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Posted by Rusty-Gunn | Jun 24, 2009 @ 06:51 PM | 36,924 Views
Here are the Sky Babe plans. This is based on the Stits Sky Baby.
Note: this is not a plane for beginners. It's flying characteristics are best suited to intermediate flyers.
I built this one with no ailerons, but they can be added by the builder. I used plenty of dihedral (1.75 inches per wing tip) to stabilize the plane in flight. The wings are longer then the original, but if you want to try it then you can shorten them some.
The rudder has plenty of power, even to make the plane roll as if it had ailerons, so use expo (or put the rods on the outer holes of the surface control horns), as it may be too sensitive for some.
Once dialed-in this plane does fly well.
The CG is about three inches back from the leading edge of the bottom wing, and near the KFm step. Adjust as necessary.

Edit: Build thread is here: