.
BEST in New Waverly, TX on Oct 5-7
Fall SMALL in Little Rock on Oct 11-14
TEX at Thunderbird Field on Oct 20 (I am the CD)
Flite Fest Texas at Apache Pass Nov 1-3 (have to leave early)
FW Thunderbirds Winter Float Fly on Nov 4.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about these events.
Posted by Thomas B | Jan 17, 2014 @ 08:59 AM | 25,652 Views
A new year and more events to look forward to!

Currently planning on attending the following events:

Warbirds over Benbrook at Thunderbird Field, Fort Worth, TX in early May.

SMALL 2014 in Little Rock, AR on June 4-8

Warbirds over North Texas at the North Dallas in mid June

Fort Worth Thunderbirds Summer Float Fly first weekend in August.

Regretfully, work and other responsibilities will prevent me from attending one of my favorite events, the great TINY indoor event in San Angelo, Tx the first weekend of March.

Will flesh out the list with dates and later events as the year progresses.

If you attend these events and do not know me, please be sure to drop be and say hello!
Posted by Thomas B | Jun 30, 2013 @ 11:08 AM | 23,920 Views
Having a great 2013 season so far. Attended the Richardson Electric event in April, Warbirds over Benbrook in early May at my home field in Fort Worth, SMALL Steps in late May/early June in Little Rock and Warbirds over Texas at the North Dallas RC Club in mid June.

Currently on vacation in Virginia Beach visiting son and grandson and brought along a few small models in my trusty Plano golf club case. Had some nice flying sessions with the local park flying crowd here.

Next up is a float fly sponsored by the Falcons of Lake Dallas on July 27. Always a good time. After that, I am CDing the Fort Worth Thunderbirds Summer Float Fly on Aug 3. More info here:

If you are in the area, please come out to fly or spectate!

Will update the fall events a little later.
Posted by Thomas B | Sep 01, 2012 @ 05:41 PM | 25,041 Views
Getting into the very busy fall event season, here.

Currently panning on attending the B-17 Gathering and Big Bird event down at Bomber Field in Monaville, TX on Sept 14, 15 and 16.

Two weeks later will be at DEAF in Dallas on Sept 29 for that great electric event.

And the very next day, Sept 30, my great R/C club, the Fort Worth Thunderbirds, is having it's 50th anniversary celebration with a big R/C airshow and an open house at our new flying field! Planning on bringing LOTs of models for the static display and a fair number to fly in the event.

Then off to BEST in New Waverly, TX for that great electric fly in on Oct 6 and 7.

Might work in some other October events, but also have to prep for TEX, the Texas Electric eXpo, on Nov 3, which is the electric fly in I run at Thunderbird Field.
Posted by Thomas B | Aug 22, 2012 @ 09:57 AM | 24,877 Views
On a quick trip to Tucson and Davis Monthan AFB for work. Not a lot of spare time, but did manage to visit the Hobby Barn after work yesterday. Interesting combination of old time hobby shop, with a sprinkling of new stuff, plus a little bit of debris from the days when they were a large mail order outfit, back in the day. I note that they no longer have a web presence. Lots of NOS odds and end that you never see any more, like Macs headers and mufflers (for oddball engines)

Interesting models on the ceiling...the big prop C-5 that made a spash years back was there as well as interesting second hand large scale kits like a 1/4 scale Westcraft P-51.

Not many hobby shops have 5-6 Maratuka scale kits sitting on the shelf like this one, though.

If things work out well today I will have an hour or two to visit the Pima County Air Museum on the way to the airport. Have only made it there once before and that was 9 years ago.
Posted by Thomas B | Jul 26, 2012 @ 01:27 PM | 26,275 Views
About time to do a little blogging. Although I am forever getting distracted, seduced and waylaid by interesting ARF models, I do have a master plan of future scale builds that I WILL get done as time allows. A couple have been completed over the last few years, already.

One thing they have in common is that they have never been done in R/C, or have been done very rarely.

First on the list was the Republic FX-12 Rainbow. I did a micro version (1/72 scale)in foam and depron that was a fine little flyer. It is still alive, but needs a little touch up and TLC after more than 100 flights over the last 6-7 years. To my understanding, this was the first R/C model of this fine looking aircraft.

Next up was the Beriev Be-200. This very handsome turbofan powered seaplane had not been done before in R/C (again, to the best of my knowledge and research). I went with a smallish all balsa model with two 40mm GWS fans and Feigao 12mm inrunners. All up weight was around 20.5 oz. REALLY a nice flying model. Will not in present form quite do an ROW, but it looks like it will if I add some chines of splash rails tot he forward fuse. It will ROW with a push, or a short run on grass from the shore so that it is fast enough to be on step as it reaches the water. Does nice touch and goes in the water as long as you stay on the step.

So, two models down and the rest of the master list to go.

Not yet sure of the exact order, but here is the rest of my current master list of models.
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