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Posted by nickchud | Jan 17, 2012 @ 07:57 AM | 11,091 Views
De Havilland planes - don't you just love them!

Using with one of these little integrated EDF units, I plan to build a scale-ish model using 6mm depron foam.

The fan is 64mm, 220watts. If I start with the 3-view, below, and put one of those fans in it, I get a wingspan of 900mm. Using KFm4 airfoil and taking a little bit of licence for the sake of structure and convenience, I reckon I can make a versatile, small, fast plane, hopefully weighing about 1lb.

Did you know...? The first prototype flew in 1943. One of these was the first jet to fly across the Atlantic and the first jet to land and take-off from a carrier and the first RAF plane to exceed 500mph. Over 3,000 were built and exported all over the world.

Here we go...